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The Arach-Attack Continues!

June sees a third wave of specialty Spider-titles

By Eric Moro     February 20, 2002

The Black Cat will be featured in a five-issue miniseries titled SPIDER-MAN: THE EVIL THAT MEN DO, written by Kevin Smith
© 2002 Marvel Comics
As if the influx of Spider-related titles scheduled for April and May weren't enough, Marvel Comics looks to trickle out a number of other Spider-Man projects in the month of June. Here's the rundown:

The long awaited six-issue Spider-Man miniseries featuring Black Cat written by fan favorite Kevin Smith hits stands in June. The project is titled SPIDER-MAN: THE EVIL THAT MEN DO and will be illustrated by Terry Dotson.

A five issue limited series titled GET KRAVEN written by Ron Zimmerman with interior art by Al Rio and covers by Joe Quesada. According to Spider-editor Axel Alonso, "It's a Spider-Man spin-off essentially, featuring the revamped Kraven the Hunter, Jr. It's a place where Ron Zimmerman, who's a real Hollywood insider, can sort of leak in the tidbit rumors, gossip and verified stories of the underside of Hollywood. In vibe, it's a cross between GET SHORTY the [Elmore Leonard] novel about a mobster who's sent to Hollywood and owns it by the end of the week and GET CARTER the Michael Caine movie about the gangster who goes home to avenge the death of his brother. In this miniseries, Kraven goes to Hollywood to help in the production of a movie. By day, he battles with corrupt producers who are competing with him. By night, he battles with the goons and supervillains that the same producers send to take him out."

SPIDER-MAN: SWEET CHARITY is a 64-page one-shot also by Zimmerman, with art by Darick Roberston, inks by Rodney Ramos, and a cover by J. Scott Campbell. "The long and short of it is Peter Parker is forced to spend a weekend in the woods with the person he'd least like to spend that time with, J. Jonah Jameson," explains Alonso. "How they got there, essentially they're auctioned off in a celebrity auction where they must spend 48 hours in each others company. A thoroughly hopped up and raging mad Scorpion sees an opportunity to take both of them out two birds with one stone and heads off into the woods after them."

Lastly, a self-contained issue, as yet untitled, of TANGLED WEB #15 will be written and illustrated by Paul Pope. "What we're trying to do with TANGLED WEB is come at you with different looks and different voices," says Alonso.


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