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Avengers Spot: Isolated

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Avengers Spot: Isolated

Weeks to go now

By Robert T. Trate     April 10, 2012
Source: Marvel.com

It is going to be like this for the next few weeks, which is a good thing. Marvel.com has released a new Avengers spot titled “Isolated”.  With only weeks to go expect to see even more clips and stills hitting the web. If you want to wait until May 4th, then by all means skip 30 second spot below. Check out the Avengers Live Premiere tomorrow via Marvel.com as well. 

Plot Concept: Continuing the epic big-screen adventures started in "Iron Man," "The Incredible Hulk," "Iron Man 2," "Thor" and "Captain America: The First Avenger," "Marvel's The Avengers" is the superhero team up of a lifetime. When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, Director of the international peacekeeping agency known as SHIELD, finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. Spanning the globe, a daring recruitment effort begins.

Marvel's The Avengers flies into 3D/2D/IMAX theaters on May 4, 2012.  


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DarthoftheDead 4/10/2012 1:39:34 PM

Who would like to hear Nick Fury swear in the Avengers?

I can see/hear it now......." I am sick of all these motherfxxking Hydra agent's!!!"

violator14 4/10/2012 1:56:48 PM


As i keep seeing these clips, i find myself REALLY looking forward to the Hulk scenes. They are serioulsy awesome. In the past movies, we didn't really get to see him truly unleash himself on a ton of bad guys. It was either military enemies whom he had to go kinda easy on, and the Abomination fight was ok and easily predictable. But these new Hulk scenes are truly gonna be something to watch i think. 

Wiseguy 4/10/2012 2:00:40 PM

I don't even try to resist anymore, I'm watching every damn thing you put up for the Avengers. Besides most of the spots are just rethreads of the trailer edited in different ways. With all the stuff that's been put out I bet it doesn't amount to more than 3 or 4 minutes and who knows if they're doing that old switcheroo, when they show stuff that stayed in editing room

And Eagleheart is hilarious, glad I didn't skip the ad.

Wiseguy 4/10/2012 2:01:54 PM

Agree violator. I like seeing him leaping around and smashing shit all over the place

violator14 4/10/2012 2:34:56 PM

Hey Wise-How'd you like Titanic brah?

Wiseguy 4/10/2012 3:05:43 PM

I actually loved it violator. I went in with the ol' lady's words in mind not to expect some cgi action fest but rather a love story pure and simple. With expectations adjusted I ended up loving it. Was at the edge of my seat about the entire second half. Can't see how anyone can hate this film. And it was beautiful on I-Max 3D. I may have even shed a tear or it could've been the 3D fooling me

I liken it a lot to the superb Doctor Zhivago with the Bolshevik Revolution as the background so was this with the Titanic's short life and sinking

Didn't realize Bill Paxton was in this either as well as Private Vazquez. Or Cameron's wife for that matter.

mjc519 4/10/2012 3:22:03 PM

Any one else catch Nescobar-a-Lop-Lop  from My Name Is Earlin the Eagleheart clip?

marcd30319 4/10/2012 3:42:19 PM

@Darth - Swear in or swear at?

InnerSanctum 4/10/2012 4:20:54 PM

 Looks great.  Number one film of the summer for me.  

littlemikey979 4/10/2012 6:04:23 PM

The last line of the Plot Concept hasn't sat well with me. Why is the movie about Fury spanning the globe trying to get the gang together to battle Loki and his army? I mean Cap is already on board along with Widow and Hawkeye. Thor told Coulson he would help if he was needed at the end of his movie. And Ironman was almost begging to be part of the team at the end of IM 2. Also, frow the trailers, they have been keeping tabs on Banner. So whats with the spanning of the globe in a daring way business needed for? I know its nothing to worry about but that one line has been bugging me everytime I read it. Any thought.

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