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Arthur Needs His Space This Week on The Tick

By Rob M. Worley     December 11, 2001

This weekbrings another new episode of The Tick airing in it's regulartimeslot at 8:30p.m. on Fox. The episode is called "Arthur Needs HisSpace." offers thisdescription of the episode:

"Arthurruns into a girl he went to high school with, Stacy Waxman, and is completelycaught off guard when she makes a date with him. She insists he wear his superhero suit, though, which has Arthur a little unsure of whether she likes him orjust the outfit. Once back at his apartment, however, it becomes quite clearthat she has more on her mind than just his wardrobe -- but trying to find timealone from The Tick is difficult. Meanwhile, Captain Liberty enlists Batmanuel'shelp trying to intercept a shipment of Peek a Boom magazine which features nudepictures of her."

Fans will alsowant to head over to to check outthe video interview with creator Ben Edlund.

Thanks to Digital Prozac and Marion for the lead.


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