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Argument For Online Games

Why not give them a try?

By Troy Roberts     August 22, 2003

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As popular as online games are today, there are still a lot of people out there who turn their nose up at the thought of paying a monthly charge in addition to having had pay for the game itself. I mean, it's your game, you own it so why do you have to keep paying for the service? And you're already paying for the internet connection, so what's with the extra charges?

There are really two sides of this argument, neither of which is wrong. While you may have a ton arguing that online play should be free, you also have the other people who have no problem paying the 10-15 bucks a month to play online. Are these people just made of money? No, but instead of buying a new game every three months, they're content to play their online game, which in all likelihood will have numerous updates throughout the three months, adding multiple gameplay features to the game.

My viewpoint is that it is okay for online games to have additional charges. Heck, I mean you're not paying to play alone, you're paying to play with thousands of other people online, on servers that need to be monitored at all times. A lot of people question why some services cost money and some don't (like Blizzard's service). Well, for one, isn't supporting thousands of players on the same server in real time. On, there are thousands of different games going, but the outcome of one doesn't affect the other.

Now, I'll admit, I used to be someone who would never pay for an online game. I mean, I did play EVERQUEST and DARK AGE OF CAMELOT, but only because of the free months that were supplied to me. After those ended, I immediately cancelled the service. But since STAR WARS GALAXIES, it's another story.

So here's the question this week: Where do you stand on paying monthly charges for online games? Are you for it or against it, and why? Let us know by shooting an e-mail to


THQ's SPHINX AND THE CURSED MUMMY and WAREHAMMER 40,000: FIRE WARRIOR have both been pushed F-ZERO anime series will soon debut in Japan...Bandai has announced that they are developing a new game based on the EVANGELION anime series...Nintendo is releasing two new Game Boy Advance SP colors in Japan, pearl pink and pearl blue, coming out next month...



This is a tough one this week. We've got SOUL CALIBUR II coming out for the PS2, Xbox and GameCube, F-ZERO GX for the GameCube, and TRON 2.0 for the PC. Heck, F-ZERO GX would normally get it, but since a lot of people might now own a GameCube, I'll give the nod to SOUL CALIBUR II. The game should be awesome.

Lastly, our friends at the Halfway to Hollywood Film Festival are gearing up for their annual gathering in September, and they'd love for you to pay them a visit this year. Listen up:

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