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krathwardroid 10/6/2010 1:16:02 PM

cyer0nin: Superman always tells the truth... I know he says this often, as do the people who know him, but does it ever occur to anyone that he lies about being Superman when he's Clark Kent? Whenever someone asks him about it he dismisses it as ridiculous. Tell me Superman doesn't lie. What rubbish. LOL!

hanso 10/6/2010 1:16:53 PM

I'd like to see an Aronofsky Wolverine film that wasn't made by Fox so for now I'd rather Aronofsky take his talents to WB and do Tales From The Gangster Squad than for him to waste it on Fox's Wolverine.


hanso 10/6/2010 1:18:04 PM

 I would also like for my comments to show up when I post them but that's for another topic.

SarcasticCaveman 10/6/2010 1:47:42 PM

On Emma Stone...the first Mania article that mentioned her as a possible Gwen Stacy said that most people would know her from "Zombieland" again, she's of "Zombieland" and "Easy A" fame...I don't know about everybody else, but when I saw "Zombieland", I thought "Hey, the chick from 'Superbad'!"  Has nobody at Mania seen Superbad?  I like it even more than "Zombieland."

Calibur454 10/6/2010 3:34:14 PM

@lancedeneire- I am aware of the other weaknesses but it is difficult to put those types of weaknesses into decent story ideas

isgrimner 10/6/2010 4:11:49 PM

I agree with Iracors, Wolverine does not need any other hero/villian cameos in his film.  He's bad assed enough to carry it by himself.  All that casting scared me before the movie and then when it came out my fears turned out to be legit.  Too many crappy characters on the side. 

As for Aronofsky, had to look up his filmography.  I liked the Wrestler. I haven't seen Black Swan.  Can't really remember how I felt about The Fountain, I know I watched it though.  Same with Requim For a Dream.    I do recall that Requim for a Dream featured an awesome song, Lux Aeterna, YouTube it!  I'd be happy with him just based on his work on The Wrestler.   Though, I would have to agree with other's concerns about the bigger issue threatening what should be an awesome Wolverine movie being the studio, FOX. 

Superman, well he doesn't play in the ballpark of the troubled anti-hero like Wolvie and Bats so they shouldn't try to force the character in that direction.  Let him play to his strengths.  Granted I don't like Superman as much as Wolvie or Bats, but I would like a movie trying to make peeps try and "identify" with him even less.  Just let him be the character he is. 

I'm down with Emma Stone.

death4sale 10/6/2010 4:29:58 PM

I hate Superbad, so when I first saw Emma Stone in Zombieland...I said, "Hey, it's that chick from that short-lived series DRIVE that also starred Nathan Fillion!" I'm kind of weird. I didn't think they would screw this up. I definitely thought she would've been better as MJ. I don't think she's gonna look as cute as a blonde. Her red hair and her eyes go together beautifully.

And Aronofsky could rock Wolverine 2. And if the studio interferes too much, he is the type of director that would walk which is something I respect. He doesn't just whore himself out. When he made the Wrestler, the studio wanted Nic Cage to be the star. Aronofsky said he could do it on a lower budget if they let him have Mickey Rourke. He is a great director, but his movies I guess aren't for everyone considering he's very experimental. The Wrestler is his most commercially marketable film. The Fountain was nothing but an experiment. I love Requiem For a's my 2nd favorite film of all time. And Pi is a weird experimental sci-fi film, but it is great as well. I'll be glad to have him on this film. The only film I know of that Gavin Hood had directed was a film called Tsotsi. Supposed to be a really good film.

wessmith1966 10/6/2010 5:51:41 PM

I agree with the comments about the seeming angst WB and Nolan have with the Superman character. One of the many great things about the character is that he is a bright and shining symbol for everything noble in the world. What is so wrong or dated about that? We don't need another dark super hero movie! A Superman movie is the perfect opportunity to do a positive movie; an (no pun intended) uplifting movie. A movie about Clark Kent traveling the world...blah, blah, blah. Why waste screen time on that rubbish? The movie should be about him being Big Blue! That's what we all want to see; that was one chief complaint against Singer's SR. Lord love a duck Nolan, it really isn't brain surgery! How in the hell can you struggle with a Superman story worthy to bring to the big screen. There's only been thousands of them! You don't need to set up any back story. The whole freaking world knows who Superman is. Jump right in with both feet. Start out the movie with Superman performing some might feats to get the audience into the story. The beginning could be effective if it was on a similar vein as The Incredible Hulk. Tell a little of Superman's story in the opening credits.

almostunbiased 10/6/2010 7:03:12 PM

Good actress, but Stone is no Gwen.

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