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xJokersxWildx 4/2/2014 9:04:32 AM

More women would buy the comic lol.

RobertTrate 4/2/2014 9:19:18 AM

 true. I read them as trades. This would have gotten me to at least pick up the individual issue. 

JarrodSarafin 4/2/2014 3:35:44 PM

 lol I love you owning up to this, Bob. I fell for a few back in my day the first year on the job. Back then I didn't realize so many websites try to out gag each other...And at least, you went for a believable one...One grounded in previous interviews...We all see you didn't fall for the idiotic ones out there.  I wonder how many picked up Joblo's piece about Michael Cera becoming the Riddler...I imagine, a lot picked it up!

Anyway, don't feel too bad. I fell for a few my first 2 years on the job at Mania..By year 3, I wouldn't report squat on April 1st unless it was a Trade Report (Variety, THR, etc) or a Press Release from the studio..

Keep on rolling, bro. You're doing great. 






makabriel 4/2/2014 3:49:19 PM

 Kirkman has mentioned at a comic con that he would be adding Daryl.  So, it's going to happen 

mikemc2 4/3/2014 3:44:05 AM

 Love this, definately an April Fools joke.  Daryl wouldn't be sporting a gun anyway, but a crossbow.



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