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VTGamehendge 7/16/2014 10:19:45 AM

Is it next summer yet?

VioLatorr 7/16/2014 10:43:14 AM

I bet RDJ will never give up playing IronMan. All this, 'oh im sick of it' is probably just him playing hardball to make sure Marvel will pay him what he wants as the franchise grows. In fact, i bet he LOVES it. Why wouldn't you love playing such a fun and awesome character. Who wouldn't wanna go down known as being something called 'IRONMAN'. That alone is just a badass title. 

Anyways.... is it next summer yet?

Higgy 7/16/2014 10:50:23 AM

OOoooo check out the picture of Ultron.  Looks very sleak and robot like.  Wonder if they do like in A:EMH where they build a bunch of Ultrons until one goes bad.  I notice the ones in the background have blue color instead of red.

I like CA's new suit too.  Liking the red highlights.


horcruxx 7/16/2014 11:20:11 AM

 Ultron looks so bad ass, this movie will rock.

monkeyfoot 7/16/2014 11:26:03 AM

So fan-damn-tastic!!!!!!

Occasionally I forget but now I'm remembering again as a little kid and there was hardly any comic book superhero stuff in the mainstream world other than the occasional Superman or Batman movie or cartoon. And I would imagine how I'd want a big superhero movie to be made with incredible FX and top notch actors and everybody - not just geeks - would know and love them.

It's so incredible that it has really happened. X-Men, Spider-Man, and the Avengers with separate and combined movies and everybody loves them. Hell, it's just fantastic that so many people even know the name Stan Lee!

MarvelHead71 7/16/2014 11:39:11 AM

Can't WAIT for this!!!! Really curious how Tony will get his armor back and what the end of IM3 means when he claims HE is IronMan...subdermal implants create his armor perhaps?? We'll See!!!!

CaptAmerica04 7/16/2014 11:53:30 AM

This movie will own.

redvector 7/16/2014 12:12:21 PM

It was implied at the end of IM3 that Tony used a perfected Extremis to eliminate his need for the chest piece. I believe that Extremis will be integrated into the armor. 

VioLatorr 7/16/2014 12:29:43 PM

 Marvelhead- I dont think it was necessarily implied that he would retire as Iron Man altogether. It's obvious he can create an Iron Man armor whenever he wants to. Im sure he has plenty in reserve or will create an even better one. All the ones he destroyed in IM3 came from his house in Malibu, CA. Im sure he has plenty more at the Stark/Avengers tower in NY. 

MarvelHead71 7/16/2014 1:08:34 PM

Great point Violatorr! Looking forward to seeing Hulkbuster!

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