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TV Wasteland: And Now... Playoffs! by Rob Vaux, Writer
(January 07, 2013)
January arrives, and with it comes midseason replacements, trickling in between the fever of NFL playoff games. Here’s a look at which ones are coming up!

TV Wasteland: Submitted For Your Approval by Rob Vaux, Writer
(December 31, 2012)
We ring in 2013 with a return to new scripted shows and a Syfy tradition that never gets old.

TV Wasteland: It's The End of the World As We Know It by Rob Vaux, Writer
(December 17, 2012)
The world ends on Friday! But just in case it doesn’t, we have some pre-holiday viewing for you to enjoy, including a pair of season finales and a whole fistful of Christmas specials.

TV Wasteland: Christmas Blues by Rob Vaux, Writer
(December 10, 2012)
It’s a brand new week, as Christmas movies take center stage and a certain cable station with whom we have a perennial love-hate relationship turns 20. Let’s take a look.

TV Wasteland: Here Comes December by Rob Vaux, Columnist and Critic
(December 03, 2012)
Another week, another Wasteland. What beckons from the boob tube? Read on for the answers.

TV Wasteland: Too Early for Christmas... by Rob Vaux, Writer
(November 26, 2012)
Another busy week on the Wasteland, and Christmas arrives way too early as usual. Let’s see what the last week in November holds for us.

TV Wasteland: Happy Turkey Day! by Rob Vaux, Writer
(November 19, 2012)
It’s Thanksgiving, and ABC is celebrating by axing a couple of underperformers. The Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue will finish their 13-episode runs and be done… a harsh blow to the fans, but certainly one that they could see coming. Both shows strugg

TV Wasteland: November Sweeps Through by Rob Vaux, Writer
(November 12, 2012)
It’s another busy week, with a full slate of shows deep into their fall runs. Here’s how it all breaks down this week.

TV Wasteland: Election Edition by Rob Vaux, Writer
(November 05, 2012)
It’s a pretty full week, so we’ll dispense the preamble and just get to it!

TV Wasteland: Happy Halloween! by Rob Vaux, Writer
(October 29, 2012)
It’s Halloween this week, which means that every cable station will hustle its cache of horror movies out for you to enjoy. Unfortunately, not all of said stations can differentiate between “horror” and “good horror,” which means you’re going t

TV Wasteland: The Kid from Mockingbird Lane by Rob Vaux, Writer
(October 22, 2012)
On Friday, NBC airs its “Halloween Special” Mockingbird Lane… which is actually a pilot of an attempted reboot of The Munsters. Besides the sad repackaging of a failed TV show as a special, the endeavor smacks of network desperation on a staggering l

TV Wasteland: A Whole New Horror Story by Rob Vaux, Writer
(October 15, 2012)
American Horror Story returns to FX this week… which should come as a bit of surprise, since pretty much the entire cast was killed off at the end of last season. The producers responded by starting an entirely new story, set decades earlier at a lunatic

TV Wasteland: Arrow Aims High by Rob Vaux, Columnist and Writer
(October 07, 2012)
The fall season kicks into overdrive this week, topped by the eagerly anticipated new season of The Walking Dead. Since we suspect it will be awesome, we’re going to focus on a much bigger question mark: Arrow, the new superhero series over on the CW. As

TV Wasteland: Supernatural Returns by Rob Vaux, Writer
(October 01, 2012)
Supernatural returns this week – in the face of the Presidential debates to boot – and its loyal fan base has reason to be happy. The show runners have promised a new arc to take the series into a tenth season, and while the show has slipped in qualit

TV Wasteland: The Neighbor of the Beast by Rob Vaux, Writer
(September 24, 2012)
There’s a huge slew of premieres this week – including Haven, Fringe and The Big Bang Theory – but our attention is drawn to a new show. 666 Park Avenue picks up where The Devil’s Advocate left off, delivering a swanky Manhattan apartment complex l

TV Wasteland: Revolutionary? by Rob Vaux, Writer
(September 17, 2012)
The new fall season officially kicks into gear this week, and already, we’re presented with a fresh new bucket of NBC’s flop sweat. Revolution, premiering Monday and occupying an unseemly percent of promo time during the Olympics, feels exactly like an

TV Wasteland: Are You Ready for Some Football? by Rob Vaux, Writer
(September 10, 2012)
Football season kicks off this week, which doesn’t stop the slow march of new genre shows starting up again in September. Here’s what’s coming up in between the touchdowns, hard hits and nightmarish sight of Peyton Manning in a Broncos uniform.

TV Wasteland: RIP Tony Scott by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(September 03, 2012)
The Democrats’ convention follows hot on the heels of the Republicans’, but those sneaky programmers found a way to slip a few notable genre shows in the midst of it all. As far as series go, Doctor Who returns to our screens for an all-new season of

TV Wasteland: August Heat by Rob Vaux, Writer
(August 20, 2012)
True Blood wraps up its fifth season this week, Grimm tackles two nights with the same episode, and Samwise Gamgee visits the Creature Cantina. Don't believe me? Take a look

TV Wasteland: Samurai Time by Rob Vaux, Writer
(August 06, 2012)
Let me get this straight: baseball is not an Olympic sport, but competitive trampoline is? Pardon me, I’m going to curl up in the fetal position and sob for a while.

TV Wasteland: Medals and Madness by Rob Vaux, Writer
(July 30, 2012)
The Olympics dominates television for the next two weeks -- and once again, please take every opportunity you can to tell NBC how much their coverage blows -- leaving other networks to hold the course rather than unleashing anything new or notable. Here's

TV Wasteland: Cable Domination by Rob Vaux, Writer
(July 23, 2012)
Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead. Falling Skies. True Blood. Warehouse 13. Alphas. What do all these shows have in common? They're all on cable, not the networks. And with the possible exception of Lost, no network has produced anything nearly as engaging

TV Wasteland: Fare Thee Well Eureka by Rob Vaux, Writer
(July 16, 2012)
Tonight, we say good-bye to Eureka, the quietly stalwart Syfy staple that takes a final bow after five seasons. The show was never a blockbuster like The Walking Dead or The X-Files, and its expensive production kept it from turning a big profit. The bosse

TV Wasteland: Summer in the City by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(July 09, 2012)
We’re all full of barbecue from various 4th of July celebrations, and another week of television beckons us forward. Let’s have a look!

TV Wasteland: Happy Independence Day by Rob Vaux, Writer
(July 02, 2012)
The 4th of July is usually fairly quiet, but this week we have two events worth noting. The first is Syfy’s annual Twilight Zone marathon, a chance for the station to step away from wrestling and absurdly cheap movies to remember their actual roots. Rod