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Arnold Talks About King Conan

By Rob M. Worley     January 29, 2002

Cinescaperecently caught up with Arnold Schwarzenegger who talked about his upcomingprojects like Terminator 3 and King Conan. The movieis set to be written and directed by John Milius, who was responsible for theoriginal. Larry and Andy Wachowski, the minds behind TheMatrix, are on board as creative partners.

The actorreports that work is proceeding on the barbarian sequel. "I just had a cigar with John Milius the otherday," said Schwarzenegger. "He's re-writing as we speak because he had written it; it was 168-page script and then the Wachowski brothers told him that the script would take too much time. It would be a three and a half hour movie and he should cut it down to 120-pages and take certain things out. Sothat's what he's doing right now. But as you know with John things take time.He's not the quickest guy in town. He smokes a stogie and then he writes a page and then he smokes anotherstogie."


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