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Mania Interview: Natalie Portman by Rob Vaux, Writer
(November 05, 2013)
Natalie Portman’s career started with a bang, playing a precocious pre-teen in Luc Besson’s action classic The Professional. Since then, she’s worked on a staggering number of projects, including Heat, Beautiful Girls, V for Vendetta, Garden State, t

Mania Interview: Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston by Rob Vaux, Writer
(November 04, 2013)
Chris Hemsworth was best known to his fellow Australians for his appearance on the soap opera Home and Away, but the rest of the world knew comparatively little about him until he was cast a Marvel’s mighty god of thunder in 2011’s Thor. The role catap

Mania Interview: Mike Giaimo by Rob Vaux, Writer
(November 01, 2013)
Mike Giaimo work on the art department for such films as The Black Cauldron, The Brave Little Toaster, Ferngully and Pocahontas. He took an extended break from the Walt Disney Company before returning to work on the visual development for Disney’s newest

Mania Terrors Interviews Danny Trejo by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(October 30, 2013)
Hello horror fans and welcome to the last Mania Terrors before Halloween. I am coming off a weekend spent drinking beer and talking horror with Derek Mears and Tyler Mane at Detroit Fanfare this past weekend. Two great guys! This week we’ve got news

OLDBOY: Josh Brolin Transformation Featurette by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(October 23, 2013)

9 Monstrous Mothers of Monsters by Kimberly McCall, Contributing Writer
(October 15, 2013)
In celebration of the release of Carrie, Mania decided to pay tribute to the mothers who laid the ground work for some of the most recognizable evil characters in film. Interestingly enough, Carrie is the only female monster with mommy issues.

Loki Featurette by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(October 10, 2013)

Mania Interview: Trejo and Rodriguez by Rob Vaux, Writer
(October 10, 2013)
Robert Rodriguez was fresh out of the University of Texas when he shot his first feature, El Mariachi for the sum of $7,000. It made a huge splash, opening the door for a wild array of additional directing projects. Like his colleague Quentin Tarantino, he

Mania Exclusive Interview: Louis Leterrier by Rob Vaux, Writer
(September 09, 2013)
Louis Leterrier was born in Paris, but studied film at NYU, and has worked largely with English language films. His directorial efforts include the Jet Li thriller Unleashed, the sequel The Transporter 2, the remake of Clash of the Titans, and the controve

Mania Interview: David Twohy by Rob Vaux, Writer
(September 06, 2013)
David Twohy began his career as a screenwriter of low-budget genre pictures, starting with the less-than-immortal Critters 2 but quickly moving to surprisingly decent fare such as Warlock. He eventually landed the screenwriting job for The Fugitive, and h

Mania Interview: Katee Sackhoff by Rob Vaux, Mania Writer
(September 04, 2013)
Katee Sackhoff had a respectable but unremarkable career on television before being cast as Kara “Starbuck” Thrace in the reboot of Battlestar Galactica. Incensed at what they perceived as an unpardonable sin for reimagining the character as a girl, th

Mania Interview: Vin Diesel by Rob Vaux, Columnist and Critic
(September 03, 2013)
Vin Diesel’s big break came courtesy of a short film he made, Multi-Facial, which caught the attention of one Steven Spielberg. The director cast him in a prominent role in Saving Private Ryan, where his gravelly voice and physical charisma quickly made

Mania Exclusive Interview: Josh Duhamel by Rob Vaux, Writer
(August 23, 2013)
Josh Duhamel first soared to prominence with his appearance in Michael Bay’s Transformers and its two sequels. He takes a step back for his latest project, the indie thriller Scenic Route in which he plays one of two friends who break down in the desert.

Mania Exclusive Interview: Jesse Thomas Cook by Rob Vaux, Writer
(August 22, 2013)
Jesse Thomas Cook is a Canadian genre filmmaker whose works include the likes of Scarce, Monster Brawl and his latest film Septic Man, now available on video on demand. He sat down with Mania for an inclusive interview: talking about his newest movie and w

Mania Exclusive Interview: Danielle Harris by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(August 19, 2013)
Danielle Harris got her start at the tender age of eight starring in the soap opera “One Life to Live” from 1985 – 1987. But it was her role as Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 that established her as horror’s youngest Scream Queen. Sin

Mania Interview: William Fichtner by Rob Vaux, Writer
(July 05, 2013)
William Fichtner is one of Those Guys: seasoned character actors who play a huge variety of roles over the course of many years. You’ve probably noticed him at one point or another in any of a dozen prominent films: a corrupt cop in Strange Days, a dysto

Mania Exclusive Interview: Ruth Wilson by Rob Vaux, Writer
(July 03, 2013)
British viewers probably know Ruth Wilson from her work on the BBC, particularly the 2006’s version of Jane Eyre and as the whackadoodle Alice Morgan in the acclaimed series Luther. She’s spending the summer in a much more prominent feature: the big bu

10 Best Richard Matheson Movie and TV Moments by Rob Vaux, Writer
(July 02, 2013)
No one mastered the twist ending more than Richard Matheson, who died last week at the age of 87 after leaving an indelible mark on science fiction and horror. He married his slam-bang climaxes to endearingly relatable protagonists, blending the inexplicab

Mania Interview: Johnny Depp by Rob Vaux, Columnist and Critic
(July 02, 2013)
Johnny Depp has gone from being a flash-in-the-pan teen actor to an indie film darling to a major star: a career path as surprising to him as it was to his fans. His starring role on 21 Jump Street seemed like a professional dead end, until a little help f

Mania Interview: Gore Verbinski by Rob Vaux, Writer
(July 01, 2013)
Gore Verbinski started out with a small-but-interesting little film called Mouse Hunt. It amounted to a live action Tom and Jerry cartoon, quickly establishing the director’s knack for gleefully choreographed mayhem. A string of huge hits followed, incl

Mania Interview: Elijah Wood by Rob Vaux, Writer
(June 27, 2013)
Elijah Wood is a comparative rarity in Hollywood: a child actor who successfully (and seemingly effortlessly) made the transition to adulthood. From early films like The Good Son and Huckleberry Finn, he began appearing in more grown-up roles in the likes

In Memoriam: Richard Matheson by Rob Vaux, Writer
(June 26, 2013)
The late Richard Matheson isn’t a household word like many of the writers and filmmakers he inspired. Science fiction fans always perk up at his name, but run-of-the-mill folks don’t recognize him like they do, say, Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, Rod

Mania Interview: Dan Scanlon by Rob Vaux, Mania Critic
(June 19, 2013)
Dan Scanlon is a comparative babe in the Pixar woods, having helmed a pair of shorts and worked on various creative teams. The top brass have been impressed, however, because this summer, they have entrusted him with directing Monsters University, the high

Mania Interview: Billy Crystal by Rob Vaux, Writer
(June 18, 2013)
Billy Crystal was a stand-up comic in New York when he scored his first big break, playing Jodie Dallas in the hit TV sit-com Soap. The role was truly ground-breaking – the first openly gay recurring character in television – and ultimately led to a st

Mania Interview: Ethan Hawke by Rob Vaux, Mania Critic and Columnist
(June 03, 2013)
Ethan Hawke has remained a staple of the indie scene since his early days as an actor. Breakout roles in the likes of Reality Bites and Dead Poets Society led to starring roles in Gattaca, Training Day and the Before Sunrise series, among others. Lately he