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The waiting game

1/20/2010 12:28:38 PM permalink

I signed a contract with Wild Child Publishing a couple of months ago and I am waiting for an editor to work with me on Persona Non Grata, my first novel.  It is initially being released as an ebook and if it sells... I can become the tree killer I know I can be.  @ I post random chapters.  right now it's chapter 9, a chapter that shows the story's antihero seducing a young woman and then overtaking her body soemtime in the 1700s.  he's a body thief.  as always, things are never as good as they seem for him.  the story takes places over four and a half hundred years.  the next chapter I post will be from our era.  he meets J. Holmes and plays an integral role in the wonderland murders.

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Site Up:

10/7/2009 1:02:31 PM permalink

Happy to announce my site for my novel Persona Non Grata is up and running.  As of now, the first three chapters of the book are available online -no downloads, registering or other BS.  Just the text.  The first chapter can be downloaded in MP3 format for listening (read by Rick Allison) at your convenience.  Please drop a line or comment on the board.

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Dreamscape: Special Addition

8/19/2009 11:11:01 AM permalink

Dreamscape was added to the Netflix instant cue recently.  It reminded me of how good a story it was.  With special F/X today, this is a no brainer.




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