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TV Wasteland: Chuck Closes by Rob Vaux, Editor
(January 22, 2012)
I’m quite pumped for the return of Spartacus this week, with a tip of the cap to the late Andy Whitfield and a hope that his fellow cast and crew can do right by his memory. That, however, has to take a back seat to the finale of a show that was never su

TV Wasteland: Escape from Alcatraz by Rob Vaux, Editor
(January 16, 2012)
J.J. Abrams is back, and he’s brought his Lost formula with him. Fox is betting big that the new series Alcatraz – starring Lost alum Jorge Garcia and featuring a similarly freaky premise – will do for them what the old show did for ABC.

TV Wasteland: Fades In by Rob Vaux, Editor
(January 09, 2012)
British Television has a rich tradition of science-fiction programs, topped by the long-running Doctor Who but including the likes of The Prisoner, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Red Dwarf Blake’s 7, Neverwhere and Life on Mars. The intelligent

TV Wasteland: Mid-Winter Blues by Rob Vaux, Editor
(January 01, 2012)
The New Year begins with a lot of movies, as regular shows slowly get back to their usual schedule and midwinter replacements step up from the wings.

TV Wasteland: 10… 9… 8… by Rob Vaux, Editor
(December 25, 2011)
The Mania offices are closed for the holidays, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be taking a look at this week’s television viewing for you!

TV Wasteland: Happy Holidays by Rob Vaux, Editor
(December 18, 2011)
The holidays are a traditional dead zone for television – save for a few Christmas specials and thematically appropriate films – and that’s fine by us. There’s still plenty of good viewing for genre fans out there.

TV Wasteland: ‘Twas the Week Before Christmas by Rob Vaux, Editor
(December 11, 2011)
Two season finales mark this week before Christmas, along with the expected array of holiday films and specials. What else is out there? Let’s have a look.

TV Wasteland: Scary for All the Wrong Reasons by Rob Vaux, Editor
(December 04, 2011)
Bag of Bones is coming to A&E! Are you excited? Me neither. Stephen King adaptations have a heavily mixed track record, especially on television, and no one was knocking down the doors demanding that this middle-of-the-road novel be turned into four hours

TV Wasteland: Before the Boys Were Lost by Rob Vaux, Editor
(November 28, 2011)
Syfy does rather well for itself when it re-tasks or reinterprets popular favorites. They scored big ratings for Tin Man and Alice, and despite a few rocky elements, those efforts succeeded in finding new wrinkles to their timeworn stories. Syfy is attemp

TV Wasteland: Happy Turkey Day by Rob Vaux, Editor
(November 21, 2011)
It’s Thanksgiving and while we don’t have any specific TV event to single out, there’s no shortage of goodies for your holiday viewing pleasure.

TV Wasteland: Holy Series Finale! by Rob Vaux, Editor
(November 14, 2011)
This Friday witnesses the end to one of the more controversial eras in the long history of the Caped Crusader. Batman: The Brave and The Bold finished its final season and more than a few Batman fans are happy to see it go. Its deliberately camp attitude a

TV Wasteland: In Brightest Day by Rob Vaux, Editor
(November 06, 2011)
Any time you put the words “Bruce Timm” and “Animated Series” in the same sentence, it’s bound to attract some attention. Timm served as one of the principal movers and shakers on the groundbreaking Batman: The Animated Series and its subsequent

TV Wasteland: Halloween Wasteland by Rob Vaux, Editor
(October 30, 2011)
It’s a full week on the Wasteland, so let’s waste no time!

TV Wasteland: A Grimm Outlook at NBC by Rob Vaux, Editor
(October 23, 2011)
The second half of the fall’s fairy-tale two-punch hits this week with Grimm, NBC’s latest effort to crawl up from the bottom of the ratings heap. I’m not certain this is the one to turn them around. Granted, its premise is more intriguing than ABC

TV Wasteland: Happily Ever After? by Rob Vaux, Editor
(October 16, 2011)
Do we really need a modern updating of classic fairy tales? ABC thinks so. It’s unveiling a new series, Once Upon a Time, this Sunday night with a concept as contrived and gimmicky as you’ll ever see. A young woman returns to a small Maine town where s

TV Wasteland: Zombies!!! by Rob Vaux, Editor
(October 09, 2011)
All too quickly, the TV season has faded into ashen disappointment. Terra Nova blows, American Horror Story is… not right, and while the Friday night smorgasboard has some tasty tidbits, they’re not exactly blowing anyone out of the water in the rating

TV Wasteland: Bring Out the Gimp by Rob Vaux, Editor
(October 02, 2011)
Way back in the early 90s, ABC changed television history by giving David Lynch a budget and telling him to go nuts. He did, and the results (a little number called Twin Peaks) have yet to be duplicated. It allowed other alternative shows like Lost and Des

TV Wasteland: Steven Spielberg Presents Land of the Lost by Rob Vaux, Editor
(September 25, 2011)
The biggest gamble of the season lands on Fox Monday as Steven Spielberg unveils a new dino-centric series that could make or break genre programming for years to come. Terra Nova posits a time-travel scenario where future residents of a ravaged Earth jour

TV Wasteland: Empire Rising by Rob Vaux, Editor
(September 18, 2011)
This week sees the premiere of a huge number of new shows, including Nikita, Supernatural, Fringe and The Big Bang Theory. But one stands head and shoulders above the rest… and while it’s definitely not genre, we want to give it a shout-out because it

TV Wasteland: Insert Juvenile Sexual Reference Here by Rob Vaux, Editor
(September 11, 2011)
The CW is out to keep the teenybopper sensibilities of Twilight alive with The Secret Circle, a new show about a special young woman (Britt Robertson) who realizes that she’s a witch. If that sets your eyes rolling, you’re not alone. The Secret Circle

TV Wasteland: They’re Remaking What?! by Rob Vaux, Editor
(September 04, 2011)
I hate to keep kicking NBC, but they make it so easy. Case in point: this week, they greenlit a TV version of Romancing the Stone: following romance novelist turned adventuress Joan Wilder as she continues to traipse around the world with dashing rogue Jac

TV Wasteland: Into the Valley of Death by Rob Vaux, Editor
(August 28, 2011)
It’s a little early, but the fall TV season gets a quick start this Monday as MTV premieres a new horror-comedy show, Death Valley. The premise, like a lot of shows, borrows heavily from other successful series: a little bit of Cops, a little bit of True

TV Wasteland: Tampa Sets the Tone by Rob Vaux, Writer
(August 27, 2011)
The Republicans are hosting their election-year shindig down in Tampa, which keeps a comparative lid on anything else this week. Our examination of the remainder awaits you below.

TV Wasteland: Who’s Coming Back by Rob Vaux, Editor
(August 22, 2011)
Doctor Who returns to our fair shores once again, for the conclusion of Series 6 of the reboot (which is actually Series 40 bajillion or thereabouts for the world’s longest-running science fiction series). Good news for Whovians and sci-fi fans in genera

TV Wasteland: Schwarzenegger is Here to Save Us! by Rob Vaux, Editor
(August 14, 2011)
So they’re really going ahead with this Conan remake aren’t they? Man, that’s so depressing I could just about die. Maybe TV can assuage the pain… let’s see what’s on.