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FerretJohn 8/21/2012 1:15:52 PM

Ah yes, the eternal question: is Banner a little guy who gets big or a big guy who gets little.  I remember when Marvel first started exploring that question.  All the other Gamma-mutates (Abomination, Leader, She Hulk, etc) their mutated form is the primary form, they go human when they choose to or can't turn human at all, and their minds and personalities stay the same.  So what does that make Banner? (and before you respond with the answer, yes I already know it)

And I still say the whole story of Friends with Benefits was all wrong, I'm the one who should've been having cheap sex with Mila Kunis  :)~

jedibanner 8/21/2012 1:34:16 PM

thanks shoggun, that ws a pretty funny gag reel.

almostunbiased 8/21/2012 4:51:32 PM

Can't seem to watch the gag real, but the deleted scene is bad and I'm glad it was dropped.

Hookedonavengers2012 8/21/2012 8:05:45 PM

 @Violator...Damn straight I love that movie! Mila is definately in my spank bank when doing Lazarus's mom! lol :)

Hookedonavengers2012 8/21/2012 8:08:55 PM

 Hell just thinking about Mila makes me tolerate just reading Lazarus's comments! lol j/k  :)

Duckbeaver 8/22/2012 7:53:01 AM

 That gag reel was hilarious.  Cobie Smulders' screaming for Coulson was cracking me up.  And Ruffalo: "Dude, you guys are on your own!"

lazarus 8/22/2012 2:07:47 PM

HOA, did I give you permission to speak? No. I don't think so.

Be quiet or I will come back there give your mouth something to do. :)

Higgy 8/23/2012 11:25:11 AM

LOL@Lazarus.  Nice one.

You guys make me sad...SAD!  Yes she's hot, but still...


SarcasticCaveman 8/23/2012 5:43:19 PM

 Just a thought - Jennifer Lopez is pretty hot, but it still doesn't make want to listen to her music or watch "Maid in Manhattan"...EVER.

thezillaman 8/26/2012 10:57:46 PM

Mila is o.k , she has a real big camel toe, dam macaulay culkin smashed that up every time they were home alone..lol.  AHHHHHHHHH''!!!!!!

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