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Steven Grant's 'Mortal Souls' optioned? by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(December 03, 2003)
An anonymous scooper tells Cinescape that independent film producers Chris Moore and Craig Falzone have optioned the movie rights for Steven Grant's crime/horror comic book series 'Mortal Souls.'


Don Swan explores Commander Courage's history by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(December 03, 2003)
Uber-fan Don Swan's "Once Upon a Dime" website fanzine is already the #1 resource for Commander Courage. Now Swan is cranking out the content in anticipation of the Courage movie!

Hamill talks about 'Comic Book: The Movie' by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(December 03, 2003)
Director Mark Hamill and his cast discuss the making of 'Comic Book the Movie' in a video clip taken from the DVD extra Four Color Frenzy. (2 min. 6.2 MB QT .mov)

Jimmy Palmiotti's Time is Now at Nike.com by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(December 03, 2003)
Comic writer and artist Jimmy Palmiotti has written the script for a short film currently rolling at Nike.com. Click the link and then select "Hoop Town" for Episode 1 titled "My Time is Now" featuring NBA Toronto Raptors' star player Vince Carter.

Catwoman: The Cat's Meow or just Kitty Litter?
(December 03, 2003)
Broken Frontier's Rhonda Hearon gives her take on Halle Berry's in-production 'Catwoman.'

"At her best, Catwoman is a classic victim turned victimizer; a woman who seizes her sexual power and uses it against the very same society that tried to u

Will 'Spider-Man 2' be Marvel's 'high-water mark'?
(December 03, 2003)
No one ever guessed mild-mannered Peter Parker was behind Spider-Man's mask, and only Bruce Banner knew his rage turned him into the Hulk. Likewise, few expected Marvel Enterprises' stock (MVL/NYSE) to leap tall buildings in a single bound, soaring 220% th

Justice League 'Starcrossed' episode info
(December 03, 2003)
Cartoon Network has released the episode logline for Justice League's three-part season finale "Starcrossed." The episode deals with Hawkgirl deciding whether to be loyal to her people or to the people of Earth.

It's got a good beat and you can kill to it
(December 03, 2003)
The soundtrack for the movie 'The Punisher' is headed for stores in March of 2004. Wind-up Records, the folks behind the 'Daredevil' soundtrack CD has launched the official website promoting the disc. Check it out.

Nicholson enjoys a good Joker
(December 03, 2003)
According to Extra, Jack Nicholson spends a lot of his spare time watching basketball and himself as the joker in "Batman," which he says is a favorite screen character he calls, "A piece of pop art."

SPOILER Smalllville Episode Title & Spoiler
(December 03, 2003)
After a few weeks of quiet, KryptonSite now has a new episode title and spoilers for another upcoming episode (#3-14) of Smallville.

This one's called "Obsession." It should be airing in February, and you can read the spoilers by clicking the li

Batman codename 'Project Y'
(December 02, 2003)
According to Empire Magazine, the 'codename' for the new Batman film is 'Project Y.'

Aguirre-Sacasa writes 'Spidey 2' comic adaptation
(December 02, 2003)
The Washington Post reports that playwright and "Fantastic Four" scribe Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has written the comic adaptation of 'Spider-Man 2'. More...

Clint Carpenter talks 'Smallville,' the TV show and the comic by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(December 02, 2003)
'Smallville' writer Clint Carpenter talks about the comic and how it serves as a companion to the hit WB television show and how the comic will be more closely tied to the program in the future.

Justin Timberlake turned down Superman?
(December 02, 2003)
While it's unclear if he was actually offered a part, pop star Justin Timberlake claims he turned down a role in the 'Superman' movie. Superman-V.com picked up the story from the British tabloids.

Superman Lives concept designer interview
(December 02, 2003)
Designer Brian Lawrence took the time to answer some questions questions regarding his work on 'Superman Lives' for a proposed line of Hasbro toys.

Teen Titans, LXG DVD & Hellboy
(December 02, 2003)
The Teen Titans animated series begins its second season on Cartoon Network in January with four new episodes.

Screenwriter James Robinson talks about the creative choices made for 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen', due out soon on DVD.

Joss Whedon Pitched a 'Batman' Film
(December 02, 2003)
CFQ reports that 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Firefly' creator Joss Whedon pitched a 'Batman' film to Warner Bros. back in 2002.

"I came up with an idea that I really loved, which was an origin story," Whedon reflects. "After I finished pitchin

Crisis on Two Earths by Arnold T. Blumberg, Senior Editor
(December 01, 2003)

Marvels Comic Legend Stan Lee Back at Work
(December 01, 2003)
Article details Lee's plans for his recently established POW! Entertainment.

Hellboy interview 'Hellboy', 'Blade III' F/X Wiz
(December 01, 2003)
TAJN spoke with the head of Spectral Motion, Inc. - Mike Elizalde - who has worked on many a genre film, including 'Blade II', 'Hellboy' and the upcoming 'Blade: Trinity'. The interview is accompanied by two pictures from the Prague set.

Clint Eastwood to be 'Dirty Gordon' in 'Batman'?
(December 01, 2003)
Sky News gossip wag Neil Sean clams Clint Eastwood is being wooed by the makers of the new 'Batman' film starring Christian Bale. Sean says, "Taking no chances after previous flops, they want Clint to play a version of himself as the mayor of Gotham City."

'Splendor' directors signing in Hollywood on Thursday by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(December 01, 2003)
According to The Comic Reel at Comic Book Resources, this Thursday, December 4th at 7PM, Sheri Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini will present and sign "American Splendor: The Official Shooting Script." The signing will take place at Book Soup, 8818 West S

'Blade: Trinity': Sucking blood can give you the runs by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(December 01, 2003)
Lying in the Gutters at CBR reports that the set "Blade: Trinity" has been plagued by a mystery stomach virus. The illness has reportedly hit director David Goyer as well as various members of the cast and crew. Wesley Snipes is reportedly "unaffected by t

MEOW! Sharon Stone 'Out of Control' on set of 'Catwoman' by Joe Hendren, Editor
(December 01, 2003)
Oscar-nominated actress Sharon Stone is causing havoc on the Vancouver, Canada set of new movie Catwoman with her diva-like behavior, according to movie insiders. The 'Basic Instinct' star allegedly demanded more glamorous costumes, ordered last-minute scr

'Batman' domain Intimidating but no Game by Joe Hendren, Editor
(December 01, 2003)
Warner Bros. has registered the domain www.batmanintimidation.com . Perhaps there's no "Game" in the title after all.