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lusiphur 11/17/2012 1:40:46 PM

 Was I mistaken or did I see trick arrows in this episode?  When he first encountered the gang in the sewer, he pinned the bags of cash down with some sort of "net arrow".  

KyleRayner 11/22/2012 1:52:16 PM

we had trick arrows in the previous episode, 2 arrows with a chain between them, he pinned down an enemy with that.


That said, Im really enjoying the show, I disagree with the review and I agree with wish, it seems like its purposefuly looking for the bad things, as well as exagerating them and ignoring some of the good stuff. It has great action sequences, good acting and the fact that the characters, specially Diggle, constantly talk about what most people are complaining on boards, seems to me like they are complaining not about inherent flaws of the show, but flaws of the character himself, its not a show with a rich baddy of the week, its a show about a damashed anti-hero obsessed with catching them, so its not part of a bad tv script formula, its part of the actual story and the development they want to show of the character.

I agree, I never liked the hypereality stuff, I want a siren voice Black Canary and all the powers everyone has (lets note that Ollie has no powers in comics). I also hate this "everything happens in the shadows" thing, like in Smallville, up until the last episode and a couple of seconds in the "battle" with Doomsday, everything happened out of the public eye, so I want that gone, I want Ollie facing down a gang or a vilain with a crowd, to me crowds in superhero shows or movies reflect what us viewers are thinking, they are the ones that say "that´s awsome!" when we´r thinking it and that was one of the many flaws Smallville had that I wish this show eventually avoids.

Finally, I think the romance in this show is perfectly fine, i dont think it takes up all that much time, nor is it detrimental to the characters, if anything I think Laurel (as well as Diggle) are the ones actually moving Oliver more in the direction of the comic books Green Arrow, we all know they´ll eventually come together but so far I think he knows he doesnt deserver her and she knows she cant really forgive him for what went on with her sister and frankly I havent seen any of them pinning or fighting or anything. I dont know if people here are comic book fans but romance is very present in everyone of them, the love interests are central to the backdrop of every comic book I´ve read, Lois, Iris, DINAH, Susan, Cassie, etc. have all been very important and prominent in the comics, In fact Im having a hard time thinking about any literary work in the history of man kind were romance is not a prominent subject,   our sexuality (not sex but in the extense of its meaning) is one of the most, if not the most important part of our human experience, so I dont see why its such a big deal, as long as it doesnt interefere with the action and the plot (which so far it hasnt) I dont see why this "soapy" elements are negative. Sure it might be a little more prominent in this show but given the network its on, they´r doing pretty good.

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