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SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE - Retrospective by Edward Gross
(April 28, 2000)

Getting the Heads Rolling: Christopher Lee Speaks, Part Two by Craig D. Reid
(April 26, 2000)

SUPERMAN III: The Man of Steel Meets Richard Pryor by Edward Gross
(April 21, 2000)

BATTLFIELD EARTH: Terl Speaks! by Edward Gross
(April 20, 2000)

The Making of CAPRICORN ONE by Frederick C. Szebin
(April 20, 2000)

END OF DAYS: Peter Hyams Directing the Devil by Edward Gross
(April 18, 2000)

Interview with The Vampire: Christopher Lee Speaks. by Craig D. Reid
(April 17, 2000)

SUPERMAN II: The Sequel That Wasn't by Edward Gross
(April 14, 2000)

Robert Picardo: The Man Behind the Monster Makeup by Anna L. Kaplan
(April 13, 2000)

SUPERMAN II: Making the Sequel by Edward Gross
(April 07, 2000)

Space Babe Kristen Cloke: Going Above and Beyond Television by Steve Biodrowski
(April 02, 2000)

THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA: Oscar-Winning Animated Short Subject by Mike Lyons
(March 30, 2000)

THE MAGIC BOX - Wonderful Imax Short Subject by Steve Biodrowski
(March 26, 2000)

Michael Clarke Duncan - Part Two by Michael O'Connell
(March 24, 2000)

Oscar nominee Michael Clarke Duncan - Part One by Craig D. Reid
(March 23, 2000)

BATTLEFIELD EARTH: John Travolta's Greatest Challenge by Edward Gross
(March 22, 2000)

Oscar Winner Hillary Swank by Michael Beeler
(March 22, 2000)

THE MATRIX: Oscar-Winning Editor Zach Staenberg by Steve Biodrowski
(March 21, 2000)

Kerr Smith: From DAWSON'S CREEK to Facing Death. by Steve Biodrowski
(March 18, 2000)

FINAL DESTINATION: Glen Morgan and James Wong by Steve Biodrowski
(March 17, 2000)

FINAL DESTINATION: Ali Larter by Steve Biodrowski
(March 16, 2000)

FINAL DESTINATION: Devon Sawa Interview by Steve Biodrowski
(March 16, 2000)

PITCH BLACK: Writer-director David Twohy on his Sleeper Sci-Fi Success. by Denise Dumars
(March 07, 2000)

An Interview with James Bond Screenwriter Richard Maibaum by Edward Gross
(March 03, 2000)

Mike Nichols on directing WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM? by Steve Biodrowski
(March 01, 2000)