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'Smallville' Season 3 premiere pictures
(September 11, 2003)
Screen captures of the latest trailer for the season 3 premiere of 'Smallville.'

'Smallville': 1st Season DVD
(September 11, 2003)
With the Sept. 23 release of Smallville: The Complete First Season on DVD, Warner Home Video has provided The Continuum with loglines and credits from the 21 episodes that will be included.

Interview: 'Hellboy's' Doug Jones
(September 11, 2003)
"I don't want to give anything away, but I can tell you that all the bad-guy cast is AMAZING," actor Doug Jones said in this interview. Jones plays amphibian Abe Sapien in the upcoming 'Hellboy' movie.

'Crow: Wicked Prayer' trailer screened by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(September 11, 2003)
An anonymous scooper for AICN saw the trailer for 'The Crow: Wicked Prayer.'

"Eddie Furlong looks great as the Crow...David Boreanaz is an amazing villian...Tara Reid looks gorgeous. The trailer is atmospheric, brutal, action packed, emotional, an

League OF Extraordinary Gentlemen Cover Art by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(September 11, 2003)
Twentieth Century Fox have released detailed images of the December releases of 'The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen'...

'Hulk' 3-Disc DVD for Region 4? by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(September 11, 2003)
Universal will be releasing a special 3 disc ultra-limited edition of summer blockbuster The Hulk this November 5th complete with exclusive prints and comics...

'Superman': What the? Rumors fly! by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(September 11, 2003)
Are McG, J.J. Abrams and Jon Peters exiting 'Superman'? Does Warner Bros. have a new writer/director waiting in the wings to get this project on track? What does Mark Millar know about all this? Superman-v.com gives its analysis of recent rumors...

Christian Bale is 'Batman!' by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(September 11, 2003)
Finally, we know who will assume the next incarnation of the Dark Knight: Christian Bale has won the role and will star as the caped crime fighter in the next BATMAN movie. Filming is slated to commence in early 2004. More...


SPOILER Actor Revealed to Play Perry White in Smallville?
(September 11, 2003)
And the Chief is....

Comicscape - September 10, 2003 by TONY WHITT, Columnist
(September 10, 2003)

Creating Scars in Photoshop by dperceful
(September 10, 2003)
dperceful demonstrates the easy way to create scars digitally.

'Spider-Man 2' with 'Return of the King?'
(September 10, 2003)
After reporting that the teaser trailer for 'Spider-Man 2' may run with the upcoming 'The Missing' and later that it could be attached to 'Radio,' Superhero Hype now says they've "received solid word" that the new Spidey clip "might" run with New Line's 'T

'Man-Thing' details less murky by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(September 10, 2003)
After a lean patch, Hollywood is returning to Sydney. Man Thing, the latest film based on a Marvel Comics character, is shooting in Sydney, including some scenes at the new Serenity Cove Studios at Kurnell, while the sequel to The Mask, Son of the Mask, is

Hulk DVD: Ground-Breaking Industry First
(September 10, 2003)
Containing a Ground-Breaking Industry First! Watch 'The Hulk' and Play the Xbox(R) Video Game Demo on the Same DVD. Rampaging to DVD and VHS October 28, 2003. 'Two Thumbs Up' - Ebert & Roeper

Blade: Trinity Vampire Nemesis
(September 09, 2003)
Dominic Purcell ('Mission: Impossible II') will play Wesley Snipes' vampire nemesis in New Line Cinema's Blade: Trinity. Purcell is the latest addition to a cast that includes Kris Kristofferson, Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds.

'X2: X-Men United' DVD Menus
(September 09, 2003)
DVDAnswers has an early look at the menu system for the much-anticipated 'X2: X-Men United' DVD.

'L'Aventurier' cancelled?
(September 09, 2003)
French director Christophe Gans has spent the last few months developing the Bob Morane comic adaptation "The Adventurer" with Vincent Cassel in the lead. However last week it was confirmed that the project has been cancelled...

'Madman' not a priority for Rodriguez
(September 09, 2003)
Although the author of the article couldn't be bothered to fact check the name of the comic in question, Zap2it reports that Robert Rodriguez is still looking to do the movie version of Mike Allred's 'Madman.'

"'Madmen' [SIC] is a really funny com

X-Men: Evolution & Jeremiah news
(September 09, 2003)
"Sins of the Son," a new episode of X-Men: Evolution, will air on Saturday, Sept. 20 on Kids' WB!.

Showtime will air the pilot episode of Jeremiah on Friday, Oct. 10 at 8:30 p.m. before launching the second season at 10 p.m.

'Bulletproof Monk' DVD in stores today by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(September 09, 2003)
The tremendous charisma of Chow Yun-fat anchors this entertaining comic-book romp. 'Bulletproof Monk' centers around a monk with no name dedica

Fiery 'Punisher' Scene on the Brandon Parkway!
(September 09, 2003)
Article from a Tampa newspaper that talks about filming for The Punisher that is about to take place on the unfinished Brandon Parkway. The article includes scene spoilers, so read it at your own risk!

Scouting locations for new 'Superman' movie
(September 09, 2003)
Superman-V.com has posted what is purported to be some shots from an official scouting trip in Washington, with images of possible Smallville locations for the new 'Superman' movie.

'Constantine' for Rossdale, Hounsou
(September 08, 2003)
Gavin Rossdale and Djimon Hounsou are poised to join Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Constantine' for helmer Francis Lawrence. Based on an adaptation of the DC-Vertigo comic book 'Hellblazer,' the film is toplined by Keanu Reeves along with Rachel Weisz and Tilda

Revised Artwork for the X-Men Collection DVD
(September 08, 2003)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment have just sent over some revised artwork for the region one release of the X-Men Collection which features the two disc releases of X-Men and the hit sequel X-Men 2. More...

5 Screencaps from the Doc Ock Comic-Con footage
(September 08, 2003)