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  • Episode: Three Ghosts (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • Starring: Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Willa Holland, Colton Haynes, Grant Gustin
  • Written By: Greg Berlanti (developer), Marc Guggenheim (developer), Greg Berlanti
  • Directed By: John Behring
  • Network: The CW
  • Studio: Warner Brothers, The CW
  • Series:

Arrow: Three Ghosts Review

Part two of the Midseason finale

By Tim Janson     December 12, 2013

Arrow: Three Ghosts Review
© The CW
The second half of the Arrow Season Two Midseason finale continues to build on the foundation set in the first part, paving the way for the in-costume debut of The Flash in his own pilot, and setting up the second half with a major new villain to torment Green Arrow and his allies.

As the first part ended, Oliver was critically injured and injected with a substance that was coagulating his blood.  Felicity and Diggle have no alternative but to reveal Oliver’s identity to Barry Allen, the only one who can save him.  Barry manages to thin Ollie’s blood, reviving him although Oliver is less than thrilled with having his identity exposed to someone he barely knows.  But there’s little time for conflict…Cyrus Gold, the super-powered henchman of Brother Blood, is still on the loose and needs to be stopped.  With the Miracle formula, Blood plans on creating an army of similarly powered villains to help take over the Glades and then the entire city.  

When several cops are killed and Detective Lance is seriously injured by Gold, Oliver is forced to confront the ghosts of his own guilty conscience to overcome the killer and become a true hero.  In the flashback sequences, Slade has apparently died after being injected with the Miracle formula.  Oliver, Shado, and Sara are captured by Ivo and his men and Oliver is forced to choose which of the women will live.  Barry Returns to Central City for the start-up of the particle accelerator but a storm causes things to go awry.  And then…in a moment of pure Silver Age comic book bliss, Barry is struck by a bolt of lightning and thrown into a rack full of chemicals which douse him and leave him unconscious.  Before Barry departed  he left a present for Oliver, a specially designed Domino mask for Oliver to finally complete the Green Arrow costume.  The episode ends by revealing who is behind Sebastian Blood and his ominous warning for Oliver’s future.

I am sure I heard legions of comic book fans cheering when the bolt struck Barry and he was doused with chemicals.  But the scene was not paid homage to the Flash’s original origin but done with a modern twist by using the malfunctioning particle accelerator that gave it more of a true science slant.  The only disappointment is that we will have to the Flash series to see Grant Gustin in costume.  That’s one of the few disappointments I can find this week.  Oliver’s battle with Cyrus Gold was one of the best fights thus far in the series’ history.  Oliver showed that skill and tactics and overcome brute strength.  

The reveal of the “big Boss” wasn’t especially a major surprise although there was a small part of me that thought it might end up being Malcolm Merlyn and I was ecstatic when it wasn’t.  What made the reveal so powerful was the utterly chilling proclamation by the man and how he intends to completely destroy Oliver’s life and everyone he knows before killing him.  Now THAT is a comic book villain!  I am already counting down the days for Arrow’s return!
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duncanvw 12/12/2013 7:21:23 PM

 Amazing episode! I love Deathstroke with a little grey in his beard and Barry's origin had me literally squealing. Can't wait for more !

Daybreak0100 12/12/2013 9:19:49 PM

I had the dumbest smile on my face when I saw Slade. He looks EXACTLY like the comic version!! Aaahhh! 

I had to change my pants when Barry Allen became the Flash.. Seeing that little jolt of energy flow to his head was a cool effect. His little sayings, like when talking to Felicity "that guy will come on TIME..."  So on. Just brilliant. They made me believe that Allen wouldn't become the Flash in a traditional sense, hence the last episode teased what COULD happen, but actually DID happen. 

Solomon Grundy??? Haha well we will definitely get more of that as the rest of the season progresses. 

I am curious about what will happen with Roy.. 

Stiffaz 12/12/2013 11:12:44 PM

One of my favourite shows now. It was a toss up if I should keep watching this about half-way through season 1 but  I'm so glad I stuck with it.

Iridan 12/13/2013 3:37:58 AM

Great episode. I'd give it an A plus. Could have been my favorite of the entire series so far. Can't wait till January.

kinetoscope 12/13/2013 5:39:29 AM

 Great, great, great episode. GA is what most people want SHEILD to be. I was really shocked that they showed the Flash transformation. All of the Flash stuff made me happy. SG that was a great reference joke. This show found it's legs and I can't wait for each new episode.



dojen1 12/13/2013 7:22:59 AM

Again with the pissing on SHIELD... We get it, you don't like SHIELD.

This was a pretty good epi. Glad they are moving focus away from some of the drippier characters from season 1 (Laurel) and stepping back from the nighttime soap opera aspects.

The mask was a welcome addition, and I agree Slade Wilson looks just like his comic book self. How long before he takes on the handle Deathstroke? For that matter, how long before we hear someone actually SAY "Green Arrow"?

Felicity is Smoak-ing hot, still. You see what I did there..?

duncanvw 12/13/2013 7:53:08 AM

I'm very curious to see what they do with Cyrus Gold. I sincerely hope we get Grundy. Threre's too much foreshadowing for that not to happen (died on a Sunday, the chemicals on his face along the lines of the swamp chemicals from the comics, etc).

I'm really learning to love Slade as a villian. My favorite line of the episode was "He's my friend." Not in the past tense, but present tense. That subtle difference made it scarier for some reason. I can't wait for the flashback when we get to see him lose his eye.

I know there's been some criticism, but this version of Barry Allen really appeals to me. In true Bruce/Clark manner, he's the light to Ollie's dark. Putting on a cheesy red and yellow costume woudln't always work on a show like this, but I can easily see Barry doing it since deep down inside he wants to be a SUPER HERO.

I was rocking back and forth during the storm quietly whispering, "Please be hit by lightening, please be hit by lightening, please be hit by lightening..." followed by an all-to-loud "YES!" when it happened. I think the Flash series has real potential.

And as for MAOS, I've been watching and will likely continue to do so. But the critics are right, there's not enough respect paid to Marvel and the source material. Arrow has done that remarkably (and shockingly) well. The mask at the end is the perfect capper to the mid-season finale. I just wish we could finally hear someone call him "Green Arrow." Perhaps when the Flash starts whizzing around Central City, it will usher in a world with super heroes and the name Green Arrow.

BunyonSnipe 12/13/2013 8:14:13 AM

 I really didn't think Slade would lose his eye because Deadshot also has lost that same eye...

was AWESOME to see that I was wrong...

javaone 12/13/2013 10:25:21 AM

I'd give this episode an A !!! I totally geeked out with the lightning strike, as well as when Slade was revealed as the mastermind. Oh, and the whole Solomon Grundy angle! Man, this show just gets better and better...

Also, I know they did this in an earlier episode, but I really want to hear someone else utter the name "Slade" the way Robin always did in Teen Titans. But that's just me. :)

Cimmerian666 12/13/2013 10:40:13 AM

 Best episode yet. All the Flash stuff was great but the Slade reveal at the end was what I've been  waiting for since the beginning. I also like that Ollie seems to be evolving more into the humorous, yet cynical, do-gooder that he is in the comics.

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