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monkeyfoot 6/17/2014 11:57:29 AM

It'd be cooler if he was Martian Manunter but we'll see how they do this character for the movies. I think I read Aquaman will be pissed about the environmental damage the World Engine caused to the seas.

millean 6/17/2014 1:27:17 PM

I'm cool with this.  I really hope this is a good representation of Aquaman, so the character can start getting some respect.  It won't happen, but still...

And even though I never really watched Entourage, it would have been funny had they cast that dude as Aquaman.


jimvo99 6/17/2014 2:35:19 PM

When will Will and Jaden Smith be cast?

BunyonSnipe 6/17/2014 2:51:23 PM

I actually quite like the idea of Themyscara and Atlantis being descendants of Kryptonians (Supergirl) Atlantis being more about natural birth (and mixing with humans) and the Amazons use the artificial birth pods and create only females...

You could make a movie, just about the history of these two cultures...

samson 6/17/2014 4:48:40 PM

 Millean, you beat me to it! Adrian Grenier for the win!

FerretJohn 6/17/2014 5:50:30 PM

Strange casting, I think he'll do good but it's just that it's hard to imagine Aquaman being physically bigger than Superman

mike10 6/17/2014 6:13:31 PM

@BunyonSnipe, that would be a cool idea, and the Greek Gods were actually Kryptonians.

ztigr 6/17/2014 6:19:17 PM

 In the Justice League Saturday morning series it was often Aquaman that gave the safety speech at the end...cuz he was LAME....

domino2008 6/17/2014 7:21:39 PM

rather see a sub mainer film , Namor is much cooler than wimpy Aquaman

nemesis1_57 6/17/2014 8:45:20 PM

 No surprise it was either Aqua Man or Martian Manhunter I would have liked the ladder bit no biggie.  In M.O.S. didn't they have one of the machines over some ocean maybe that's how Aqua Man comes in to play. Not excited for this movie. I'd rather spend my ten bucks on Captain America 3.

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