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  • Title: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
  • Episode Title: Some Assembly Required
  • Starring: Alex Desert, Nolan North, Rick D. Wasserman
  • Directed By: Sebastian Montes, Ciro Nieli, Vinton Heuck
  • Written By: Christopher Yost
  • Network: Disney XD
  • Series: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

AVENGERS: EMH - Some Assembly Required Review

The team gets an address

By Stephen Lackey     October 29, 2010
Source: Mania

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So this week’s installment of The Avengers is still more set up for the team, but the creators managed to get in a little Hulk versus Thor fan service. This throw down has always been a classic fan favorite detailed in various comics and even in a Marvel movie. The Hulk, if he’s portrayed properly, doesn’t belong on a super hero team. He didn’t in the comics and he doesn’t now. The Hulk is supposed to be an out of control monster, not this semi intelligent brute. He exists on pure anger and he gets stronger the more angry he gets, or at least that’s the most accurate rendition of the character. He’s been brilliant in the past and he’s been gray and red, but the real Hulk is a giant green monster. Not everyone will agree with these assertions of course, but that’s what makes the web great.

So, the Hulk is smart enough to be a part of the team and negotiate with his alter ego but this week he was even more angry than usual (that sounds weird). His utter disregard for those around him was rubbing Thor wrong from the opening credits so anyone who’s even the mildest of fns knew what was coming. The best thing about a fight between Thor and Hulk is that Hulk isn’t intimidated by Thor being a God and he’s willing and able to smack the arrogance right off Thor’s face. By fight’s end, Thor should really be on top but the fact that his normal methods of issuing threats and intimidating don’t work on Hulk is pretty entertaining. The battle scenes between Hulk and the rest of the Avengers were action packed and a whole lot of fun. The villain of the episode, the real one, got very little development though. It felt like the writer was leaning on fans just knowing her and what her motivations really are. Thor offers up on throwaway line about her and that’s it.

The bulk of the episode was focused on introducing the new team to their new headquarters; Avengers Mansion. They also found their way into the training rooms and managed to start tearing things up right away. Hulk and Thor ripping things apart was no surprise but Giant Man gowning through the ceiling seemed a little excessive. This is a kid’s show though so what should we really expect? The Wasp’s enthusiasm for the team and the mansion was fairly amusing too. Does anyone else think that Iron Man/Tony Stark’s voice comes off a bit too young?

There are two fairly clever character introductions in this episode for a kid’s show. One of them isn’t really a surprise, it was just cool. The other one was really subtle and if you aren’t a fan of the Marvel Universe you wouldn’t know by his intro whether this character is a villain or a hero and there will be no spoiling it here. This episode like the premiere was just good fun, not much more than that. There are only five Avengers so far and everyone who’s anyone knows there are always six….


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lusiphur 10/29/2010 1:14:54 PM

As many of us said after the review of the pilot episodes, Stark/IM's voice isn't so much "too young' but simply out of place for an established character.  I expected something a bit more commanding.  The voice actor for this role is simply the wrong choice, IMHO.

I haven't seen this episode yet, but it looks fun by your review.  Is this the first ep after the premier?  I have about 6 episodes recorded from last weekend on my DVR that I haven't watched.  May get around to that this weekend.

LocoLobo73 10/29/2010 2:51:24 PM

I thought the episode was pretty good , i have to agree the mansion scenes where alittle on the excessive side, and I really never have liked Pym,  but after the first review I read and then this one, my question would be for the reviewer , do you read Hulk comics at all, this Hulk isnt a far cry from the Hulk we ve seen in the comics who, in his more popular incarnations is either intelligent or semi intelligent, Oh and by the way the Hulk has been an Avenger , a Defender, a FF member, a part of Pantheon, the Warbound, a Hulkbuster, and now he leads the team Gamma. LOL and I agree this is why I love the web also....oh yeah and they do give you more than a brief introduction to the Enchantress, she was in the episode Thor the mighty , which is all the Thor mini episodes pulled into a half hour show. I also dont think they need to reveal everything to the viewers, Its good to use the brain and have the viewers wanting more, they seem to be treating the series like a comic book series, which is the way it sould be.

What I like most about these episodes which is what the DC animated series did so well, was make it accessible to all viewer young and old, It has lots of cool easter eggs and story lines while keeping the art kid friendly.

mikemc2 10/29/2010 7:13:00 PM

LocoLobo73, I have to ask..Hulk was a Hulkbuster??  Sorry but that seems kindof dumb, who exactly would the Hulkbuster's hunt if their target is part of the team?  If I am on target with this, I can see why they abandoned this story arc in the comics.  I admit, I havn't read any of the Hulk comics since the 90's.

Feel free to drop my a line on that or at least give me the issue numbers so I can look that one up.

Back on topic, I really enjoy the cartoon.  Seems kindof off though to watch this one, then SuperHero Squad.  You got serious then silly versions of the same characters competing on different networks.

SelectiveRealism 10/30/2010 1:55:06 AM

To say that the Hulk is supposed to be a raging monster isnt accurate.  In the comics the Hulk has had periods where he wasn't mindless.  Planet Hulk/World War Hulk was bad ass.  The current Banner/Hulk is also a bad ass.

The Hulk for this show is fine. 

cheekymonkey 10/30/2010 7:06:47 AM

Seems like a less campy Super Hero Squad

LocoLobo73 10/30/2010 7:18:14 AM

MIKE MC , yeah he was a buster when the gamma wars took place , he join with sheild and the busters to go after the leader and the other gamma mutations, also Check out Incredible Hulk 317 , if you read them in the 90's , this is the period when Mc farlane and Dale Keown  where drawing the books if i remember correctly , also thsi was when banner and the hulk where seperated and banner use to drive around with the sheild agent Quatermane and Rick Jones, this was also when the Hulk and Banner seperated.

Cheesey1 10/30/2010 9:07:20 PM

Liked the episode. Really looking forward to the Black Panther arc. I'm a very, very happy comics fan.


Rheul_home 11/1/2010 7:38:52 AM

If you read early issues of "The Avengers" Hulk was not an "out of control monster". He was quite intelligent and I think this show has done a great job with him. In relation to the early Avengers issues they've pretty much nailed Hulk as well as how everyone else on the team felt about him in those early books. I think this reviewer should do a little more homework before telling us how Hulk is supposed to be. If I have to nit pick anything it would be Thors hammer changing size throughout the show.

Houndoom4 11/15/2010 10:06:29 AM

I think this Hulk is cool. I quite enjoy the Hulk having a conscious mind and not just super uncontrollable rage. I mean, yeah, he knows how to get angry, that's what's great about the Hulk. He's rage incarnate, but you need more than rage to develop a character. We get to see how he's plagued by the views of society thinking he's a monster and other mental torment. All in all, this is a good rendition of Hulk.

I did enjoy the Hulk and Thor showdown and watching him beat the rest of the team. Now that I think of it though, Enchantress didn't get much mention other that you were supposed to have seen her before in Thor's minisodes and I guess fans would know who she was.

I think the episode was still great though. I love this show.



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