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Decoding Shakespeare by Stella Maris, Columnist
(April 25, 2009)
Like most of us who endured the tortuous analysis of William Shakespeare's plays at school, I only ever took them at face value. A sprinkling of fauns and fairies, a gaggle of cauldron-stirring witches... and get thee to a nunnery!

Standing with Stones by Rupert Soskin by Stella Maris, Columnist
(April 18, 2009)
I saw my very first stone circle at the tender age of eleven. My family had just moved from Washington, DC-- the land of masonically aligned monuments--to the land of megalithically aligned monuments, in the wilds of the Yorkshire Moors.

John Michell: A Pilgrimage to Paradise by Stella Maris, Columnist
(April 11, 2009)
Our thoughts this Easter holiday weekend are with the prolific author John Michell, who has sadly reached the penultimate stages of a terminal illness. Regarded by some as the founder of the modern "earth mysteries" counter-culture movement, almost all of

Fulbert's Pendulum by Stella Maris, Columnist
(April 04, 2009)
There is something particularly magical about this time of year between the Spring Equinox and the subsequent Full Moon. Aside from the obvious religious associations, it is said that this celestial sequence provides the most auspicious conditions for aspi

Knowing: Nic's Gnostic Numbers by Professor W, Columnist
(March 28, 2009)
I seem to belong to be the very small minority who really enjoyed Nicolas Cage’s latest outing, Knowing (2009), directed by Alex Proyas (I, Robot, 2004). Many reviewers weren’t impressed and gave very low ratings to the movie. For me, the film simply w

Angels & Demons: What's on the Agenda? by Professor W, Columnist
(March 21, 2009)
Less than two months to go now before the global launch of Angels and Demons, the second Ron Howard movie to be made from a Dan Brown novel. So, what can we expect from the new movie, the action of which precedes the events in the The Da Vinci Code?

The Book of Love by Kathleen McGowan by Professor W, Columnist
(March 14, 2009)
When Kathleen McGowan launched her Magdalene Line series in 2006 with The Expected One, as part of her promotion of the book, she told everyone who would listen that she was personally a direct descendant of the union of Christ and Mary Magdalene. She ga

The Invisible College: Revelations on the Edge by Stella Maris, Columnist
(March 07, 2009)
If you are intrigued by the idea of belonging to a privileged group of “insiders” with access to hidden knowledge, then The Invisible College may be just the thing for you.

Angels & Demons: Illuminati 101 by Stella Maris, Columnist
(February 28, 2009)
The first thing you need to know about the Illuminati is that nothing is real. As soon as you begin to take any of it seriously, they've got you. Therefore, always remember that the overriding immutable rule of the intrepid Illuminati investigator is not t

The Nineteenth Path by Stella Maris, Columnist
(February 21, 2009)
The story continues in this latest 23.5 installment of "The Nineteenth Path".

Are You Paraskavedekatriaphobic? by Mary Magdalene Smith, Columnist
(February 14, 2009)
It is said that the most popular Urban Myth about why Friday the 13th is considered to be unlucky has to do with the demise of an order of "warrior monks" called the Knights Templar. Here's the story behind it.

The Templars: Discovery of the Holy Frale by Professor W, Columnist
(February 07, 2009)
Now, don’t get me wrong. I like Mickey D’s as much as the next guy. I love the moment when you take the first fry, put it to your lips and you just know that everything will be just the same as it ever was. The familiar surge of salt, sugar and fat.

The Last Templar: Sex and the City of Gold by Professor W, Columnist
(January 31, 2009)
Our seemingly insatiable appetite for movies about the Knights Templar was offered another snack last week, when over two nights NBC aired its adaptation of Raymond Khoury’s 2006 best-selling novel, The Last Templar. It follows other such Templar movies

Of Dikes and Deadheads by Bart Saint-David, Columnist
(January 24, 2009)
When you travel roughly a hundred and fifty miles to the west of London, you start to notice how weird everything becomes. Which is exactly what happened on January 17th, the feast-day of Saint Sulpice, as some of the gang decided to journey to the county

Starchild Investigation Update by Lloyd Pye, Contributing Columnist
(January 17, 2009)
As we enter this potentially momentous new year, things are accelerating with the Starchild skull. The last update announced that a British TV documentary company had committed the $200,000 needed to pay for the Starchild

Buttoning Down Time by Professor W, Contributing Columnist
(January 17, 2009)
If you want to see a movie which discusses time, memory, experience, ageing and how they all link together, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button may not be for you. The original short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a light tale about how, by an unexplained

23.5 DEGREES- Coordinating Newton by Mary Magdalene Smith, Columnist
(December 27, 2008)

23.5 DEGREES- The Day the Earth Moved by Professor W, Columnist
(December 20, 2008)

23.5 DEGREES- Nulla Rosa Est by Stella Maris, Columnist
(December 13, 2008)

23.5 DEGREES- The Dark Knight: E tenebris lux? by Professor W, Contributing Columnist
(November 29, 2008)

23.5 DEGREES- Bloodline: The Resurrection of the Dead Plantard Letters by Stella Maris, Columnist
(November 22, 2008)

23.5 Degrees: Burnt by the Sun by Professor W, Contributing Columnist
(November 15, 2008)

23.5 Degrees: Starchild Skull---Alien or Human? by Lloyd Pye, Contributing Columnist
(November 15, 2008)

23.5 Degrees: Bloodline Bloodbath by Stella Maris, Columnist
(November 01, 2008)

23.5 Degrees: Interlude: And Always Be Silent by Stella Maris, Columnist
(October 25, 2008)