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Josh Keaton: FIREBREATHER's Jerkwad! by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(November 22, 2010)
Voice actor goes from hero to bully for the new Cartoon Network original movie: FIREBREATHER

WALKING DEAD: Darabont and Nicotero Interview by Robert T. Trate, Contributing Writer
(October 29, 2010)
Directing and Creating Zombies

WALKING DEAD: Rick and Lori Interview by Robert T. Trate, Contributing Writer
(October 27, 2010)
Loving it up Zombieland

WALKING DEAD: Gale Anne Hurd Interview by Robert T. Trate, Contributing Writer
(October 25, 2010)
Terminators, Aliens, and now Zombies!

WALKING DEAD: Amy and Andrea Interview by Robert T. Trate, Contributing Writer
(October 22, 2010)
We chat with Emma Bell and Laurie Holden from AMC's new TV show THE WALKING DEAD

Mania Interview: Dave Filoni on Clone Wars by Robert T. Trate, Columnist
(September 16, 2010)
The third season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is upon us. Last season we learned that there were other villains just a vile as the Sith. New heroes also emerged and more importantly the Mandolrians came into the fray.

Jacob and the Devil by Rob Vaux, Critic
(April 27, 2010)
Mark Pellegrino is the definition of the working actor, with a steady diet of television and movie roles dating back over twenty years. His profile has gone up considerably in the genre community with a pair of choice roles: the enigmatic Jacob on Lost and

Lost Secrets Held Tight by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(January 13, 2010)
Lips were sealed among Lost's cast and crew at the TCA press event for the show this Tuesday. Speculation has run rampant about developments for the sixth and final season, but beyond a few tantalizing tidbits, nothing was confirmed.

Mania Interview: David Tennant on Doctor Who by Robert T. Trate, Columnist
(December 17, 2009)
The Doctor’s time is almost up. David Tennant’s term as the tenth Doctor Who is about to regenerate into the next Doctor played by Matt Smith. The show will change, as it always has when the Doctor takes on his next body.

Billy Baldwin is Bats in JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie by Mania Staff, Contributing Writer
(December 16, 2009)
DIRTY SEXY MONEY star William Baldwin's Dark Knight leads the JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS

Chris Noth Provokes JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS by Mania Staff, Contributing Writer
(December 02, 2009)
LAW & ORDER star Chis Noth is the "Good" Lex Luthor in the upcoming animated feature JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS.

Mania Exclusive: The Farscape Interview by Robert T. Trate, Contributor
(November 16, 2009)
Farscape was one of the first original series to air on the Sci-Fi Channel (now known as SyFy) in 1999. The adventures of John Crichton lasted four seasons and tantalized the imagination. Combining the finer aspects of Star Trek, Star Wars and Buck Rogers,

Jelenic talks BRAVE AND THE BOLD by Chad Derdowski, Contributing Writer
(August 31, 2009)
Producer Michael Jelenic talks about the future of the kid-friendly BATMAN: BRAVE AND THE BOLD show.

James Arnold Taylor is both BRAVE AND BOLD by Chad Derdowski, Contributing Writer
(August 24, 2009)
James Arnold Taylor doubles as the voices of GREEN ARROW and GREEN LANTERN in the animated hit BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD

How Comics Shaped THE MIDDLEMAN by Kurt Anthony Krug, Contributing Writer
(August 05, 2009)
Originally, The Middleman was intended to be a TV series but became a best-selling comic book published by Viper Comics. However, things have come full circle for creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach as The Middleman was picked up by ABC Family last summer and a

TRUE BLOOD's Alan Ball Talks Sex and Nudity by Liana Aghajanian, Columnist
(June 16, 2009)
As fans bit in to True Blood’s season 2 premiere on Sunday, June 14- executive producer Alan Ball took some time out to discuss what season 2 holds in store, his emotional connection with True Blood, the writing process and more.

Kevin Eastman on NINJA TURTLES by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(May 19, 2009)
Kevin Eastman talks one-on-one with Mania.com about 25 years of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.

Cassidy Freeman causes chaos on SMALLVILLE by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(May 12, 2009)
Cassidy Freeman talks about playing Tess Mercer on SMALLVILLE and ushering in Doomsday for Clark in this Thursday's season finale!

Talking with Tuvok by Dan Madsen
(May 05, 2009)
After Voyager, Tim directed and co-starred in the acclaimed fan series Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. Extremely approachable and friendly, Tim is a fan favorite at Star Trek conventions and took some time out of his schedule to talk with us about his days on

Mania Exclusive: Producer Jeff Pinkner talks Fringe by Robert T. Trate, Columnist
(April 06, 2009)
Fox’s Fringe has been growing in popularity over the past season. For those of you that haven’t tuned in there is still time because Fringe is, thankfully, episodic television. Each week features a self contained story. Think of it as more along the li

"Good Night, Folks" – Andy Hallett 1975-2009 by Kurt Anthony Krug, Contributing Writer
(April 03, 2009)
Actor Andy Hallett, known to many fans as demon karaoke Host on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, died March 29th. His friends and family share their thoughts on this tragedy.

The SCIFI Channel Talks SYFY by Stephen Lackey, Columnist
(March 27, 2009)
The SCIFI Channel’s big announcement of its rebranding has been an extremely controversial decision in the eyes of fans of the network. The timing felt wrong as the announcement came as the network’s most successful science fiction series, Battlestar

Mania Exclusive Interview-Part II: Eugene Roddenberry by Dan Madsen, Special Columnist
(March 25, 2009)
Under Rod’s leadership, he expanded Roddenberry Productions, adding an e-commerce store and establishing a new mission for the company, to create new sci-fi content and make Roddenberry Productions the place where sci-fi begins. Along with his business/c

Solitary Confinement: Part II- Lincoln Hiatt Interview by Josh Gordon, Columnist
(March 24, 2009)
Part II of an exclusive Interview with Solitary producer Lincoln Hiatt.

Mania Exclusive Interview: Eugene Roddenberry, Jr. by Dan Madsen, Special Columnist
(March 24, 2009)
Part I of II- Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, Jr., carries the torch left to him by his iconic father, visionary Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. The only son of Gene and Majel Barrett Roddenberry, Rod is continuing in their footsteps, seeking to make the