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  • Episode: City of Blood (Season 2, Episode 21)
  • Starring: Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Willa Holland, Colton Haynes, Caity Lotz, Manu Bennett
  • Written By: Holly Harold
  • Directed By: Michael Schultz
  • Network: The CW
  • Studio: Warner Brothers, DC Comics
  • Series:

Arrow: City of Blood Review

Deathstroke’s Army

By Tim Janson     May 01, 2014

Arrow: City of Blood Review
© The CW/ Warner Bros.
Ollie was limping!  I am so happy!  I mentioned last week that I hoped the writers did not just forget about the serious knee injury that he suffered as if it never happened.  When we see Oliver for the first time he is still walking with a heavy limp…of course he was moving pretty well by the end of the episode but there’s still something to be said for continuity.  

The funeral for Moira Queen kicks off this week’s episode and Oliver is noticeably absent and hasn’t been seen in several days.  When Diggle and Felicity are unable to locate him, they turn to Amanda Waller to help track him down.  Waller discovers that Oliver is at his secret hideout…his OTHER secret hideout that none of his other companions knew about. Diggle and Felicity find Oliver a broken man, completely defeated after the murder of his mother by Deathstroke.  Oliver knows it won’t end until he is dead and is resigned to die at his enemy’s hands.  

It is Laurel who brings Oliver back from the brink, revealing that Slade Wilson told her that Oliver was The Arrow.  Laurel discovers proof that Sebastian Blood knew about Moira’s murder before it happened and won the Mayor’s race by default.  Oliver finds a new reason to carry on and has a tense meeting with Blood.  But Blood is the least of Oliver’s worries.  Deathstroke has created an army of Mirakuru enhanced soldiers; all costumed exactly like him including Isabel Rochev.  He intends to release his army of henchman on Starling City and has several of them placed in strategic locations such as the train station and police department.  Oliver and Diggle attempt to blow up the underground structure where the men are gathered but the plan backfires and Oliver gets caught in a battle with one of the thugs. barely escaping as the army begins to march on the city.

It might be wishful thinking on my part but with dozens of superhuman thugs set loose on the city can there be any question that Oliver needs help?  Is this why Sara left?  At the end of the episode Felicity receives a call from S.T.A.R. labs but we don’t know why.  Did they call because they discovered a cure for the Mirakuru drug?  Or did they call because Barry Allen woke up from his coma?  I am hoping that this isn’t going to be a quick fix, mass cure that they are able to use against Deathstroke’s army but I would guess that is the most likely outcome.  Despite her appearance this week this doesn’t look like a job for Waller and the Suicide Squad.

Laurel’s turnaround from depressed drunk to crusading attorney took place a bit too fast but I like what she has evolved into.  She even gets involved physically when Oliver is being beaten by one of the thugs.  I just hope they don’t go too far and turn her into a costumed hero as well.  She’s a valuable asset in her position with the District Attorney’s office and that’s the best place for her.  Stephen Amell continues to grow into his role as both Oliver Queen and the Arrow.  I believed he was ready to sacrifice himself and it was one of the series’ most emotionally powerful scenes thus far.  

And let’s not forget Manu Bennett and Kevin Alejandro.  They have been standout as the season’s villains.  They are not just villains because they do bad things but these are two genuinely evil and despicable men that you can love to hate.  Arrow is steamrolling towards its season finale!


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BunyonSnipe 5/2/2014 4:15:40 AM

The big question on my mind is...
Are we going to get our first appearance of Barry Allen as The Flash or will that have to wait until The first episode of the the spin off show...

Personally I would love to see him in costume turn up at the last minute to help out, and the the first episode will a flashback to the accident and him coming out of the coma...

KrazyHorse 5/2/2014 4:17:15 AM

 Hoping Sara arrives with the League of Assassins and Flash shows up with a cure.

Iridan 5/2/2014 4:23:17 AM

Great episode. Not as much action as on some, but it had good, intense drama. Amell, once again, is great, and should be a big time future star. Looking forward to the last two episodes.

BarbedArrowGames 5/2/2014 6:38:01 AM

Agree with BunyonSnipe, that I'd love to see Barry show up, but that's just because I don't want to wait for the Flash show to start. If Barry shows up to help, that will be too convenient, all this build up, and Barry just runs around and deals with the problem. The lack of any real super powers on this show makes for a level of intensity that would be ruined if Barry came running through at Mach 3. Of course, as he would have just woken up they could make it doable as long as Barry had no idea what he could do or how fast he could move. Either way, Im sure we are in for a hell of a season finale for TV's best show, yeah I'm looking at you GoT.

jonniej1017 5/2/2014 8:07:50 AM

Good show. And Yes, i noticed too that Oliver was limping also and thought that was cool.. I also noticed the call that Felicity got from star labs.. Hoping nxt week we would see The flash.. at least in some form... That would be exciting.. All in all, the show is pretty solid week after week and is definetly something i look forward too.. more than any other show right now...

lazarus 5/2/2014 9:16:17 AM

Yeah so here are a couple of things that I would like to point out. First as has been done with so MANY parodies of this so far, if the guys at DC try and bring in a larger universe the question will always be asked. Where the hell were you. Like in TDKR had they included that in the MOS universe it would have been asked. So Gotham gets taken over by terrorist and you can't be bothered to save our city? You suck MOS.

So like on Arrow, of Diggle tell Waller about the upcoming invasion why would the government not respond and be ready accordingly? Seriously? I mean does the military or national guard not exist in this world? It is up to a bunch of costumed vigilantes to handle this invasion?

And they make the cops in this town look more pathetic than in the original Batman series with Adam West. I mean they can't seem to do shit unless he is there to help them. As much as I love the show I would like a little more realism and not convinient writing. Like the eviction notice that is served to Thea. THAT IS COMPLETE GARBAGE. She doesn't even try to fight it? And she would be given more than a couple of days. It is a business, they would not be able to tell the business get out and not give them some notice, usually it is 30 days after getting a court order.

Final question. Why is it this show is the only one where Green Arrow tries to act like Batman so hard? Green Arrow is not about being a melee combatant. He is best suited for range and this version doesn't use enough trick arrows really. I saw him use 2 arrows in a fight, one which was a net anchoring arrow and an explosive one to knock  the guy down.

At least the Smallville version of GA had all sorts of arrows. Acid, rope lines, nets, tazers, and my personal favorite, impact foam that solidifies on contact with air and is nearly industructible.

I hope this show takes it to the next level and starts treating GA more like GA.

CaptAmerica04 5/2/2014 9:47:06 AM

Lazarus makes some really good points. The writers spend SO much of their time on this mini-flashbacks to the island, that they end up having to rush the primary focus/plot of the episode in present day. And after having had his ass kicked by Mirakuru-juiced bad guys on multiple occasions now, including having his leg broken, why does he still insist on trying to engage these roid-monkeys in melee? He should be blasting these fools with all sorts of trick arrows to try to find a way to take them down without getting into brawls that he KNOWS he is outmatched in.

Starling City cops are possibly the most useless fodder and inept law enforcement I have seen in television ever. They are all over the map as to how they treat the vigilante, they never show up to deal with ANYTHING that happens, and they can't even decide on whether they like or hate one of their own: Quentin Lance. Seriously, the writers need to start putting more thought into their environmental cast (aka. all the background people who need to be more than just fodder/victims of convenience to the resident supervillains).

While I love Caity Lotz and can't stand Katie Cassidy's "acting," if we are going to move towards Laurel Lance as the real Black Canary, then I'm glad we're starting to move in that direction already. I don't want to spend the next 4 seasons with her going back and forth between bitchy ex-girlfriend and bitchy drunk. She needs to evolve as a character (she really seems to be the last one-note character in the entire show - even Alex Kingston as Dinah Lance is a deeper character and she's only been on the show as a cameo for 5 episodes!). Hopefully this episode was the first step towards Laurel's character evolving into the superhero she will eventually be.

Thea's eviction also went entirely too fast. I hope that she moves away to Bludhaven, Gotham, Metropolis, or some other DC city so that she can just leave the show. She is a terrible character who, while deeper and better developed than Laurel Lance, has become just a machine for whining and perpetual distraction to Oliver. While the realities of her eviction were compressed for time, I have to say that I was glad to see her get booted out of house and job as a result of her stupid refusal not to sign the trust documents that Oliver and Moira had brought to her a few weeks ago.

Tim, I think you are being too generous with this show, especially compared with how harsh you are with MAoS.  This episode was good, but it was a solid B good.  A- is a little too kind for this episode that was a lot of rushed elements, lacked thorough conceptualizing, and was not fully thought out by the writers.


Eldogg42 5/2/2014 11:26:49 AM

I can't remember the preview for next weeks episode, but to do this right without making Ollie look like an enept vigilante, is to bring in Barry or the Suicide Squad to help take down the Mirakuru Army.  By himself, it just seems too much.  Leaving the season finale for him to take down Slade/Deathstroke by himself.

As for the some of Laz's points: I'm ok with the poor police and law facts.  This is the WB, home of Smallvile.  I spent 9 seasons watching that show, throwing logic into the wind.  So, to say the least, my expectations will always be low for the Arrow. Which is why I like the show so much.

About Ollie's melee fights, if it was just him shooting everyone with arrows with no hand to hand fighting, it would be a very boring show.  Remember, this is the beginning of the Green Arrow, I'm sure as he grows as a hero, he will build up his arsenal of arrows.  It wouldn't make sense that he made an impact foam arrow with no science back ground or access to the Science Division like Bruce Wayne had with Lucious Fox.  Felicity is computer smart, not developmental engineer smart.

javaone 5/2/2014 12:05:04 PM

Loved the episode. I agree with everyone about the acting of Amell, Bennett and Alejandro...they really cranked it up and you can really believe what they're feeling. Can't wait for the next 2 episodes!!!

Iridan 5/2/2014 12:20:17 PM

I, too, would like some stronger writing, but I don't agree with the criticism of the eviction. Queen Consolidated owns the building and it is a business being run there. It is not someone's home. They can close down the business anytime they want.

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