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Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky Simulcast Set from Crunchyroll

By Chris Beveridge     July 09, 2010

Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky
© Crunchyroll
Crunchyroll announced today the simulcast acquisition of Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky, the highly anticipated romantic comedy anime based on Okina Kamino¹s Asobi ni Ikuyo! light novels published by Media Factory. Series features a slew of beautiful female characters voiced by an all-star cast including Haruka Tomatsu, Kana Hanazawa, Kanae Ito and Mutsumi Tamura. More information can be found at
President of Crunchyroll¹s Japan office Vince Shortino said: "This is exactly the kind of quality, late-night programming that has made Japan famous, and we look forward to putting it in Crunchyroll¹s Summer 2010 lineup of more simulcasts than any other place on the web."
"Kio and all her family members are gathered for a funeral in Okinawa. This same day, a message arrives from outer space. There she encounters a girl named Elis who claims to be an alien.  The odd thing is... Elis has cat-ears and a tail.  What does destiny have in store for Kio and Elis?"
Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky will be available worldwide outside of Japan, Korea and Mongolia.


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reionpremente 7/10/2010 8:19:46 PM

Hmmm... Is this a Gonzo project?  The huge abounts of fan-service tend to make me think it is. 

SchaefDogg 7/10/2010 9:00:33 PM

It's actually by AIC Plus .

reionpremente 7/12/2010 9:14:18 PM

Wow... It sure doesn't LOOK like AIC's cup of tea... I'm amazed that they would do this... but then again, they ALSO did Samurai Harem... so I guess it's not so far for me to imagine them doing something like this.  But boy, they really HAVE changed.  I mean, I thought Samurai Harem was a bit much but this... Hmmm.  I guess I'll have to see more before I comment any further I guess.  =P

reionpremente 7/12/2010 9:17:49 PM

And I haven't forgotten that they did Tenchi AND El Hazard.  This looks like fun!  ~_^




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