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Arad Makes Power List As Comics Take Over Hollywood!

By Rob M. Worley     October 15, 2002

EntertainmentWeekly published their annual "Power 101" list in the latest issueof the magazine. This year they split the list up, with a top 50.5 forentertainers and a top 50.5 for Hollywood executives.

With this issue EWjumped on the bandwagon that started rolling right here on C2F, givingthe list a comic book movie theme. The artwork that accompanies the feature isall done in the style of comic book art, with images casting many of thepower-list members as our favorite superheroes.

If you scanthrough the magazine you'll find pics of Vin Diesel as The Thing, JenniferLopez as Catwoman, Russell Crowe as Thor and many,many more.

Appropriatelythis year's list marks the debut of Marvel Studios big-wig Avi Arad. Arad ranks48 on the executive list. The magazine credits him with a string of hit moviesthis year (Blade II and Spider-Man) and a powerhouseslate for next year (Daredevil, X-Men 2 and TheHulk).

Up near the topof the list were Sony chiefs John Calley and Amy Pascal. Their power-ratingswere given a shot this summer by both Spidey and Men InBlack II.

On the talentside, Road To Perdition star Tom Hanks topped the list. The actorwas also featured in a full-page pin up which rendered him as Captain America inthe style of golden age comic art by Mark Stutzman.

MiB II star Will Smith ranked #20, and was featured inartwork by Charles Burns as Mr. Fantastic.

Daredevilstar Ben Affleck shared the #33 spot with his producing partner and some timeco-star Matt Damon.

Tobey Maguiremade the talent list hitting the #45 spot for his star turn in our favoritefranchise.

Rounding out thelist was future Batwoman Kelly Ripa, who came in at 50.5.

Spider-Man(parts I and II) helmer Sam Raimi, Elektra-to-be Jennifer Garner,X-Woman Halle Berry and Smallville and Birds of Preyexecs Michael Tollin and Brian Robbins were all named as well. These players could be found on an ancillary list as "Rising"power-brokers.

Can there be anydoubt that comic book movies rule Hollywood?


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