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Marvel’s Second Coming X-Posed by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(March 03, 2010)
The truth behind the latest X-Men event!

The Comicscape/C2F Crossover Crisis by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(February 24, 2010)
Going off on the movie rumors

8 Heroes for the Perfect Super Team by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(February 17, 2010)
Your guide to gathering the good guys

DC and Marvel’s Animated Epics by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(February 10, 2010)
The Classic Stories We’d Like To See Turned Into Features

Marvel’s Heroic Age by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(February 03, 2010)
Assembling Avengers for a New Era

The Three Cs of Comic Books by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(January 27, 2010)
The Three C’s of Comic Books: Continuity, Consistency and Confusion – the perils of trying to bring a new reader into the fold

5 Great Superhero Cartoon Intros by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(January 20, 2010)
Opening the show with Animated Action!

Frankencastle: Rebuilding THE PUNISHER by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(January 13, 2010)
Daken cut Frank Castle to pieces. Now we have one of the most brilliant reinterpretations of a comic book character that we’ve ever seen: The Punisher was reborn as the monstrous Frankencastle.

Why BLACKEST NIGHT Has Become Comics’ Brightest Day by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(January 06, 2010)
Why DC Comics' Green Lantern story BLACKEST NIGHT is event comics done right!

The Last Comicscape of 2009 by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(December 30, 2009)
2009 is almost over and it’s the perfect time to concentrate on a year-in-review, but if we really put our minds to it, we can probably come up with a pretty decent wish list for 2010!

A Very Comicscape Christmas by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(December 23, 2009)
The Story of the Superhero Jesus...

The Future of Comics: DC’s EARTH ONE by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(December 16, 2009)
Batman and Superman - reinvented in DC Comics' EARTH ONE line.

Wherefore Art Thou, Silver Surfer? by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(December 09, 2009)
A Call For the Return of the Sentinel of the Spaceways

The GALACTUS Game Show Conspiracy by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(December 02, 2009)
We at Comicscape have unearthed shocking evidence which puts us all in very grave danger. It is our duty to inform you of a most heinous intergalactic conspiracy to destroy the earth and the brave men and women who have been trying to warn us all these ye

What Are Superheroes Thankful For? by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(November 25, 2009)
Today Comicscape takes a look at the many blessings bestowed upon the heroes and villains of the Marvel and DC Universes.

The Justice Society Must Die! by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(November 18, 2009)
Following in the rich tradition in comics DC Comics intends to split the Justice Society into two teams with the upcoming JSA All-Stars. The title is touted as something of a "college for superheroes" but do we really need another Justice Society book?

Is the Marvel Universe Big Enough For Two Captain Americas? by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(November 11, 2009)
Rogers vs. Bucky for the Shield!

Wolverine's Way with Women by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(November 04, 2009)
And not only is he popular with the male fan base, he’s a hit with the ladies as well. We know that chicks dig the bad boy, but what else could draw them to a character like Wolverine? We have our suspicions, and it ain’t just because of Hugh Jackman

Marvel & DC Crossover Crisis by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(October 28, 2009)
These days comics are all about crossovers and events. Dark Crises on Infinitely Secret Civil Earths and all that. But with all the events and one-upsmanship between the Big Two, we have to wonder: when are Marvel and DC going to do another intercompany

Marvel's Modern WHAT IF? by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(October 21, 2009)
These days, it seems that Marvel is taking a different approach to the What If…? scenario, one that eschews continuity-based questions for editorial ones.

The Post-Dark Reign Marvel Universe Wish List by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(October 14, 2009)
Brian Michael Bendis recently announced plans for Siege, a four-issue event which will see the “big three” Avengers reunite, end the Dark Reign but offer a "seismic shift" in the Marvel U. Here's our wish list for the reconstruction...

The Colossal Case of the Kirby Kids by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(October 07, 2009)
Hot on the heels of the Marvel Comics/Disney merger as well as the news that the heirs of Jerry Siegel now own at least a portion of the Superman copyright, the heirs of Jack Kirby sent 45 notices of copyright termination to Marvel and Disney. We figured i

WEDNESDAY Wraps Up by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(September 30, 2009)
Last week saw the twelfth and final issue of Wednesday Comics hit the stands. It was the end of DC Comics’ latest and most daring weekly series and now that it’s all said and done, we thought it appropriate to take a look back on the whole thing and g

The Clothes Make The SUPERMAN by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(September 23, 2009)
Superhero costumes have evolved quite a bit over time, but there’s one recent trend in superhero costumes that we can’t abide and today’s Comicscape singles out the prime offender. Superboy...get a freakin’ costume already!

6 Heroes Who Need to Stay Six Feet Under by Chad Derdowski, Columnist
(September 16, 2009)
While we support the recent returns of Barry Allen, Max Mercury and Hal Jordan, there are a few heroes who need to stay six feet under.