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AVENGERS Bites Big Apple

Joss Whedon's The Avengers moves to New York.

By Jarrod Sarafin     September 02, 2011
Source: SuperHeroHype

Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Quinjet in concept art for The Avengers(2012).
© Marvel Studios

Director Joss Whedon may be finished shooting in Cleveland for Marvel's The Avengers but the production goes onward. With the Ohio city doubling for the big apple throughout most of the destruction for the silver screen version of the superhero team effort, Whedon, Walt Disney and Marvel Studios have now moved to New York City itself for some final shots before entering post-production in their Los Angeles studios. And it seems that a certain Quinjet will be making an appearance as alluded to in the concept art from this summer's SDCC concept art.

The hardworking geeks over at SuperHeroHype forums have published some photos of the Quinjet crash landing at Park Avenue in New York and you can check out some of the shots down below. Oh, and of course some main stars will be appearing from the largest U.S. city as well, including the Iron Man, Black Widow, Loki, Hawkeye and Thor. Check out their photos from the NYC set courtesy of WENN and Flynet below as well. And more here.

The production will star Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård and Samuel L. Jackson. Whedon is directing based on a script he wrote for Disney and Marvel Studios.

Marvel's The Avengers flies into theaters May 4, 2012.


New York Set Photos of Quinjet in Marvel’s The Avengers

New York Set Photos of Quinjet in Marvel’s The Avengers

New York Set Photos of Quinjet in Marvel’s The Avengers

New York Set Photos of Quinjet in Marvel’s The Avengers

New York Set Photos of Quinjet in Marvel’s The Avengers

New York Set Photos of Quinjet in Marvel’s The Avengers

New York Set Photos of Quinjet in Marvel’s The Avengers




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littlemikey979 9/3/2011 5:20:46 AM

What the hell is with Loki's hair?

tiredjay 9/3/2011 7:32:38 AM

Helmet hair.  With that much helmet, and that much hair, that's what you get.

CrazyCEO 9/3/2011 9:05:07 AM

Still, I call bad choice of custume for Thor.  This one looks like a Walmat Halloween special. Shame, suppose thats what you get with a different director.

monkeyfoot 9/3/2011 9:45:29 AM

Everywhere these Avengers show up, whether in Cleveland or NYC they leave trash and explosions and demolished buildings and beaten-up motion capture actors. They are a menace! We've got to mount protests and enact legislation to stop this dangerous group!

Wait, look it's Scarlett Johansson!!!    Never mind...


InnerSanctum 9/3/2011 10:18:23 AM

 I wouldn't pass judgement on costumes.  They always look different when the characters are on screen opposed to just a snap shot.  I believe someone says something about the costumes, including myself, every time we get this type of photo update.  Even though I'm not a Whedon fan, I truly hope he knocks this out of the park.  

keithdaniel 9/3/2011 11:30:01 AM

Scarlet Johansson...you are looking FINE!!!

InnerSanctum 9/3/2011 12:14:33 PM

 Scarlet is hot...too bad she appears so vacant behind those eyes.  Nice that RDJ seems to be sporting a bit of a ponch.  Comes with his character being a booze hound and getting donut munchies. 

zipahead 9/3/2011 4:00:15 PM

This is all happening so fast...already going into post-production...it's insane.

Miner49er 9/4/2011 10:20:31 PM

Thor looks like Fabio. Is it just me or is his hear longer in this one?

hulkster46 9/5/2011 10:27:29 AM

I'll probly see this movie more than once in theaters. Yes, RDJ looks like he's getting a pouch, but his iron man armor looks like it will hide it very well. Scarlet looks great has always, Looks like Thor's hair is longer, and his suit is different. I think it will actually make the character look like Thor in the comics, Is that Chris Evans next too the actor playing Loki? I know Evans isn't that tall, but if that's him, he looks very small.  I have faith in Josh Whedon's direction and storyline. He works well with a large cast, citing both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

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