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Avatar Returns...Again

8/27/2010 4:04:04 PM permalink

Haven't We Met Before?

Well we know that it's very likely, at the very least, that Hanso is getting ready to return to Pandora...again. But is everyone else? To my knowledge, there's very little fanfare about the return. In fact, I woke up this morning and after attending to my cats, reading the newspaper, and devoting a good hour to hunting down names and addresses to those signatories on the WGA's website, a very subtle notion made me realize "it's Friday. 'Avatar' is Now Showing once more."

I'd known "Avatar" was coming back to the local theaters, but what I didn't realize is how there seems to be little to no buzz about it. I saw one commercial advertising it, overheard how one friend of mine (who doesn't own the DVD or Blu-Ray) was thinking of heading over to see it this weekend, and another friend stating it was coming to an IMAX theater, but she wasn't sticking around to see it.

So does it really matter if "Avatar" returns?

The Devil Made Me\Us Do It

This will be a unique experiment, even if it is somewhat low key (or so it appears.) The big bad blue story of Nature Rocks\Corporations Sucks is all too plentiful around us. It was just in theaters a short half dozen months or so ago. It's already sitting in many media shelves as we speak (except mine since I tossed it), and at my local Best Buy's display shelves they're overstocked on the Unobotanium by about 300%.

So, as the "Simpson's Movie" joke goes, why pay for something they can see for free at home?

We know it's worked before...albeit slightly differently. My memory drifts back to when Disney would re-release a Pixar offering because it had "bloopers" at the end of the movie. The difference is, you will recall, that "Monsters Inc." and the rest hadn't been stamped on VHS or DVD yet.

On the Pixar notion, I'm quite confident that Disney made Pixar do it just to squeeze one or two more ounces of blood out of the theatrical run AND the home video release before it was even released.

But which money making scheme is the lesser of the two evils? Disney's, most likely, which knows something of evil marketing schemes. In fact, as far as I'm concerned they invented it.

So we have "Avatar" in theaters, "Avatar" all across the country in home theaters and taking up valuable space on retailer's shelves, now we have it again in theaters and god only knows how many more times in which they'll issue it to home video again this year alone.

Twice, I believe, is the official running count.

I'm afraid to look it up, truth be told. I'm afraid an Extra Blue Blu-Ray Edition will appear right before my eyes with 17 extra seconds of people mispronouncing 'unobtanium' on the Extra Features disc.

But, looking at the whole through my microcosm of life, I'm betting "Avatar" won't be on the top of Jarrod's weekending Box Office Report. It's only available on one screen in my general region, which is saying something since there's a total of thirty-four screens in the Fort Smith area alone.

Personally, I think this is only for the Hanso's of the world, and those that might not have actually seen it during its theater run: a total of five people.

As for its placing on the weekending box office list, I'll place it at #3 (at the most optimistic) and #7 (as the least optimistic).

It will be interesting to see where it lands. I'm sure as hell not going to head to town to see it, though. I did look it up in the local paper to see where it was playing though. And then I immediately found something far more important to worry about -- mozzarella sticks.

As a parting thought, I wonder if James Cameron is following the 3-D structural mapping of the Titanic as seen on The Weather Channel. Jimmy, they beat you to it.


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