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  • Episode: Blind Spot (Season 2, Episode 11)
  • Starring: Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Willa Holland, Colton Haynes
  • Written By: Wendy Mericle & Beth Schwartz
  • Directed By: Glen Winter
  • Network: The CW
  • Studio: Warner Brothers, DC Comics
  • Series:

Arrow: Blind Spot Review

The Second Season Resumes

By Tim Janson     January 23, 2014

Deathstroke on Arrow
© Warner Bros.
Well after so many fans commented on Katie Cassidy’s unhealthy appearance in recent weeks, “Blind Spot” begins by showing us that Laurel Lance has become addicted to prescription pills that she has stolen from her father.  So do we chalk this all up to clever writing, talented acting, and a good makeup person?  Green Arrow is continuing his crusade to track down the man in the skull mask, still unaware that it is Sebastian Blood.  However he takes a break from his quest when Laurel asks him to help her investigate Blood.  Last week Blood’s aunt who is locked away in an asylum, revealed to Laurel that she is actually his mother and he had her forcibly committed when he murdered his father.  Discovering Laurel’s visit, Blood kills his mother although the hospital terms the death as being from natural causes.

Laurel and Oliver break into the city archives to obtain sealed records which will prove the woman was Blood’s mother but Slade Wilson beats them to the punch and has the records removed.  In other developments, Roy Harper decides to use his new found power obtained from the Mirakuru drug to become a vigilante himself and enlists Sin’s aid to catch a man preying on local prostitutes but the drug causes him to fly into a rage and he nearly beats the man to death.  Blood uses his influence to have the cops raid Laurel’s apartment and arrest her for possession of the stolen pills.

Not a bad episode but certainly the weakest once of the last handful with just far too many plot holes and contrivances.  I’m not sure what is stored in the Starling City Archives but I can only assume it may have been the Crown Jewels considering an entire SWAT team showed up when security reported the break-in.  And after finding the file Laurel and Oliver escape only to open it up… a plain old manila folder…only to find it empty!  Nice going Laurel…

The sub-plot involving Roy and Sin was also weak.  Sin poses as a prostitute and the first car that picks her up and just happens to be the guy they are after.  The man drives her to an underground parking garage where Roy attacks him.  But how did Roy know where to find them?  Does he also have super speed and was able to keep up with the man’s car? It was way overblown. They could have achieved the same end by simply having him beat-up some thug on the street.  There was also little added this week with the flashbacks as nothing happened that forwarded the rest of the story.

On the plus side we did get the first appearance of Slade Wilson as Deathstroke in a very cool looking variation of his costume from the comics.  Manu Bennett nailed Wilson’s ruthlessness perfectly and this is going to be one seriously scary dude for Green Arrow to deal with down the line.  I’m not crazy about Roy Harper having super powers since the comic book version does not but I suspect that the producers don’t want to make him a junior version of the Arrow so are giving him powers to make him to make him different.  I would also guess that eventually he will lose the powers.

While Blind Spot might not have been as good as the past few episodes it was still solid.  Given the choice I think you’d rather see the writers over-do things than under-do them.  

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almostunbiased 1/24/2014 4:32:03 AM

Can't wait till season 2 is on netflix

Iridan 1/24/2014 4:33:45 AM

I've got to pretty much agree with your review. Not much going on other than advancing some of the story lines. That being said, a rather mediocre episode of Arrow is way better than just about anything else on TV, IMO.

And Laurel's father did mention that she looks like hell, so it does appear that they are addressing this and her appearance is part of the story line.

BunyonSnipe 1/24/2014 7:17:22 AM

This version of Roy is almost completely untrained, so the superpowers will aid that...

Also it means he will need to be trained to keep them under control.

JDK008 1/24/2014 7:42:29 AM

I liked this episode.  I'm in agreement in regards to the SWAT team responding to a B&E.  Where are the Supernatural reviews??? Haven's seen one since before the winter hiatus.

millean 1/24/2014 8:42:48 AM

The SWAT team respond to a B&E, and then you have police show up at Laurel's apartment with a search warrant and ransack the place all over suspected illegal possession of some Rx drugs?  Seems like overkill to me.  (And Laurel, the assisstant DA doesn't challenge the warrant).

I had wondered about Roy's convienent appearance in the garage, but assumed that he must have followed them in a car.  They would have had to have some kind of plan for him to track them, wherever they went.

Finally, Oliver knows that something suspicious went down with Blood's father's murder way back when.  Yet when the guy in the mask is revealed to be the cop and not Sebastian Blood, Ollie of course thinks Laurel is on crack (granted, that's not far off the mark) and therefore clears Blood in his mind of any wrongdoing in the history of the world.

OK, those points aside, it still wasn't a horrible episode.  Just not one of the best.  Great to see the Deathstroke costume.

millean 1/24/2014 8:44:26 AM

By the way, mania filters the word "PRE-SCRIPT-ION" from posts because obviously the only people who use that word are SPAMMERS...  :)

javaone 1/24/2014 4:55:33 PM

The story was 'meh'. Deathstroke looked badass.

Moz72 1/24/2014 9:56:34 PM

Manu Bennet as Slade Wilson...superb casting! Deathstroke taking out Blood's men to punish Sebastian...PRICELESS!!

GreatOne 1/26/2014 10:48:46 AM

The show continues to fall flat on its face when depicting law enforcement officials/procedures, to-wit:

1)  A search warrant cannot be obtained unless a law enforcement officer alleges facts constituting probable cause that a crime was committed.  Since Laurel was stealing only her dad's drugs, what evidence would there be to show she illegally possessed drugs?

2)  Even if such probable cause existed, since she's a user and not a dealer, no search warrant would ever be issued.  And the D.A.'s office most likely has a employee policy placing a druggie into rehab first (any H.R. person would tell you it's near impossible to fire an employee with a drug/alcohol problem when first discovered, even if charged with a possession crime).

3)  I'll give them a pass on the SWAT team entrance, as they most likely were called when Green Arrow was spotted.  However, they did get there awfully fast.  SWAT teams do not get sent out on calls; they don't wait around like firemen for a call to come in. 

4)  While it looked cool when Deathstroke took out Blood's aides, how are their deaths going to be explained to their families/the public?  Doubt he's dumping four bodies and then saying, "Gee, don't know where they went."

5)  Since Roy Harper beats the rapist/murdered nearly to death, how is a criminal conviction supposed to occur?  Sin (who looks like one of those crappy sidekicks that'd pop up on Smallville) has no credibility to claim the guy was going to attack her; he'll say he thought he was being robbed and pulled it out to defend himself.  Nice of Sin and Roy to stick around at the hospital, where the guy will be sure to identify him when he wakes up. 

On a side note, not too sure I like Deathstroke's hockey mask.  Much prefer the cloth one worn on the island.

mikemc2 1/27/2014 3:58:54 AM

 Disagree with the review.  Paragraph 2 pretty much answered all your issues in the next paragraph.

1.  I’m not sure what is stored in the Starling City Archives but I can only assume it may have been the Crown Jewels considering an entire SWAT team showed up when security reported the break-in.

Answer: As you stated in the previous paragraph..Blood uses his influence to have the cops raid Laurel’s apartment.  Who's to say he hadn't setup another trap in case somebody broke into the city archives.

2. Sin poses as a prostitute and the first car that picks her up and just happens to be the guy they are after. The man drives her to an underground parking garage where Roy attacks him. But how did Roy know where to find them?

Answer: They were setting this guy up.  Sin had the man stop at a particular spotc cause that was where Roy was supposed to be.

My ONLY issue this season is with Sara Lance, entire 1st season spelled out that she was dead and Oliver also thought she was dead (from the boat sinking) and had a big reveal moment when he realized she wasn't and was (Black) Canery.  Now season 2 is showing that Oliver knew she wasn't dead cause she was on the island with him contradicting the premise from the 1st season that Oliver felt guilty cause she had died on the boat.  And making his suprise when finding out she wasn't dead not make any sense.

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