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From the Vault: Classic Monster Magazines! by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(April 07, 2012)
This week in From the Vault we take one more look at classic monster magazines as we spotlight some of the oldest and rarest magazines ever produced. These are all highly collectible so should you ever find one, definitely snatch it up quickly.

Tuesday Terrors: Seven New Reviews this Week by Tim Janson, Columnist
(March 27, 2012)
Kind of a slow news week this time out with not a lot of big stories to report. You may have heard that NBC is planning a reboot of the Munsters called “Mockinbird Lane” that will be darker than the original slapstick sitcom.

The Geek Life Chats with Leonard Maltin by Robert T. Trate, Columnist
(December 14, 2011)
The Geek Life is a weekly look at what is happening in the Geek Culture. Movies, Comics, Books, Video Games and TV Shows encompass more than just release dates and reviews. This week the Geek Life chats with Movie Geek Leonard Maltin.

Book Buzz: Extra Creepy Halloween Edition by Tim Janson, Critic
(October 30, 2011)
The Book Buzz returns this week with our annual (as of this year) Halloween special with a look at some of the hottest upcoming horror novels as well as SEVEN reviews of horror-themed books. No matter what your horror tastes, I think you’ll find somethi

Book Buzz: We Review Vampirella: Crown of Worms by Tim Janson, Columnist
(August 07, 2011)
Writer Leslie Esdaile Banks, 51, who wrote urban fantasy as L.A. Banks, died August 2, 2011 of adrenal cancer in Philadelphia PA. She was born December 11, 1959 in Philadelphia, and attended the University of Pennsylvania. She got a master’s in fine art

Weekly Book Buzz: : A Dance of Dragons is Finally Here! by Tim Janson, Columnist
(July 10, 2011)
Welcome back for another big Book Buzz! The Summer heat is on and we’ve got all of your top upcoming genre releases that you’ll be seeing shortly on store shelves as well as reviews and a ton of news. There’s lots of award news to go over as we hav

Weekly Book Buzz: New Novel of the Nightside by Simon Green by Tim Janson, Columnist
(June 05, 2011)
Welcome back to Book Buzz. We’ve got all your major science fiction, fantasy, and horror releases that are due out in your favorite bookstores in the next few weeks along with three great reviews for you. Thanks for stopping by!

Weekly Book Buzz: New Sookie Stackhouse Novel by Tim Janson, Columnist
(May 01, 2011)
First I want to announce that this will be the last weekly edition of the Book Buzz for the foreseeable future. In order to devote more time to other endeavors here at Mania I’ll be scaling back the frequency to likely once or twice a month. Now lets g

Weekly Book Buzz: New Fantasy from Adrian Tchaikovsky by Tim Janson, Columnist
(April 24, 2011)
A quick bit of awards news before we get into the week’s new releases…The winners of the BSFA Awards were announced at Illustrious 2011, this year’s Eastercon and include:

Weekly Book Buzz: A Review of All Your Base Are Belong to Us by Tim Janson, Columnist
(April 18, 2011)
Not much in the way of new releases this week so I’ve got everything in one category this week. As usual it’s the calm before the storm as next week is huge. The nominees for the 2010 Shirley Jackson Awards have been announced. The awards are giv

Weekly Book Buzz: Sci-Fi Hall of Fame Inductees by Tim Janson, Columnist
(April 10, 2011)
The 2011 inductees to the Science Fiction Hall of Fame are Harlan Ellison, Vincent Di Fate, Moebius, and Gardner Dozois. The induction ceremony will be held Saturday June 25, 2011 at the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum in Seattle WA as par

Weekly Book Buzz: Alter Ego’s Centennial Edition by Tim Janson, Columnist
(April 04, 2011)
Very happy this week to present a review of Alter Ego Centennial Edition. Alter Ego is the longest running fanzine devoted to comic books now in its 50th year and helmed by all-time great comic book writer, Roy Thomas. I’ve probably read more stories w

Weekly Book Buzz: New Horror From Heather Graham by Tim Janson, Columnist
(March 27, 2011)
The Horror Writers Association has chosen two icons of the genre to receive the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award this year, Ellen Datlow and Al Feldstein.

Weekly Book Buzz: New Star Wars Fiction Arrives by Tim Janson, Columnist
(March 20, 2011)
We are just a month away from the debut of the Game of Thrones TV series on HBO. Here’s the question…if you are not a current subscriber to HBO will you now subscribe to see the series? For myself…well, I will be waiting for DVD.

Weekly Book Buzz: New Fantasy from L. E. Modesitt by Tim Janson, Columnist
(March 13, 2011)
Aspirant to the Round Table, Sir Alymere, fails on the Grail quest but in so doing, learns of the Devil's Own Cup, "the Black Chalice" and of the Devil's Bible the foul book that will lead him to it. On his quest he will face many obstacles and cunning ene

Weekly Book Buzz: Final Ballot for the Stoker Awards by Tim Janson, Columnist
(March 06, 2011)
The only real news story of note this week is the announcement of the final ballot for the 2010 Stoker Awards to be presented at the Stoker Weekend in Long Island NY, June 16-19, 2011.

Weekly Book Buzz: Nebula Award Nominees by Tim Janson, Columnist
(February 27, 2011)
Kind of a quick column this week as I did not get time for any reviews. But one major news bit out this week is the announcement of the final Nebula Award nominees. See below.

Weekly Book Buzz: George R.R. Martin Marries by Tim Janson, Columnist
(February 22, 2011)
In the news this week George R.R. Martin has married his longtime girlfriend Parris McBride at their home on February 15th. The pair have been together for 30 years which just goes to show that GRRM apparently procrastinates in everything he does…

Weekly Book Buzz: Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? by Tim Janson, Columnist
(February 13, 2011)
Short column this week due to a very light release schedule. There are some very promising graphic novels out this week if you are a comic fan, including Dynamite Entertainment’s Vampirella Archives Vol. 2. I also have a review of one of the coolest zo

Weekly Book Buzz: We Review Guiness World’s Records 2011: Gamer’s Edition by Tim Janson, Columnist
(February 07, 2011)
Very light this week so all the new releases are lumped together below. Hopefully those of you in the Midwest and East have survived the blizzard that blew through the region last week. Here in Michigan they had us prepared for as much as 20” of snow b

Weekly Book Buzz: Latest Fantasy from Orson Scott Card by Tim Janson, Columnist
(January 30, 2011)
Unseen (Outcast Season, Book 3) Rachel Caine [Roc] After Cassiel and Warden Luis Rocha rescue an adept child from a maniacal Djinn, they realize two things: the girl is already manifesting an incredible amount of power, and her kidnapping was not an

Weekly Book Buzz: Star Wars: Knight Errant by Tim Janson, Columnist
(January 23, 2011)
This week we have several key releases hitting the stands including Ari Marmell’s fantasy “The Warlord’s Legacy”; “Sword Woman” a new Robert E. Howard collection; and “Star Wars: Knight Errant”.

Weekly Book Buzz: Latest Nightside book by Simon R. Green by Tim Janson, Columnist
(January 16, 2011)
Simon R. Green’s Nightside series has been one of my favorites since it debuted in 2003. This week I review the latest entry, “A Hard Day’s Knight” which is the penultimate entry in the series. Out this week is promising new fantasy from Jo Walto

Weekly Book Buzz: Orson Scott Card Suffers Stroke by Tim Janson, Columnist
(January 09, 2011)
In the news… …Orson Scott Card suffered a mild stroke on New Year’s day. While his website expects him to have a full recovery, Scott is suffering from slurred speech and some mobility problems with his left arm and hand.

Weekly Book Buzz: New Novel of the Nightside by Simon Green by Tim Janson, Columnist
(January 03, 2011)
Surprisingly robust release week for the first week of 2011. Topping the list is Simon R. Green’s latest Nightside novel in hardcover, Barb Hendee’s new hardcover in her Noble Dead series, Michelle West’s new House Wars hardcover from DAW, and Orson