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Arrow: Legacies Review

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  • Episode: Legacies (Season 1, Episode 6)
  • Starring: Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy and Colin Donnell
  • Written By: Greg Berlanti (developer), Marc Guggenheim (developer)
  • Directed By: John Behring
  • Network: The CW
  • Series:

Arrow: Legacies Review

The Royal Flush Gang hits town

By Tim Janson     November 15, 2012

This week’s Arrow begins with the Royal Flush Gang robbing a bank and nearly killing an off-duty cop who happened to be on the scene.  This version of the criminal gang has little to do with its comic book version and the only similarity is that they wear hockey masks painted with a different playing card symbol. 

Oliver is about to go after his latest rich, evil businessman target, surely setting up another mundane episode when, thankfully, John Diggle steps in to save the day.  Diggle wants Oliver to expand his mission to help anyone who needs his help, and not just solely focus on his list of targets.  When OIiver refuses, Diggle resorts to deception to get Oliver to go after the gang.  But unfortunately nothing is ever simple and Oliver discovers that the leader of a gang was a former employee of Oliver’s father who lost his job along with 1500 others when the work was outsourced overseas.  Oliver finds himself torn between trying to help the man but also stopping the gang before anyone else gets hurt.

Meanwhile in flashbacks to the island, Oliver finds himself depressed and suicidal until he has a hallucination of his dead father, imploring him to right his many wrongs.  Walter Steele is completely out of the picture this week as were told he is in Australia so there is no furthering of the sub-plot involving his wife’s secret recovery of the Queen yacht and dealings with the “well-dressed man”.

Diggle is thankfully thinking what we’re all thinking…Enough with the evil businessmen!  Be a hero!  While I am sure were not done with Oliver’s primary goal, hopefully he will start moving more in the direction that Diggle is trying to push him.

Beyond that, a lot of what happened this week seemed forced.  The entire father hallucination came off as contrived.  Oliver tracking down the Royal Flush Gang by taking the impression left by the high school class ring when one of the thugs punched a teller also came off as far too simplistic.  And the soap opera elements raised their ugly heads again as Tommy Merlyn is desperate to win the affections of Laurel Lance who was relegated to a minor role this week.  A disappointment after the last two strong episodes but I guess you can’t win them all. 


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wish 11/15/2012 1:04:36 PM

Hey Tim, maybe you should swap reviewing duties with Chuck and you can take a look at Revolution instead, you clearly aren't into this show and in my opinion you are selling it far too short, it's much better than you make it out to be and yet you consistently give it poor ratings, and yet, Chuck gives Revolution consistently good ratings and it's a far worse show in every respect!!

To other maniacs, this show is far better than these reviews have made it out to be, it's got great action sequences, good dialogue spoken by good actors and a production value that looks far more expensive than it really is, Revolution is everything opposite.  Of course these are all just opinions but I can't just stand by and read these shitty reviews anymore without saying something.  I believe I have a pretty good understanding of decent television and I'm saying this show is a winner.  Maybe it's not the best show on tv right now, but it's way better than Smallville ever got to be and definitely way better than Revolution.

I'd be willing to write the weekly reviews on this if you're just sick of it Tim, and that's exactly what I read in your reviews.  Stop watching if you don't like it.

tjanson 11/15/2012 1:34:11 PM

Wish...really?  I consistently give it Poor reviews?  My reviews for the 6 episodes so far have been B, C , C , B-, A-, C . 

That averages out to a B-.  Since when is a  B- considered a poor grade?  And frankly the comments from our Maniacs have been split across the board between those who really like the show and those who don't and have already stopped watching.  By and large I enjoy it but I'm not going to give it a winking passing grade just because I like it and hope it does well.  Arrow has a lot going for you noted the acting is good.  The action sequences and production are quite good.  But I think the show has lots of room for improvment in the storylines.  But Hey, I certainly respect and appreciate your comments and am glad you are enthusiastic about the show.

10 years ago it might have received better grades but lets face genre shows are pushing the envelope and the bar is higher now than it was then.  The Walking Dead is now the most popular show with men 50 and under and Sons of Anarchy is right there with it...two of my favorite shows I might add.  I realize that Arrow might have more restrictions being on the CW as opposed to a cable network but I think right now the show is playing it a little too safe.

redslayer 11/15/2012 1:39:28 PM

Yeah! Arrow lacks that big POW! WOW! but it is interesting enough so I can come back for more every week.  Lets be honest.  When you examine the rest of the crap on tv this days, you should be glad there is something decent to watch Wednesday night. . . otherwise you should consider gardening and cooking shows for your wednesday night :) 

Just saying

tjanson 11/15/2012 1:43:19 PM

actually Supernatural and American Horror Story are also on Wednesdays...So Wednesdays are one of the best nights of the week along with Sundays with The Walking Dead and Dexter.

hanso 11/15/2012 3:49:14 PM

 That wasnt an hallucination it was the Smoke Monster talking to Ollie.

hanso 11/15/2012 4:05:44 PM

 I've been disappointed with the DC characters they've brought in so far, wish they did more with them.

tjanson 11/15/2012 6:19:49 PM


wish 11/15/2012 8:12:41 PM

Tim: It's not so much the letter grades as it is the tone of your reviews, they come off a little bitey and condescending, and just to clarify, when I said shitty reviews, I only meant as in what you implied, not the review nor the reviewer as you are one of my favorite writers here.  Justified, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Boardwalk empire, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, American Horror Story, Supernatural, The Walking dead, those are all my favorite shows and I would argue they represent the very best of tv so yeah you and I would agree on what is good tv, so that's why I say it kinda reads like you've just been ripping on a show you're not into rather than giving fair criticism to a show that is doing remarkably well in its first half-dozen eps.  Perhaps it is hindered by a primetime softy network, but I think it's actually going pretty dark in spite of the same handcuffs!  Lots of death so far and a fair amount of it courtesy of our anti-hero, the arrow, or hood or........have they named him yet?  I dunno, it's a difference of opinion, that's all, it certainly doesn't mean I'll stop reading your reviews!  I hope it gets better for you.

Hanso:  They signed Seth Gable (Fringe, Mr. Bryce Dallas Howard) to appear as Vertigo, here's hoping they do it right for all of us watching!  He's supposed to be a big-bad in this series.......I think that's how I read it....

tjanson 11/15/2012 9:02:31 PM

Wish...i didn't take it that way but I don't think I've been as harsh as you think.  It's certainly hindered by being on a vanilla network, that's for sure.  But what's funny is Supernatural seems to get away with a lot more than Arrow does or Smallville ever did.  Maybe it's because Supernatural has a later timeslot but they get away with mild profanity (Dick, douchebag) and far more blood and guts and overall violence.  I'm hoping Diggle pushing Oliver to be more proactive in tackling bad guys in general becomes an equal focus.

egoist 11/17/2012 11:18:24 AM

In my opinion if you're gonna do a "superhero" show, let's see some friggin superpowers. GA fights baddies with superpowers all the time. I know it's a Nolanized world, but GA throwing a beatin on superpowered baddies just makes his badassery all the badder. 

The love triangle's got to go too. I know it's the CW, but for the love of.... if Ollie tells Laurel to move on, then mean it for heavens sake. Don't lose the women on this show mind you, Laurel is smokin, Speedy is a honey, and I would even throw a hump toward Oliver's Mom.

Oh and the ring thing was just ridiculous.

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