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Awards Shows, whatever …

By STEPHEN LACKEY     February 18, 2007

So the Grammy’s just finished up and now it’s time for the Oscars.  When I was younger, I used to actually care about these awards shows.  Now I wouldn’t necessarily watch them because they’ve always been way too long, but I was interested to see who won.  But it’s commonly known these days that the Oscars go to the highest bidder.  Some reforms as far as gift giving to voters have been made but under the table these awards are still bought.  I haven’t taken these awards seriously since Shakespeare in Love beat Saving Private Ryan for Best Picture. 

The People’s Choice Awards aren’t any better though.  For example, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest, while not the worst movie in the world (overrated though) I have to believe there were better movies out, and Click, don’t get me started.  Where’s the awards show for the true hardcore movie fan, the one who knows the difference from popcorn fun and a truly good movie?  The answer is there isn’t one.  The best you can hope for are top ten lists from critics you really like.  Maybe I’ll do one next year. 

I have to comment on how thrilled I am that SCI FI Channel has picked up a fourth season of Battlestar Galactica.  Why they would only pick up 13 episodes, and why they would hold off the premiere until next January are other questions.  They can never do anything exactly right.  It seems to me that they’d want to take advantage of the new audience growth and foster it.  Viewers can be fickle and forgetful; if a series takes too long to come back viewers may not come back with them. If they only want to do 13 episodes it seems like it would be a better move to bring the series back this fall and do 6 episodes then and 7 in the spring.  The recent announcement didn’t mention the earlier discussed direct to DVD movie.  It might be wise decision to hold off on the movie until after the 13 episodes and use it as a way to tie up the series if it doesn’t get to come back for season 5. 


PRISON BREAK (FOX, 8:00pm PST) “Bad Blood”

Michael and Sarah seek the help of ex-warden Pope after their first attempt to recover evidence left by Sarah’s father is thwarted.  T-bag takes his new family on a road trip to his boyhood home and offers Susan.  Mahone closes in on C-Note.

24 (FOX, 9:00pm PST) “Day 6 1 PM to 3 PM”

Chloe covers for another agent while Milo is thrown into unfamiliar duties (read: field work) and Jack faces a hard compromise.

HEROES (NBC, 9:00pm PST) “Unexpected”

Peter is disappointed by a betrayal, Claire can’t contain her anger at her father, and Matt loses control when Ted (radioactive man) appears with a new hero who has “wireless” abilities.

CSI MIAMI (NBC, 9:00pm PST) “Broken Home”

The parents of a babysitter are murdered on the property where she is taking care of a 12 year old child.  The team believes there is a thief in the neighborhood that may be connected to the crime.


NCIS (CBS, 8:00pm PST) “Dead Man Walking”

An inspector with the Atomic Energy Agency asks the team to solve a murder, his own.  The man knows he’s been poisoned and he wants to find the killer.

VERONICA MARS (CW, 9:00pm PST) “Mars, Bars”

Josh claims he is being framed for his father’s murder and asks Veronica for help.  Oh and there’s a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt whoo hoo!

THE UNIT (CBS, 9:00pm PST) “Games of Chance”

The Unit heads to Germany to participate in military exercise games with other elite forces from around the globe when things turn real.


JERICHO (CBS, 8:00pm PST) “The Day Before”

Normally I’d say this is going to be filler, and it still might but the fact that we get to see what Hawkins was up to 36 hours before the bombs went off could offer some information on what he’s really up too.

LOST (ABC, 10:00pm PST) “Flashes Before Your Eyes”

Hurley gets Charlie to help interrogate Desmond for information because he’s been acting strangely since the hatch implosion. Sawyer and Kate return to the island looking for help to go back and save Jack.

MEDIUM (NBC, 10:00pm PST) “Second Opinion”

Allison’s dreams turn into nightmares as they foretell the death of her youngest daughter in 20 years.



A popular high school basketball player and his cheerleader girlfriend disappear after a successful game.  Blood is found near a field house where the two hooked up and things went awry. 

SMALLVILLE (CW, 8:00pm PST) “Justice”

A repeat of the Justice League episode.  It may be a repeat but it’s better than the new episodes that followed it.

SUPERNATURAL (CW, 9:00pm PST) “Playthings”

It’s a full night of repeats for the CW.  Hell they have enough viewers for their network they can afford to take a break!  An old In is the center of mysterious happenings and deaths that at first seem accidental but with further investigation seem to be attached to the dark history of the Inn.


GHOST WHISPERER (CBS, 8:00pm PST) “The Walk In”

A corpse in a morgue is reanimated when it becomes possessed by the ghost of another.  Melinda learns that this was not a random act as the ghost has a list of things to do and he needs this specific body to do them.

NUM3RS (CBS, 10:00pm PST) “One Hour”

A record company owner’s some is kidnapped and the kidnappers demand ransom to be paid to them in one hour.  The investigation reveals that the father is connected to drugs and organized crime.

HYPERDRIVE (BBBC, 9:00pm PST) “Assessment”

The Space Marshall is fed up with Henderson’s incompetence and orders a ship inspection that’s nearly impossible to pass.



A look at the historic 2004 mission to Mars where two Mars rovers were sent to the planet.  The data they sent back is dissected and analyzed.


An exploration of the STAR TREK series and films on pop culture hosted by Leonard Nimoy and featuring William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, and Avery Brookes.


A film about a fire creature released on Earth due to solar flares.  The film features some familiar STAR TREK and BUFFY faces.



Another year of overly long speeches and films getting awards from other filmmakers who have no real clue what the public appreciates, which is mostly a bad thing, but we wouldn’t want NORBIT winning any awards would we?

DRESDEN FILES (SCIFI, 9:00pm PST) “Bad Blood”

Harry helps a vampire who survives an assassination attempt.


Chief Tyrol is convinced to defy Adama and start a strike.  Damn, sounds like more filler.


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jppintar326 2/18/2007 9:31:45 AM
If The Derparted doesn't win Best Picture, I will be very disappointed. Once I saw it, I knew the Oscar race was over as far as I was concerned. I hope they don't give it to the overrated Little Miss Sunshine, one of those "isn't this family so quirky" movies I don't care much for.
thorin02 2/18/2007 11:37:16 AM
I’m actually ok with a 13 episode season for BSG. It means less filler episodes that don’t advance the main plot and actually create more questions than they answer. I agree waiting until next year to premier the episodes is probably too long. They're actually starting to build audience in the new timeslot. They risk lossing it with an eight month or so lull between new eps.
bdd 2/18/2007 2:59:38 PM
I think you are completely wrong about BSG. Why 13 episodes? Because Moore likes 13 episodes, there are less filler like there is now. You even complain about filler and then complain when there is only 13 episodes, I don't get that. Why January? Because going up in the fall is insane and Sci-fi knows that now. Doing 6 episodes and then 7 is really a great idea too, we all know it worked wonders for Lost. Talk about pissing the fans off. A lot of cable shows wait 7-10 months and it's worth the wait. The people watching BSG now are the hardcore fans anyways and they will wait.
Krovven 2/18/2007 4:55:30 PM
Couldn't disagree with Stephen more about BSG, and I don't seem to disagree very often. Stephen have you been watching Season 3? Way too much filler episodes and garbage storylines that seem like they were stolen from a daytime soap. Season 2 didn't suffer from this as badly, but there was some filler, a) they were still working with storyline material from the original '78 series. b) they split Season 2 into two 10 episode blocks with months apart. I was worried about this, and it seems to be coming to that they have mostly run out of stories to adapt from the '78 series the Season 3 episodes just aren't as strong. Point is...13 episodes keeps the content stronger and the budgets down. HBO figured this out awhile ago.
jetpackjesus 2/18/2007 5:44:19 PM
I definitely agree with the 13 episodes being better. I also wonder if waiting until January to premier the 4th season will coincide with Atlantis coming back on for its next season (no idea what number they're on). We could see SciFi Friday returning with those shows. The 13 episodes also allows for that same kind of hiatus we had in season 2, but this time it will be a break between season 4 and 5. It will be much easier for fans to stomach. Also, the decreased filler is a plus. At least when BSG does filler, we tend to still learn something about fleet society (I'm thinking of that black market episode from 2.5) or they bring up a serious social issue (like last week). They could be far more useless than they already are.
karas1 2/19/2007 7:19:00 AM
Why all this complaining about "filler" episodes. I think some of those eps have been the strongest of the series. Remember Scar from last season? Or Passage from this season where the character Kat basically commits suicide because she is afraid her shady past will come out? Those were some great episodes! And they helped us get to know the characters a little better which is a plus in my book.
MrKeith 2/19/2007 8:51:12 AM
As much as I love a good story arc, I have to say I like the "filler" episodes too. I'm not so interested in if they find Earth, so much as the interaction of characters and the story. So far, most of the filler episodes have been better than the run of entire television shows.
mbeckham1 2/19/2007 10:02:10 AM
They have had some pretty solid stand alone episodes this season. Last night in particular gave some great insight into Adama and what happened between him and his wife. And had two solid scenes from Lee. The Cally and Tyrol stuff was good. But given the very logical next step for the story staring the writers straight in the face, I have to wonder why they're choosing now to put these episodes in. It doesn't help that the promos keep showing the only scene in each episode that has anything to do with Baltar's trial as if that was what the whole episode was about. A series of prootional missleads reaching Heroes like proportions. They could at least give a nod to the larger story. For intstance instead of Roslin just telling us that Caprica Six said the Cylons wouldn't take Baltar back, it would have been nice to have a scene between Six and Roslin. The odd cut to the Cylon Basestar would be good too. The Caprica and HarveyBaltar scene last week was most welcome and didn't take up much screen time. I completely agree about Shakespeare in Love winning over Saving Private Ryan. I liked Shakespeare in Love but come on. Saving Private Ryan and Life is Beautiful were both so far above Shakespeare in Love it was ridiculous. For that matter I don't see how Crash won over Brokeback Mountain or Capote. Or that matter how the grossly overrated Chicago had won over The Hours or The Piano or Gangs of New York or even The Two Towers. I thought Moulin Rouge was a far better musical and it didn't even get a best director nod. The Oscars certainly are a bit out of touch but they do spotlight a few movies worth seeing. I'm glad not to have a strong favorite for best picture this year. But I'll seriously put out if Helen Mirren doen't get best actress for Queen. And Pan's Labrynth seriously needs to get best Foreign Picture. I'd like to see a best screenplay all their way too.
Krovven 2/19/2007 2:27:09 PM
Nobody is talking about episodes like Scar (re-imagining of the red eye episode from the original series). The crap filler episodes where the focus is on the love quadtrangle between Starbuck, Sam, Dee and Apollo...nobody cares. The storyline is so ridiculous and if it had been any other show I think a lot of people would have stopped watching by now.
karas1 2/20/2007 7:04:56 AM
Yeah, the love triangle/quadrangle/whatever storylline was getting pretty dull. But it did add some spice to the situation where they were pinned down on the alge planet and Apollo sent Dee to rescue Starbuck so I'll forgive them. And they seem to be giving it a rest now. I have no desire to see them rush into Baltar's trial. That particurlar plot point is going to take a lot of set up and I want to savor it. I was less than impressed by the last ep shown, not beacuse to the Tyrol and Cally trapped in an airlock story which was great. But because of the Adama stuff. We already have Baltar and Six who have invisible/imaginary people in their heads giving commentary. Do we really need to have Adama so inflicted as well? Surely we could have seen Adama grieving for his wife and their failed marriage without scenes of him hanging around his house on Caprica. I thought it was clumsily done.


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