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Mania Giveaway: Star Trek Scene It? by Robert T. Trate, Columnist
(April 03, 2009)
The good people at Screen Life Games have given Mania a copy of their new Star Trek Scene It? to give away. As with most of the contests here on Mania we want a little something out of you. Most of us, if not all of us, have been to a Comic Book Convention

New Games VS. Used Games by Nadia Oxford, Columnist
(February 20, 2009)
The mention of buying used games versus new fires up tempers and warms over the long-running debate about profits and ownership. But unlike arguments over systems and the superiority of one game over another, the lines are drawn pretty clearly in the debat

Ghostbusters Toys Premiere at NYCC by Robert T. Trate, Columnist
(February 09, 2009)
Mattel made a debut at the New York Comic Con where, surprisingly, most toy distributors were absent. With the International Toy Fair right around the corner Mattel broke tradition and debuted their new Ghostbusters line to avid fans.

Does The End of EGM Spell Doom for Game Magazines? by Nadia Oxford, Columnist
(January 30, 2009)
Before 2009 had aged a week, game-related message boards and news sites were ablaze with an announcement that jarred gamers out of their post-holiday hibernation: the 1UP Network had been sold to Hearst Media, and long-running game magazine Electronic Gami

Toy Manic: G.I. Joes Flint in Cobra Disguise Review by Robert T. Trate, Columnist
(January 23, 2009)
G.I. Joe the Rise of Cobra is still months away, August, to be precise. But if you have noticed, as I have the G.I. Joe toy rack is growing bigger and bigger, as if the mid to late eighties have returned. Star Wars products and action figures are becoming

Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2009 by Josh Gordon, Columnist
(January 16, 2009)
If ’07 and ’08 weren’t high enough watermarks in video gaming 2009 looks to be bringing it’s own game, so to speak. Sure, we’re looking forward to Final Fantasy’s first outing on an X-Box but, frankly, the list below are the stuff my dreams are

The Eight Must-Download Games of 2008 by Nadia Oxford, Columnist
(December 26, 2008)

MANIA FIRST LOOK- Are You Xbox Experienced? by Josh Gordon, Columnist
(November 19, 2008)

Toy Maniac: Secrets Revealed About SDCC Exclusives by Robert T. Trate, Columnist
(November 13, 2008)

The Manic Maniac: Why Do Video Game Movies Inherently Suck? by Joe Crosby, Columnist
(October 17, 2008)

Toy Maniac: Hasbro SDCC Releases by Robert T. Trate, Columnist
(August 07, 2008)

Toy Maniac: Marvel Legends Action Figures Q&A by Robert T. Trate, Columnist
(July 10, 2008)

Top Seven Reasons Hardcore Gamers Don't Matter Anymore by Damon Brown, Columnist
(May 27, 2008)

Top 6 Reasons 2008 Could be the Year of PS3 by Josh Gordon, Columnist
(January 15, 2008)

Nintendo Revolution by Matt Kamen, Columnist
(June 22, 2007)

A Place by Damon Brown, Columnist
(May 02, 2007)

Bloodsport by Damon Brown, Columnist
(April 05, 2007)

The Black Box by Damon Brown, Columnist
(March 27, 2007)

Between The Lines by Damon Brown, Columnist
(March 16, 2007)

License To Ill by Damon Brown, Columnist
(February 20, 2007)

Remember The Time by Damon Brown, Columnist
(February 08, 2007)

The Show by Damon Brown, Columnist
(January 23, 2007)

Wii’re Not Ready by Damon Brown, Columnist
(January 09, 2007)

Batteries Not Included by Carlos Mejia, Columnist
(January 08, 2007)

We All Deserve Justice by Carlos Mejia, Columnist
(January 01, 2007)