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Getting the Heads Rolling: Christopher Lee Speaks, Part Two by Craig D. Reid
(April 26, 2000)

SUPERMAN III: The Man of Steel Meets Richard Pryor by Edward Gross
(April 21, 2000)

The Making of CAPRICORN ONE by Frederick C. Szebin
(April 20, 2000)

BATTLFIELD EARTH: Terl Speaks! by Edward Gross
(April 20, 2000)

END OF DAYS: Peter Hyams Directing the Devil by Edward Gross
(April 18, 2000)

Interview with The Vampire: Christopher Lee Speaks. by Craig D. Reid
(April 17, 2000)

SUPERMAN II: The Sequel That Wasn't by Edward Gross
(April 14, 2000)

Robert Picardo: The Man Behind the Monster Makeup by Anna L. Kaplan
(April 13, 2000)

SUPERMAN II: Making the Sequel by Edward Gross
(April 07, 2000)

Space Babe Kristen Cloke: Going Above and Beyond Television by Steve Biodrowski
(April 02, 2000)

THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA: Oscar-Winning Animated Short Subject by Mike Lyons
(March 30, 2000)

THE MAGIC BOX - Wonderful Imax Short Subject by Steve Biodrowski
(March 26, 2000)

Michael Clarke Duncan - Part Two by Michael O'Connell
(March 24, 2000)

Oscar nominee Michael Clarke Duncan - Part One by Craig D. Reid
(March 23, 2000)

BATTLEFIELD EARTH: John Travolta's Greatest Challenge by Edward Gross
(March 22, 2000)

Oscar Winner Hillary Swank by Michael Beeler
(March 22, 2000)

THE MATRIX: Oscar-Winning Editor Zach Staenberg by Steve Biodrowski
(March 21, 2000)

Kerr Smith: From DAWSON'S CREEK to Facing Death. by Steve Biodrowski
(March 18, 2000)

FINAL DESTINATION: Glen Morgan and James Wong by Steve Biodrowski
(March 17, 2000)

FINAL DESTINATION: Ali Larter by Steve Biodrowski
(March 16, 2000)

FINAL DESTINATION: Devon Sawa Interview by Steve Biodrowski
(March 16, 2000)

PITCH BLACK: Writer-director David Twohy on his Sleeper Sci-Fi Success. by Denise Dumars
(March 07, 2000)

An Interview with James Bond Screenwriter Richard Maibaum by Edward Gross
(March 03, 2000)

Annette Bening--American Beauty by Steve Biodrowski
(March 01, 2000)

Mike Nichols on directing WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM? by Steve Biodrowski
(March 01, 2000)