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Aykroyd Talks GHOSTBUSTERS 3

Dan making his rounds on the next film.

By Jarrod Sarafin     May 26, 2009
Source: The Guardian

Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray in GHOSTBUSTERS (1984).
© Columbia Pictures

Co-creator, writer and leading star Dan Aykroyd has never been shy with the press on talking Ghostbusters so with Columbia Pictures officially kicking Ghostbusters 3 into development last fall, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Dan is keeping us busy with weekly updates of the third installment's progress. Just a few days after updating the fans on what's going on to the L.A Times, he has talked shop once again to The Guardian.

After coming together for the game, all the players have stated their intentions to go back, and a script is being written by Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, writers on the US Office. According to reports the original cast will act as mentors, handing the company over to a new generation, likely to be from the Seth Rogen and Steve Carell class of actors who are filling up just the same space in Hollywood as Aykroyd and Murray once did.

"There'll be a whole new generation that has to be trained and a leader that you'll all love when you meet her," says Aykroyd. "There'll be lots of cadets, boys and girls who'll be learning how to use the neuron splitter and the inter-planet interceptor - new tools to enable them to slip from dimension to dimension."

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StarlightGuard 5/26/2009 2:42:39 PM

going from dimension to dimension?


I'm still not too thrilled with the idea that Aykroyd's script was ignored to make this movie, and these guys from The Office are involved....

also not thrilled if Carrell gets involved, because yeah...no...he's not particularly funny to me....I totally ignored the Get Smart remake...


Wiseguy 5/26/2009 2:52:38 PM

I don't like the 2 actors being mentioned above either. Carrell and Rogen are overrated. Carrell is good in The Office, he was made for that role, but is mediocre at best in everything else and not very funny. Rogen's idea of funny is saying fuck in every sentence.

That dimension traveling part doesn't give me a good feeling either. Gotta say that my anticipation for this keeps diminishing the more I hear. Maybe that's a good thing since my expectations will be pretty low to begin with.

gauleyboy420 5/26/2009 3:05:09 PM

This is AMAZING news!!!!

I'm 100% on board! AND YES YES YES Rogen, Carrell, The apatow crew are some of the funniest movie makers out there right now, not to mention Ramis and Apatow have worked together.

CAN't FRIGGIN WAIT!!! AND the jumping from dimension to dimension thing can be really cool, reminds me of the Animated show!

SA---WEEET (can you tel I'm excited?)


Also let the haters come out, but the Apatow crew are definitely where it's at for this. Name some funny comedians that would be better. Their brand of humor is almost identical to the comedic stylings that the original Ghostbusters were known for.


So many unfunny haters out there. I Truly Will never understand how you can think Superbad, Knocked Up, ect... are not funny.

I'll never understand , so don't try to explain it to me...

hanso 5/26/2009 3:40:49 PM

R you kidding?  Steve Carrell was hilarious in 40 Year Old Virgin, how can you say he's only good in the Office?  And his Brick Tambland in Anchorman was classic.  "I love lamp"! 

What's this with tons of boys & girls being Ghostbusters?  I thought it was only going to be a few, with tons it sounds like Police Academy.

Police Academy is awesome btw!

violator14 5/26/2009 4:23:21 PM

Starlight- you should have seen the Get Smart Remake.... one of his only movies i really enjoyed, besides Virgin.

Gauley- SOME people, the VERY FEW, just DONT GET IT. They're stuck in their own lil world, and do not know how to receive different perspectives and constructive criticisms, and WILL NOT take ANY suggestions into consideration.

Police academy IS awesome btw.... i wont be surprised if there is a "remake" for that one too sometime in the future.

gauleyboy420 5/26/2009 4:46:33 PM

Police Academy IS Awesome, hell I'll go so far as to say up until (and including) PA3 Citizens on Patrol were STRAIGHT DOPE!

Wiseguy 5/26/2009 4:51:54 PM

I hate the haters that hate the haters. So all you haters just be satisfied with your own opinion and stop hating and sounding like hypocrites by hating and criticizing others. Your hate betrays your point.

Hopefully you all will understand now.

WarCry 5/26/2009 4:56:19 PM

Ummm....re-read the statement, folks.....

likely to be from the Seth Rogen and Steve Carell class of actors who are filling up just the same space in Hollywood as Aykroyd and Murray once did.

That does NOT say Rogen or Carell are going to be in the movie. It say their CLASS of actor.

That doesn't mean it WON'T star them, either, but reading comprehension tells us that this is name-dropping at it's highest. In all likelihood trying to generate interest to try and get someone to sign.

Personally, I'm not a fan of either of them, but.....whatcha gonna do?

Wiseguy 5/26/2009 5:10:43 PM

WarCry we can't do much about it but write and make our opinions known. Unfortunately some people can't write theirs without criticizing others as if theirs are more valid.

WarCry 5/26/2009 5:13:41 PM

I hear ya, WiseGuy......I see a lot of comments I don't agree with, but at least I TRY to respond civilly....the "You disagree with me, so you suck, too!" attitudes are what takes the fun out of being a psycho-nut-ball-fan!



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