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Mania Grade: B-

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  • Age Rating: 13 and Up
  • Region: All Region DVD
  • Released By: Crunchyroll
  • Running time: 24
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Widescreen
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  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky

Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky Episode #02

Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky Episode #02 Review

By G.B. Smith     July 21, 2010
Release Date: July 21, 2010

Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky
© Crunchyroll

So, you have a cute catgirl and a somewhat milquetoast boy. Check. You have three somewhat attractive young women who all seem normal on the surface, if fitting into broad and expected stereotypes, but they are actually secret agents for competing organizations with potentially clashing agendas. Check. Do you have a show that anyone will honestly care about? We shall see. 

What They Say
Episode 2: I Came to Play

The agents of a mysterious organization begin moving in the shadows around the alien, Elis. Elis and Kio, completely unaware of this fact, begin researching information on Earth along with a squad of cute cat robots, the Assistaroids. Manami, watching the two from the shadows, is unable to hide her irritation seeing the two together. Aoi watches them from another location, harboring feelings for Kio, as well. It is in this jumble of feelings that the mysterious organization makes its move...

The Review!
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Picking up from the first episode, we see the various ladies and groups in action.

It appears that Ms. Itokazu's biggest problem with Elis is that instead of some cliched alien "that a Trekkie would accept," Elis turns out to be nothing more than a "cosplayer." This ruins the "glorious contact" that her group is interested in seeing. Thus, lots of guys with guns are gathering, to remove this first encounter with an extra-terrestrial. Manami, on the other hand, simply continues to watch from her house, recording Elis and Kio's boring exposition dialogue, which is framed by fanservice of Elis, as well as her natural ability to make part of the screen shine as if the sun were directly hitting it, even in the dark of night. Manami consults with her handler, a woman code-named "Jack."

Back in the fluff part of the show, Elis discusses how she can repay Kio for all of his help, but she has no currency to offer, so she offers her body, as she has apparently read that is how she can pay her debt to from the magazines he keeps under his bed. We know what kind of magazines teenage boys keep under their bed. Kio, of course, being a wuss, as is standard in this type of show, responds by saying those magazines are just fiction and there is no need for Elis to repay him for his kindness with her body. Well, that was expected, of course.

So, since they need to maintain a certain level of cuteness, why not give Elis a bunch of cute little dolls to play with? Behold! We get the Assistaroids, little cat robot helpers that Elis creates with her advanced technology in order to help her gather research information about Earth. So, we see Elis, Kio, and her herd of Assistaroids go around looking about town, and eating ice cream since it is so hot outside. It is interesting how no one in town seems to pay Elis and her little army of robots any mind, as if it is a sight you would see any day in Okinawa. Yeah.

Of course, once Elis and Kio are relatively alone in an isolated place, this is the moment that the shadowy organizations begin to make their moves. First up is the "Beautiful Contact" group, who come to tell Elis that they reject her being the first contact between humanity and aliens. She wants to learn more about their group, but, of course, they are not interested in telling her anything, and demand that she leaves the Earth. Kio, right on cue, gets in the way of things, and so he is threatened with violence. This spurs Momiji, super-suit girl, who has been waiting on the sidelines to make her own move, to jump in to save Kio, beating up the heavily armed men from the Beautiful Contact group, who were all carrying weapons. She is then reminded by her own handler that her mission is to kill Elis, which she starts to do, until, of course, Kio interjects himself yet again, and Aoi/Momiji's feelings for him stop her from doing anything more. As the sound of police sirens can be heard (the cops are on the way), everyone begins to retreat. The Beautiful Contact group, however, tries a new tactic, hitting Elis and Kio with tranquilizer darts in an attempt to capture them, but at the last moment Kio's uncle Yuuichi rushes in to save him (and the cat robots, oddly). Elis, however, seems to have been taken by someone else.

Before he passed out, Kio saw what he thought was Manami's watch at the scene (and she was there). So he calls her, demanding to know where Elis was taken (it seems that Manami and Jack may have grabbed Elis). Manami tries to talk around it, but Kio is insistent, and so Manami gives in, telling him that Elis has been taken to an American air base. So, now Yuuichi and Kio need to figure out how to get into the base. The place to start is with the Beautiful Contact group. For some reason, Yuuichi, who also gives a gun (filled with tranquilizer rounds) to Kio, knows exactly where their meeting place is, and they ambush them, including Ms. Itokazu. As the group has members from the American armed forces among them, Yuuichi manages to blackmail them (he had the cat robots take pictures of everyone in the group) to help get him and Kio onto the airbase. They manage to do so, and there, they set up a diversion, setting off some explosives, in order to get to Elis and free her.

As if things could not get any more ludicrous, Momiji in the mean time has come to Manami, and the two of them team up to get onto the base and try to get to Kio and presumably Elis. They are both now "in the wind" to use one of the usual phrases from spy thrillers, which this show is heavily leaning towards with this installment. Momiji has a nice James Bond-type car, what with the smoke screen and the bulletproof exterior, while Manami has been given a really big gun to play with.

In the meantime, Elis has been talking to her abductors, and it appears that whoever these men work for, there are groups on Earth who are already in contact with aliens, and these aliens may be of the canine persuasion. Thus, their natural dislike of Elis the Cat Alien. Of course, Elis was never really in danger in the first place, as she has a powered suit of her own and easily breaks free of the containment capsule they had placed her in. Kio comes to her rescue, only to discover that she had already taken out the group of men in hazmat suits who were holding her. The escape gets a little hairy, however, when the helicopter being flown by the Assistaroids is shot down by the military, but that's when Elis and the Assistaroids pull out the big guns, as they defeat a squadron of heavy tanks with toy squeak hammers. Toy squeak hammers that can disintegrate matter.

Uh, we get to see her breasts jiggle at least.

In the very end, the Cat Mothership comes, as the Cat People have decided to open up formal relations with Earth. Apparently, the decisive piece of information was Elis' report on Korean BBQ. Yes. So, the Cats have come to play longer. We even meet two more catgirls, Elis' superior, "the Chief" and another high ranking Cat girl. So, now there are more catgirls.

We also get a peek at who the real "villain" for this show will be, as we see in a darkened room a woman talking into a phone about how the "men" ruined everything. She has a dog sidekick who snickers. These must be the Dog people.

To be honest, they lost me at the point where Kio's uncle, Yuuichi, who never quite lets on what his occupation is, turns out to be as crafty and experienced as a secret agent for a premier intelligence agency, coming in and helping Kio to "free" Elis. In some ways, had this been nothing more than a short 2-part OVA, ending with Elis' rescue, and Manami and Momiji having severed their ties with their respective groups, I could see this as being a semi-amusing bit of fluff interspersed with some high-tech action. As it is, with the real villain being somewhat revealed, I do have to wonder where things are headed, unless they are heading in the direction that is probably all too likely: a cliched "fight" between cats and dogs, with Kio eventually working out a peaceful resolution between everyone, and all living together in peace and harmony ever after, with copious amounts of fanservice sprinkled throughout. Unless they plan to go off in yet another direction.

In Summary:
In the second episode, we get a rather swift and abrupt resolution to what looked to be a much more complicated three-way competition between the three human girls who have an interest in Kio, two of them being perhaps personal interests. Instead of a season of the three shadowy organizations competing against each other to carry out their agenda towards Elis and Kio, instead we have that simply blown (almost literally) out of the way and replaced with everyone on Kio's side, but with a new antagonist, the real power behind the scenes, only slowly emerging from the shadows. I am not sure where this show is headed further, except that I expect more fanservice, more cliches, and more deus ex machina twists that make no realistic sense being thrown at us, to cover up for the fact that this show is about as superficial as the thinnest layer of ice on the first warm day of Spring.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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