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Arkansas! (or) We're Here Too, You Know

6/12/2008 6:00:27 PM permalink

This is going to be more of a rant than dealing with movies and such, although it does involve my career in such matters.

Hollywood is hard to break into. This is an accepted fact, no matter how talented (or untalented) a person is. And all the contradictions for Hollywood apply: agents are looking for fresh new talent, yet they're afraid of new talent. Hollywood looks to outside of Hollywood, yet how many people from outside of Hollywood are really working there?

This entry deals with the second one. I've read countless screenwriting books, and they've all had something to say about "outside talent."

Now I could be making all this up, but I'd like to get others opinions on this matter.

I have a theory that, by living in Arkansas, I'm more likely to be ignored when the agents read my letters (that is, if they even do.)

Over the last few years of promotion, my letters have gotten sharper (though I hate writing them) and, oddly enough, the responses to said letters have gotten smaller and smaller. The letters are not the problem, as they are finely crafted and I spend countless hours just making sure they're right because they are the keys which could unlock the doors.

The letters have to be perfect.

But there may be a chink in that armor, and it's the bit that reads Arkansas. Folks in Oklahoma may also be a victim of this same thing, I don't know though.

When I think of Arkansas, I think of the local dumb asses, of course, but I also think mostly of the scenery and the fact that this is home. My own personal version of The Shire, is how I've described it, complete with Rivendell in my own backyard. Literally.

That is the natural landscape. It has been my home for nearly 31 years. And, when I finally saw a DirecTV broadcast for the very first time in the late 90's, I was no longer the bumpkin some might think I was.

Even before then I could read, I could write, I would wear shoes and not talk with a southern accent. I also wouldn't go around quoting Jeff Foxworthy as if he was some prophet.

But the state may be holding me back when it comes to agents in Hollywood. It also may not be. I can't prove anything here, but I can gather this much: agents aren't looking my way to find something fresh or new, and Hollywood is just as isolated as some might think we bumpkins are.
There's got to be some middle ground out there somewhere.

So I ask you, fellow maniacs, when you think of Arkansas, do you think of hillbillies and moonshine? Or do you think there are those amongst the restless hill living natives who are actually capable citizens living in the 21'st century?


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