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Renner Circles BATTLESHIP (Article) - 2/18/2010 9:52:21 AM

So it is Independence Day on the ocean then?  How boring.

CW Renews Supernatural, Vampire Diaries (Article) - 2/18/2010 9:24:14 AM

I am with fft5305. Shows that keep going season after season all most all have sucked in the long run. Lost, X-Files, Stargate SG1, and the list goes on. Supernatural may be in danger of going the way of the X-Files. I actually did not mind the idea of them ending it at season five.

As for the crap fest that is Vampire Diaries it would have never been made if Twilight had not been successful.  What a puke fest.  True Blood all the way.  That is the only vampire show I would spand any time watching.

RIDDICK 3 Plot Revealed (Article) - 2/17/2010 9:05:55 PM

For the record I have always loved The Chronicles of Riddick.  I have defended it many time over the Internet.  I love the director's cut even more.  Vin Diesl kicks ass and he has good acting skills.  I don't care what people say.  I always tell them to go watch "Find Me Guilty" which is a great movie.  Not all his movies are great but then not all of any stars movies are great.  It is just how making movies is.

RIDDICK 3 Plot Revealed (Article) - 2/17/2010 6:15:41 PM

dracor00, the only problem with that idea is that Riddick would kill Karl Urban's character like a punk bitch.  He would kill him with a tea cup or a spoon.  Then that would be the end of that.

This has to be a prequel.  If it is then they could make it before Butcher's Bay and then roll on into the Butcher's Bay story line from the game.  Why?  Because that game was freaking EPIC and would make a ultra awesome movie.

Hopkins Talks THOR Role (Article) - 2/17/2010 6:06:34 PM

almostunbiased, this is the Marvel version of Thor. It has to be in the modern era. Because it is in the Marvel Universe. With The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and the Avengers. So why would you want it in just the mythic period of the Norse mythos? That makes no sense.

Hopkins Talks THOR Role (Article) - 2/17/2010 5:57:36 PM

Thor is going to OWN.  I love how Hopkins is so into the role.  He really seems like this is a great thing to be involved in.  Considering the caliber of Hopkins and the history of his work that makes me ultra confident that this movie is going to kick GODLY ass.  His opinion holds a lot of weight with me as he is an old school pro at this game we call making movies.  If he says it rocks then it is going to ROCK.

Paltrow Joining CONTAGION (Article) - 2/17/2010 3:05:39 PM

Didn't this happen before in a movie called Outbreak?

RIDDICK 3 Plot Revealed (Article) - 2/17/2010 3:03:39 PM

How can they ignore the fact that the Chronicles movie happened? I was actually looking forward to what happened next after the end of the second movie. I had read some where a while ago that the next plot for the third movie was centered around Riddick going after Kyra in the after life in some hell dimension. I guess Riddick just bailed on the Necros and went after the woman. Why are they not doing that idea? Because I read that from plot line from an interview with David Twohy.

I am looking forward to more Riddick, but they had better clean up the last plot line and make it make sense.

Unless it is a prequel. Then that changes everything. Then I wish they would do the Butcher's Bay story line.

Spartacus: The Thing in the Pit Review (Article) - 2/17/2010 9:02:20 AM

I don't love this show. Xena is not enough to make up for the mountain of steaming horse crap. I tried to watch it. The writing is so very terrible. The acting is cheesy and the CGI is worse than Sanctuary.  It is just sh*t.

ROME!!! Why didn't they make more of Rome? They need to make more. They need to cover another era of Rome. Maybe a prequel of Rome. They could cover the earlier days of Rome or maybe the end when the days of Nero happened. They need to make more Rome.

The Wolfman Movie Review (Article) - 2/17/2010 8:49:56 AM

I saw this movie with my kid.  I say this movie kicked ass!  I give it an A.  I loved the pacing, the acting, special effects, script, and camera work.  It was all very solid.  If Johnston makes Captain America this good then we are in the goods!


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