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Assemble Insert

From Masami Yuuki (the creator of PATLABOR), with Designs by Yutaka Izubuchi (LODOSS WARS), and Design Assist by Takehiko Ito (creator of OUTLAW STAR), comes an unabashed parody of everything Japanese including super-hero anime, idol singers, sentai shows, and even those silly commercials for super powered sport drinks! Absolutely nothing is safe!

Let?s say that a group of hooded, power-suit-wearing ninjas lead by a crazy old man in a cloak is tearing up your city. Every time you try to fight them, your team is totally humiliated, entire city blocks end up demolished, and the city?s citizens just keep getting angrier. What can you possibly do? If you're anything like Chief Hattori, you hold a pop idol contest! ...No, seriously!

Chief Hattori and his "special" task force are searching for that special someone who can really kick butt, and yet be so adorable that the public will instantly love her. Unfortunately, they don?t seem to be having too much luck - until high schooler Maron Namikaze takes the stage. She?s cute, she?s sweet, and she just happens to be able to crush steel with her bare hands! Now Maron?s going to get her chance to be the idol she?s always wanted to be ? all she has to do is stop a gang of ruthless thieves, and look good doing it!

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Region 1 - North America

Assemble Insert by Nozomi Entertainment
Assemble Insert (Re-Release) by Nozomi Entertainment