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thezillaman 4/25/2013 12:23:12 PM

 violator, what the heck are you talking about? Please explain..

Higgy 4/25/2013 12:48:26 PM

I think I know what Violator is talking about.  I read some users reviews on SHH...it's basically a spoiler so I'm not going to say anything.  You can go read if you want.

violator14 4/25/2013 12:48:41 PM

 It sounds like the Mandarin doesn't even have any freaking powers in the movie....

violator14 4/25/2013 12:50:48 PM

 Honestly I wouldn't call this a spoiler. If anything I would wanna know something like this so that ur atleast prepared going into the movie as opposed to waiting for it ,and then feeling like u just got facefukked

momitchell7 4/25/2013 1:24:02 PM

"Wonder-Twin powers, activate!" wait... huh? We're talking about brothers and sisters, right?


axia777 4/25/2013 1:25:02 PM

Mandarin apparently has no powers or power rings. That is what. Not really a large spoiler.  Though it does blow chunks.  LAME MARVEL!! LAME.


dojen1 4/25/2013 1:29:46 PM

Just for records: Wanda and Pietro appeared MANY times in X-Men stories and comics, as members of Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, before they went straight and became Avengers. Even so, they were Avengers for a LONG time before their blood relationship to Magneto was revealed.

axia777 4/25/2013 1:40:44 PM

 @dojen1 - While that may be true, it was not publicly known that Magneto was their father. I don't even think that Wanda or her brother knew for a really long timer either. SO having them not even mention Magneto would be ok with the Marvel Universe and gives future possibilities for connections with the X-Men too. If Fox are not going to be buttholes that is.


invisioner 4/25/2013 1:57:32 PM


I remember watching the old Avengers 10 minute cartoons from '69 and Wanda and Pietro were just part of the core team, not mentioned at all about Magneto. If I remember right, I think she had a crush on either Thor or Iron Man, and Pietro was always stewing about it. But heck, I am channeling a memory from a comic strip I haven't seen since reruns in the mid 70's!

dojen1 4/25/2013 1:57:56 PM

@Axia777 - we are in total agreement. BTW I would LOVE to see Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. I nominate former Legend of The Seeker co-stars Bridget Regan and Craig Horner for the roles. Or Wedon could tap into old favorites and give us Summer Glau and ohhhh let's say "Zander Harris"...wait he's too old now.


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