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Level Up! Nintendo posts its first fiscal year loss by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(May 03, 2012)
Very slow week this week but never fear…May is shaping up to perhaps be the biggest month for new, top game releases since last November. Next week we’ve got Starhawk; The week of May 14th will see the release of Diablo III, Max Payne 3, Battleship and

Level Up! Grimock Trailer for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(April 26, 2012)
There’s no denying that Grimlock has been one of the most popular Transformers ever since his metallic Tyrannosaurus tail first appeared way back in 1985. He’s the Transformer that fans want to see most in a Transformers film and he is finally coming

Level Up! Release Date for Halo 4 Announced! by Tim Janson, Columnist
(April 19, 2012)
We’re leading things off this week with two huge news stories. First we have an announce date for Halo 4, likely the last installment of the series on the current Xbox 360 platform. And we have strong rumors that Apple might be looking to jump into the

Level Up! Returning to Raccoon City by Tim Janson, Columnist
(April 12, 2012)
Interesting week in videogaming since most of the major stories have nothing to do with actually playing games. It seems that the saga of Mass Effect 3’s controversial ending will finally be addressed although likely not to everyone’s satisfaction. A

Level Up! Kid Icarus Flies Again by Tim Janson, Columnist
(April 04, 2012)
One of the classic game for the old NES returns as Kid Icarus soars again in Nintendo’s latest game for the 3DS, Kid Icarus Uprising. In addition, I have a review of Konami’s new hack ‘n slash game Blades of Time. In our news this week, we’re hea

Level Up! Take me out to the Ballgame by Tim Janson, Critic
(March 22, 2012)
It is the surest sign of Spring! Baseball is back and next week is opening day all around the country for America’s past time. This week I have the first of two reviews looking at the year’s annual baseball games from Sony and 2K Games.

Level Up! We Review Mass Effect 3 by Tim Janson, Critic
(March 15, 2012)
You’ve been waiting over a year and now Mass Effect 3 is here and we’ve got our comprehensive review this week. “Wow” wasn’t do the game justice! Not a lot of news this week but one interesting rumor that came out is that the next Xbox console

Level Up! Dive into The Darkness II by Tim Janson, Critic
(March 08, 2012)
Happy Mass Effect 3 week! I’ve got mine in my hot little hands…err…PS3 and will have my review next week. But there’s much more going on in gaming this week…We have the officially announced Street Date for BioShock Infinite, which, along with M

Level Up! A Review of Dead Space 2 and more 3DS News by Tim Janson, Writer
(March 04, 2011)
Welcome again to Level Up! The Nintendo 3DS continues to be a major newsmaker as it premiered this past week in Japan. Check out the video below for an exclusive look at what will come in the box. This week I have a review of the chilling Dead Space 2. You

Level Up!: Splatterhouse Returns by Tim Janson
(November 18, 2010)
Welcome to this week’s LEVEL UP! We’re checking out all the new games set to release next week, just in time for your Black Friday shopping. Somewhat surprisingly, the release list is a little on the thin side, but this is just the beginning of the fou

Riding the WILD DIVINE - Part Two by Troy Roberts, Contributing Editor
(December 04, 2003)

Riding the WILD DIVINE - Part One by Troy Roberts, Contributing Editor
(December 03, 2003)

Profiling the mind behind TRUE CRIME: STREETS OF L.A. by James Stevenson, Contributing Editor
(November 26, 2003)

Valley of the Uglydolls by Anthony C. Ferrante, Editor In Chief
(October 01, 2003)

ENTER THE MATRIX by Troy Roberts, Contributing Editor
(May 16, 2003)

The Melancholy Toy Collector by Scott Collura, Managing Editor
(May 08, 2003)

Inside the Mind of TAO FENG's John Tobias by Chip Meyers, Associate Editor
(April 09, 2003)

Evolving the Genre: Part Two by Troy Roberts, Contributing Editor
(February 21, 2003)

Evolving the Genre: Part One by Troy Roberts, Contributing Editor
(February 20, 2003)

Toy TREK by Andrew Kardon, Correspondent
(December 18, 2002)

THE LOST by Troy Roberts, Correspondent
(November 22, 2002)

RATCHET-ing Things Up - Part Four by James Stevenson, Correspondent
(November 11, 2002)

RATCHET-ing Things Up - Part Three by James Stevenson, Correspondent
(November 04, 2002)

RATCHET-ing Things Up - Part Two by James Stevenson, Correspondent
(November 02, 2002)

RATCHET-ing Things Up - Part One by James Stevenson, Correspondent
(October 28, 2002)