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Avi Arad on Magneto and Tony Stark

    May 16, 2007
Source: www.mtvmoviesblog.com

After marshalling just about every successful Marvel comic to the big screen, what's left for mega producer Avi Arad to get excited about?"Magneto," he enthused. "I love it!"While Arad searches for an actor to play the young Magneto, he can only hope the casting will match that of Robert Downey, Jr., who Arad says is a perfect fit to play Tony Stark/Iron Man. "I think he is Tony. He is cool, he is quick, he is sexy," Arad said in praise of his lead actor. "Tony Stark was this guy who could get away with anything. He had this dual life and you need an amazing actor to play this dual character without superpowers. You have to be two men with one heart."More...


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