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Avi Arad on everything

    May 06, 2005
Source: www.empireonline.co.uk

Avi Arad dishes the dish on everything:'X-Men 3' -- "Everybody's expecting Dark Phoenix, but Dark Phoenix will never be the main show."'Fantastic Four' -- "It's absolutely going to be, in my opinion the feel good movie of the summer."'Punisher 2' -- "It's not for the faint in heart. Movie one would have been better, but we came out short in shooting days and budget because we had a great opening scene that we never did"'Ghost Rider' -- "Well they do things with this motorcycle, that you wouldn't have thought you can do that with a machine! Like going straight up a skyscraper, and then what we call the Jesus ride."'Hulk 2' -- "So the next movie, we were interested in the discovery of a primal creature who is coming to terms with himself, and then realising that there is a way to live with the creature."'Deathlok' -- "It's about what's going to happen to all of us, with technology, how they let it all in."'Iron Man' -- " I don't know if David Hayter will direct it."'Spider-Man 3' -- "The tradition is that the villains are good actors and we look for a fresh, good actor."'Black Widow' -- "with Black Widow, you have to show what totalitarian societies are. What they do with these kids, I mean, this is, these are real things, we're not inventing stuff."Silver Surfer, Killraven, Thor, Gargoyle...Lots, lots more!


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