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Darkknight2280 7/14/2010 2:44:23 PM

No Ponyboy Optimus launched form the back on an AC130, the twins were on the ground before Optimus came out of the plane and when he did he didnt have a trailer. This is the trailer's first appearance.

HighFiveMan23 7/14/2010 3:19:01 PM

 You know I find it interesting, I've been coming to this site everyday since it was  But I just started going to and also.  I'll be honest I rarely ever post comments but I found this very interesting.  The majority of comments on the other websites are very negative concerning the Thor pic.  On here they are mostly positive.  I personally think the pics don't look very good, the costumes look like they belong in the Watchmen movie.  I was hoping to see more classic armor like chain-mail or scale-mail.  I usually agree with the tone most of you set for upcoming movies.  You all called it that Jonah Hex would suck, that the Green Hornet will probably suck and all that jazz.  I interested in seeing what you guys think of this observation.  I am not trying to offend anyone or anything like that.

HighFiveMan23 7/14/2010 3:23:54 PM

 I just read Ponyboy's post about how the Asgardians in the movie are supposed to be technologically advanced.  I was unaware of that.  If that's the case I can understand the decision to not have Medieval looking armor.  Still though the different reactions to the Thor pics from the different websites is interesting to me.   

jimvo99 7/14/2010 4:19:33 PM

I dont like the Thor pic, simply because the damn armor looks futuristic. It should look old school. Oh well.

DKnight0212 7/14/2010 6:39:34 PM

Oh , thank god , no crazy loki helmet!  I was worried for a second

thatguy1 7/14/2010 8:20:39 PM

I don't have a problem with the costumes, mostly.  My big beef is what's not in the picture, namely Thor's helmet.  I can do without Loki's monstrously silly helmet though.  No way you can put that curvy horned nonsense on a screen and not have people laughing at the character.

I don't really dig Odin's look, as it seems too much of an Ozymandias meets Iron Man vibe.  Still, it could be a helluva lot worse.

Is it just me or does Hopkins look like he's about to burst into song? 

"The hills are alive with the sound of Mjolnir..."

askanison40 7/14/2010 8:58:30 PM

 The THOR pic is frackin' sick. I am soooooo stoked for all of the Marvel Led movies coming out. I'm  not a fan of 3D film conversion. So I will definitely be seeing in 2D (oh the horror)

Really don't care too much for Scott Pilgrim. Didn't like the comic so I probably wouldn't like the movie.

Jonah Hex - see above remark.

I may be alone in this (and I don't care if I am), but I like Michael Bay and his movies. Transformers: ROTF's story was VERY weak, but so was Gayvatar's IMO. So I'm always stoked to see anything concerning a Transformer's movie.

HudsonTaco 7/14/2010 9:03:32 PM

Hobbs sorry for misunderstanding, but do you really think that because 3D is avaliable it is not going to sell more tickets? I think it is not a waste of money at all. I think the price increase on the tickets is designed to turn a profit on 3D versions of the movies. At the bare minimum this movie will sell as many tickets as it would if only a 2D version was avaliable and at best it will sell a whole lot more and it will sell a whole lot more. So I'm still not with you on this whole waste of money?

krathwardroid 7/14/2010 9:17:52 PM

Nice picture of Thor, Odin and Loki.

You know, that Jonah Hex animated movie looks 100 times better than the live action one. Maybe Thomas Jane should have played the live action version, provided they had stayed true to the source material, of course. But oh well, I'll be content with the animated film.

axia777 7/14/2010 10:47:45 PM

 Thor is going to OWN!!!!  Do not care about the rest of the crap.  THOR IS GOING TO OWN!!!!  O.O

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