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violator14 8/2/2012 5:15:10 PM

Holy crap! I didnt even see the video until now. I cant believe they gave us one of the best scenes to watch! Im gonna watch this shit like 1000 times!!

almostunbiased 8/2/2012 5:29:29 PM

I'm pumped too.  Loved this movie.  Great director, great story, great acting.

Hookedonavengers2012 8/2/2012 6:23:01 PM

 I hear that violater but the dvd will be $39 ...ouch....but it is mine i will pet it and hug it and make it mine....(in a goofy giant doofus voice!)

Hookedonavengers2012 8/2/2012 6:25:03 PM

 wyld...Disney  only paid 4 billion for Marvel. lol..yeah...their making it back bigtime!

ucfro 8/3/2012 7:42:59 PM

@hooked...on Amazon at least, it's $24.96 for Blue-Ray/DVD combo. /- $5 FOR 3D or just dvd. If you pre-order, you are guaranteed lowest price before it comes out. Not that bad!

MrEt 8/7/2012 12:38:47 PM

@HOA Disney pays marvel 4 billion and with the avengers ticket sales alone they get back 1,461,368,487

add Iron man 1 $585,174,222

iron man 2 $623,933,331

Thor $449,326,618

Captain $368,608,363

With ticket sales alone that equals  3 billion 488 Million, so with the next flick ticket sales alone become profit. Thats not even touching all the toys.

OmegaDean 8/12/2012 6:39:17 PM

Right now Marvel has made 4.2 billion dollars on the movies and DvD sales without adding in the DvD sales of The Avengers. 

@Mr.Et you forgot the Incredible Hulk and when you add those numbers in you get the figure above.

I rounded it off of course. The Marvel/Disney dynasty is destined to make goo gogs of cash

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