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dawntreader 6/29/2012 11:41:09 PM

Can I preorder?!

CyanideRush 6/30/2012 4:40:27 AM

 Wow, those prices are shockingly high. Wasn't expecting it to be that high.

DarthoftheDead 6/30/2012 7:21:18 AM

Blue Ray, Shmoo Ray, ......I cant wait for TDKR to Tank that will be worth watching

OmegaDean 6/30/2012 5:44:33 PM

I might buy the 4 disc pack... only disc I won't use is the 3D on actually...


VTGamehendge 6/30/2012 11:24:49 PM

Just pre-ordered my blu-ray/dvd combo pack from Amazon.  For whatever reason, the 4 disc combo pack is actually a dollar cheaper.  Go figure...

VTGamehendge 7/2/2012 5:29:47 PM

Amazon has the 4-disc pack for $35 and the 2-disc for $36, I think it was.  But for whatever reason the 2-disc is a dollar cheaper.  That's the pre-order obviously, but there's plenty of time for it to even come down a bit in price before the release.  Happens a lot on Amazon, at least with movies and book, which is all I ever really buy from Amazon.

hulkster46 7/2/2012 11:14:38 PM

They will probly be onsale the first week for maybe half of the $50 price. Its somewhat steep. But I'll buy it. For my son for his birthday, if that.

silversurfer 7/3/2012 9:33:48 AM

It won't be $50 bucks, they know they have a hot item, and they'll want everyone to buy it when it first comes out which means that it'll drop in price. Plus, they'll have a sale for the entire catalogue of movies that came out leading up to The Avengers, which means the price will drop...

VTGamehendge 7/6/2012 5:04:22 PM

The price on Amazon has now dropped to $24.96 for the 2-disc set.

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