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April Fool's Aftermath

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April Fools: Walking Dead Cover #129

Daryl Dixon Teased on Holiday

By Robert T. Trate     April 02, 2014
Source: The Walking Dead.com

April Fools Day for TWD #129
© IMAGE Comics
For some of us April Fool’s Day is just another day. We go about our business and then BAM! Whether it be a whoopee cushion, the talk of a local celebrity in the store, or a news story too good to be true we get nailed. Welcome to the later. The official Walking Dead site posted the cover below with a tease that TV character Daryl Dixon was joining the comic book cast. 

I fell for it and only because I had heard rumors that Robert Kirkman (series creator and writer) might add the character to the comic. The cover is pretty convincing as was the source. The comic panel that they pulled it from is below to see the difference. 

My question to you Maniacs is, despite this being an April Fool’s Day joke, should the character be written into the comic? As long as it works for the story and happens organically, why not? Sound off below! 


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xJokersxWildx 4/2/2014 9:04:32 AM

More women would buy the comic lol.

RobertTrate 4/2/2014 9:19:18 AM

 true. I read them as trades. This would have gotten me to at least pick up the individual issue. 

JarrodSarafin 4/2/2014 3:35:44 PM

 lol I love you owning up to this, Bob. I fell for a few back in my day the first year on the job. Back then I didn't realize so many websites try to out gag each other...And at least, you went for a believable one...One grounded in previous interviews...We all see you didn't fall for the idiotic ones out there.  I wonder how many picked up Joblo's piece about Michael Cera becoming the Riddler...I imagine, a lot picked it up!

Anyway, don't feel too bad. I fell for a few my first 2 years on the job at Mania..By year 3, I wouldn't report squat on April 1st unless it was a Trade Report (Variety, THR, etc) or a Press Release from the studio..

Keep on rolling, bro. You're doing great. 






makabriel 4/2/2014 3:49:19 PM

 Kirkman has mentioned at a comic con that he would be adding Daryl.  So, it's going to happen 

mikemc2 4/3/2014 3:44:05 AM

 Love this, definately an April Fools joke.  Daryl wouldn't be sporting a gun anyway, but a crossbow.



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