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'Blade: Trinity' Plot Summary Released
(November 01, 2003)
Wesley Snipes returns as the day-walking vampire hunter in the explosive third and final film in the Blade franchise, Blade: Trinity. When the Vampire Nation hatches a plan to frame Blade in a series of brutal killings, he must join forces with the Nightst

A 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' Sequel?
(October 31, 2003)
Moviehole reports: It made next to nothing when released stateside, but Fox’s 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' has been quite the smash down under. So successful in fact, that Australia is rumoured to be playing host to a soon to be filmed sequel. More.

'Watchmen' rumors prove to be bogus
(October 31, 2003)
AICN backtracks on 'Watchmen' rumors: "A couple of days ago, we ran a rumor about John Cusack possibly being cast...in David Hayter’s upcoming 'Watchmen.' There were a couple of things wrong with that. First, the idea that anyone is cast as anything yet is

Big Sales for 'The Hulk' DVD!
(October 31, 2003)
Universal Studios Home Video -- the first major Hollywood studio to incorporate a sample of an Xbox video game within the two-disc release of a feature film -- flexed its marketing muscle with core DVD buyers with its Tuesday release "The Hulk." U reports

'Mutant X' is $100 mil trouble magnet! by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 31, 2003)
The "Mutant X" syndicated TV action series is the focus of a $100 million lawsuit filed by Tribune Entertainment against comic giant Marvel Enterprises. Tribune is accusing Marvel of fraud and misrepresentation in granting rights to Tribune to produce the

'Hellboy' for Halloween by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 31, 2003)
The 'Hellboy' movie site gets a face lift in time for Halloween. New features include access to the B.P.R.D., a new concept art gallery and more.

Script Review of 'Fantastic Four'
(October 31, 2003)
FilmJerk takes a look at the February 2002 draft of 'Fantastic Four' by Doug Petrie. The review is positive throughout.

Wachowski Brothers Bringing 'Superman' to Life?
(October 31, 2003)
According to Dark Horizons: "The Wachowskis [('The Matrix')]are rumoured to be linked to the ['Superman'] project and might be penning a new draft."

Smallville, Jeremiah, Mutant X news
(October 31, 2003)
The WB revealed plans for its November sweeps, including episodes of Smallville.

Scott Rosenberg, executive producer of Showtime's 'Jeremiah,' said that viewership is growing this season.

Marvel Enterprises issued a release Friday morning

Wrestler Edge Aboard 'Batman' Movie?
(October 31, 2003)
Pro Wrestling Torch claims, "Adam Copeland (Edge) has reportedly landed a role in the next Batman flick titled 'Intimidation.' He will play a bad guy called Egghead."

Halle Berry purrs about 'Catwoman'
(October 31, 2003)
IGN FilmForce had a sitdown with Halle Berry and got her to cough up a few hairballs about 'Catwoman.'

"You should see me in Catwoman! Balls to the wall and they're like, 'You just had a broken arm.' I said, 'So what? Let's go!' I love that! [We'r

REVIEW: 'X2: X-Men United' DVD by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 31, 2003)
"How could you not be happy with an entire disc of special features, including what I find to be one of the best special features, period."

Mutants unite to win a copy of 'X2' and/or 'The Art of X2' by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 31, 2003)
Comics2Film and Twentieth Century Fox have teamed up for a new giveaway. Sign up to win copies of the massive "Art of X2" book. The grand prize winner will take home the book and a copy of "X2: X-Men United" on DVD!

Sony unveils new Spider-Man 2 one-sheet
(October 30, 2003)
Sony Pictures have unveiled the new one-sheet teaser poster for the upcoming Spider-Man movie sequel, due for release on July 2, 2004.

Howard dons 'Mask' for NL in film sequel by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 30, 2003)
Traylor Howard, who last appeared on the big screen in the comedy 'Me, Myself & Irene,' has landed the female lead role opposite Jamie Kennedy in the New Line Cinema comedy 'Son of the Mask.' Howard will play Kennedy's wife in the film, which carries on wi

Nets, studios tap ad power of TiVo by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 30, 2003)
TiVo has often been decried as the devil by TV network executives, whose biggest fear is the undermining of their business model by users of personal video recorders zapping commercials. But now the networks, along with movie studios and a host of other ty

'X2' DVD Site Up
(October 30, 2003)
Check out the official website promoting the DVD release of 'X2: X-Men United'

'Hellboy' movie to be given an inoffensive title? by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 30, 2003)
Conventional Hollywood wisdom says a movie with 'Hell' in the title has to be rated R. So what about 'Hellboy'? PvP has some fun with the issue...

Sid Caesar and Jonathan Winters go down on 'Comic Book: The Movie' by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 30, 2003)
Sid Caesar and Jonathan Winters have not appeared in a film together in 40 years. Comic Book the Movie gives the two masters of improv a chance to riff off each other once again. Check out this exclusive clip not found on the DVD!

Freeman and Hopkins up for 'Batman'?
(October 30, 2003)
A scooper deemed "very very very very reliable" fills Ain't It Cool News in on 'Batman: Intimidation'.

"It looks like they are focused on Morgan Freeman for...possibly one of the main villian roles. And get this.....they are considering Anthony Ho

'Superman Lives' artist James Carson Interview
(October 30, 2003)
Superman-V.com have had an exclusive chat with James Carson about his involvement in the aborted project.

'Spider-Man 2' Production Wraps
(October 30, 2003)
According to the Comics Continuum, principal photography has wrapped in California on Sony Pictures' Spider-Man 2.

Comicscape - October 29, 2003 by Tony Whitt, Correspondent
(October 29, 2003)

The Stax Report: Special 'Watchmen' Edition
(October 29, 2003)
Stax provides his dream cast for the live-action adaptation of the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons comic book classic. The project has been scripted by David Hayter who also intends on directing it. No word yet on when the Warner Brothers pic might begin filming.

Jack Hsu: 'Spidey 2' Storyboard Artist by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 29, 2003)
The Pulse interviews Jack Hsu, a story board artist on 'Spider-Man II' and Disney's 'Haunted Mansion,' as well as several other feature films to his credit. He’s also the artist on the Xeric Award winning title, 'Poppie’s Adventures' ...