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Lair of the Beasts: An Ancient Wild-Man by Nick Redfern, Author
(June 27, 2009)
Last weekend, I gave a lecture at the annual Haunted America conference in Decatur, Illinois, on the controversial subject of the blood-sucking, vampire-like Chupacabra of the island of Puerto Rico.

Column: The Lighter Side of Bigfoot by Nick Redfern
(June 20, 2009)
Back in the latter part of 2004, I gave a lecture on my monster-hunting pursuits at the annual conference of the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy – a highly-motivated group dedicated to solving the long-time mystery of the hairy man-beast known as Sasq

Born to be Wild by Nick Redfern
(June 13, 2009)
For literally centuries tales have circulated concerning children brought up in the wild by animals such as wolves, apes and even sheep.

The Texas Ghost-Dog by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(June 06, 2009)
Dark tales of the ghostly black dogs - or hell-hounds - of old England can be found in abundance in many ancient towns and villages all across the nation.

The Doctor's Menagerie by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(May 30, 2009)
Sometimes, as a cryptozoologist, I find myself chasing not unknown animals, such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, but wholly normal animals – but ones seen in distinctly out-of-place environments.

Flying Monsters by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(May 23, 2009)
There can be few people reading this who have not at least heard of the legendary Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, who so terrorized the town and the surrounding area between November 1966 and December 1967, and whose diabolical exploits were chro

Flaming Monsters! by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(May 16, 2009)
You will recall that in last weekend’s Lair of the Beasts I introduced you to the dragon-hunting world of British crypto-zoologist, Richard Freeman. And, here’s part-two:

Enter the Dragon-Hunter by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(May 02, 2009)
Four teenage boys are brutally dragged to their deaths by a reptilian monster that emerges from a dark, fog-bound sea off the coast of Florida.

Bigfoot Fundamentalists by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(April 25, 2009)
Well, last week’s Lair of the Beasts column provoked a response quite unlike any other thus far. If you are a regular reader of my posts, you’ll know that my most recent contribution to the mania.com website was on the subject of links between Bigfoot

A Paranormal Bigfoot by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(April 04, 2009)
Laura was thirty-six, lived in Rochester, New York, and was employed by the Post Office when I interviewed her in 2007. She related to me the details of a distinctly odd and unsettling series of occurrences that took place back in mid-1985.

Creatures on the Loose by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(March 28, 2009)
Although the subject of cryptozoology is predominantly one focused upon the search for unknown animals, and those beasts that science tells us cannot exist – such as Bigfoot, the Yeti, the Chupacabras, Ogopogo, and the Loch Ness Monster – the subject a

Creatures of the Past by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(March 21, 2009)
One of the questions occasionally asked of me by those people who are distinctly skeptical of the idea that real-life, flesh-and-blood monsters could really be among us is: “Well, if these creatures do exist, then why have we only been hearing about them

Something Lurks in the Woods by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(March 14, 2009)
Barely a day goes by without me being on the receiving-end of at least one story of distinctly monstrous proportions – and many of which seem to focus upon werewolves, interestingly. A perfect example is the story of Solomon, who claimed a decades-old en

The Sky-Monster by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(March 07, 2009)
In early November 2006, I was lecturing in Las Vegas and spoke with a man named James who had a fascinating, and controversial, story to relate.

Super-Serpents by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(February 28, 2009)
The huge and picturesque Cannock Chase has been an integral feature of the Staffordshire landscape for generations. Following an initial invasion of Britain in A.D. 43, Roman forces advanced to the south to what is now the town of Cannock, and along a rout

Monsters Down Under by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(February 21, 2009)
For most people, even just the briefest mention of monsters and mysterious creatures inevitably conjures up stark and surreal imagery of such famous beasts as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Ogopogo, the Abominable Snowman, sea-serpent, and the infamous, v

Mimicking Monsters by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(February 14, 2009)
Over the course of the last half-a-decade, I have been on several expeditions to the island of Puerto Rico in search of one of the world’s most infamous monsters: the blood-sucking Chupacabras.

The Hexham Horrors Part 2 by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(February 07, 2009)
Following on from part-one of last week, here’s the second- and final-part of my look back at one of the strangest monster-based stories of all time, that of the eerie Hexham Heads: carved faces of stone that seemed to have the uncanny ability to manifes

The Hexham Horrors by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(January 31, 2009)
This week’s Lair of the Beasts is a little different: it’s a two-part tale, the second and concluding installment of which will appear right here next week. On December 10, 1904, a startling story appeared in the pages of the English newspaper.

Coming of the Goat-Man by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(January 24, 2009)
Since moving to the United States from jolly old England in the summer of 2001, I can most definitely say that I’ve lived in some unusual places. But without doubt the strangest of all was White Rock Lake, Dallas. A picturesque, large body of water, t

A Monstrous Book by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(January 17, 2009)
Definitively magical, highly informative, massively monstrous and truly engaging, A Wizard's Bestiary is one of those classic books that is best read and digested late at night, when the wind howls, when the moon is full, and when the creatures of the nigh

Monsters of the Dark Waters by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(January 10, 2009)
According to someone identifying himself only by the surname of Sykes, while serving in the British Police Force (service that, he said, began in 1977 and ended in 1988), he heard two tales from colleagues of giant eels seen in the winding canals that run

A Menagerie of Monsters by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(January 03, 2009)

Beware of the Black Dog by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(December 20, 2008)

The Creature of the Woods by Nick Redfern, Columnist
(December 06, 2008)