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Metal Gear Solid Movie Confirmed

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Metal Gear Solid Movie Confirmed

Can it work?

By Robert T. Trate     August 30, 2012
Source: Total Film

Metal Gear Solid looks set to follow in the footsteps of Tomb Raider, and, Super Mario Bros. and Hitman, in becoming yet another video game to be ported over to the silver screen.

Spider-Man producer Avi Arad appeared at the Metal Gear Solid 25th Anniversary event in Japan and announced that Sony Pictures will be pushing a film version into development, ending long-standing speculation that the game was ripe for adaptation.

"For many years I fought to bring comics to theaters," said Arad during a brief speech on-stage, "and videogames are the comics of today." Given that comic-book movies are still arriving at a rate of knots, we're not sure that the analogy holds water, but you get what he's trying to say.

The Metal Gear Solid series follows the exploits of one Solid Snake, a kind of super-soldier / spy / mercenary figure, charged with taking down a mysterious nuclear-weapon-sporting mecha known as Metal Gear. Needless to say, he's a total badass.

Nobody is yet in place on the directorial or casting front, but expect the usual Hemsworth / Gosling / Hardy / Jackman / Bale rumours to soon begin in earnest. A movie adaptation of a videogame… who'd have thought it? 


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Wiseguy 8/30/2012 7:23:30 AM

I'm not a gamer or anything so I don't know much about this except for the tv commercials which of course make it look badass.

Here's my nomination for the lead....Joe Manganiello. He looks like he can pull that rugged look you expect from a merc

VinJoy 8/30/2012 8:12:25 AM

I am a Metal Gear Solid nut. Get Jon Woo to co-direct with Michael Bay and it can't go wrong! Slo-motion, explosions, epic car chases, epic artsy slo-motion shoot outs, some T.N.A., and Andrew Dice Clay as Solid Snake, OH!

aegrant 8/30/2012 9:37:53 AM

When was the last time John Woo made a good flick? The Hulk?

The Metal Gear games are already in a cinematic form when you play them and with some flushing out I think they could make a good movie but I would expect it to have a huge budget based on the storylines in the games.

Chance375 8/30/2012 10:15:22 AM

Ang Lee directed Hulk, not John Woo.

mellowdoux 8/30/2012 10:16:30 AM

 What are you talking about? "Hulk" was Ang Lee.

Wiseguy 8/30/2012 10:17:33 AM

Come on they're both asian and we know they all look alike

hanso 8/30/2012 1:43:34 PM

Yeah this thing is a movie already which is one of the reasons I stopped playing it, too many damn cut scenes.  They should be able to get a movie out of this perfectly fine.  The problem with casting Snake is that who ever plays Snake has to be able to play 3 different roles, including the villain role.  Although for the first movie he would only need to play 2 roles (Solid & Liquid).  I'm hoping we get Psycho Mantis as one of the Foxhound villains.  His fight in PS1 was classic.  Oh and Revolver Ocelot is a must.



BunyonSnipe 8/30/2012 2:29:14 PM

I was actually hoping they would go back to the original NES and call it METAL GEAR, as Hanzo said the later games are already very cinematic...

RodThunderBalls 8/30/2012 7:30:29 PM

Frankie Muniz as Solid Snake!

Munkey421e 8/30/2012 8:01:57 PM

Kurt Russel!!

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