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Aykroyd Updates GHOSTBUSTERS 3

Production still set to roll this Winter.

By Jarrod Sarafin     May 20, 2009
Source: L.A. Times' Hero Complex

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While at a House of Blues engagement in California, the L.A. Times Hero Complex blog caught up Dan Aykroyd for an update on Ghostbusters 3  The report has the co-creator once again confirming that production could begin rolling this winter with the overall story revolving around passing the torch to a new generation of ectoplasmic fighters. He confirmed our report of Sigourney Weaver joining Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson.

The details of story are still in play, but Aykroyd said he's hoping for a five-member "new generation" team with several female members. "I'd like it to be a passing-of-the-torch movie. Let's revisit the old characters briefly and happily and have them there as family but let's pass it on to a new generation."

He also holds no ill-will towards Bill Murray for the frequent hold-outs these past few years.

"I don't put not making the third movie on Billy. We can't do that. I've been very busy. Harold's been busy, Ivan's been busy. And a third script really didn't coalesce properly. And Billy, you can't blame an artist for not wanting to do the same thing again. He did two of them, for God's sake. Although I'm the biggest cheerleader as the originator of the concept but I've never begrudged Billy not doing a third movie. I never said he held it up or that he refused. Hey, listen, he's an artist. You can't force somebody into it. I'm sorry he never read my third draft because I thought it was pretty good but, look, now we're at a point that there's a story that he can accept and that's going to work, and I think we're going to be in production fairly soon."

Check out the full story here.


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Darkknight2280 5/20/2009 4:48:31 AM

Well this is good news. Not so sure "Several Female" ghostbusters makes me happy. 1-2 yes, but several..no. Kinda tired of the "tough" female characters in every show and movie these days. Seems to be over shadowing tough guy action flicks of yester-year. We all get it women can be tough too, now lets us have a couple movies where the female needs help and cant really fight for herself (Sorta Like Iron Man) Bill murray has to do this project for it to be great, other wise it will just be watchable.

In the words of Hanso "Bill Murray owns Ghostbusters SON!"

mosgza 5/20/2009 4:50:55 AM

I love Billy... but blame Billy!  I can't wait for this to get rollin'.

madmanic999 5/20/2009 5:03:27 AM

This is too bad... I love everything Ghostbusters

Whiskeymovie 5/20/2009 6:34:00 AM

No Rick Moranis,,,,what the hell? Geez......I am, down for this,,,why not,,,I mean as much as Ghostbusters 2 sucked, it yeilded some of my favorite lines to throw out to people.....and as for them being busy, Dan Akyroyd was here by my house in NJ last month pimping up Crystal Head Vodka or some shit,,,got to meet him and got an autograph,,,that was cool,,,and the vodka does come in a kick-ass skull shape, and it is really good vodka,,,but i digress,,,I wonder what happened to the Seth Rogen, Bill Hader kind of thing with them? Well, I really believe it when I see it.

DarthDuck 5/20/2009 7:00:33 AM

I think the younger team being the 'Apatow pack' would be awesome.  Ramis and Apatow are friends and Apatow frequently counts Ramis as an inspiration.   As Reitman and company were the kings of comedy movie then, Rogen, Rudd, Hill etc. are the kings now.  If would be so funny and work on so many levels for them to be the new team having the torch passed onto them.

And whiskeymovie, i heard that Moranis is retired and won't even listen to talk on returning to ghostbusters or anything else.

myklspader 5/20/2009 7:06:50 AM

They have been busy the last few years? With what exactly? Last time I checked with the exception of some gems from Murray like "Groundhog Day” (with Ramis), “Quick Change”, “What About Bob?”, “Ed Wood”, “Rushmore”, “Lost in Translation” and one gem from Rietman being “Dave” they all have been making suck ass movies? Yeah Murray is an artist? Explain “Osmosis Jones“ and “The Man Who Knew Too Little”?

I guess Akyroyd just won't go out on a limb and say: yes Murray held it up… kind of hard I guess to be mad at someone you use to snort blow with. 

Just get this off the ground and make up for the lack luster second movie. I am all for the passing the torch idea but they need to have the right actors to pull this off, so hopefully they just won't cast the trendy actors for this one. 


Hobbs 5/20/2009 7:35:43 AM

I think this is great idea to revisit Ghostbusters though I question the heavy female cast...not because they are female.  I just want them to pick the funniest cast they can find and if it is female great but don't limit your options. 

Akyroyd has always been a royal friend so why anyone expects him to bash Murray is beyond me.  Look at how he defends his late friend Belushi to this day...friends like that are hard to come by.  I commend him for that.

You are right whiskey, G2 sucked but I think the first half of it was funny.  The second half of it got really stupid...which you expect sometimes in a comedy but I thought it went overboard with the happy slim angry slim routine. 

I could have sworn I read somewhere that Moranis doesn't want to do another one.


Hobbs 5/20/2009 7:38:44 AM

"loyal"..not royal.  Doh!!  Need that edit button!

Wiseguy 5/20/2009 8:29:15 AM

Akroyd sounds like he is blaming "Billy", especially when he threw out that "Billy" didn't even  read his third draft. And I like how he worked it in that he's the originator. He's too damn funny, he can't help but sound desperate, afterall his career is pretty much non-existent since GB2

myklspader, come on, The Man Who Knew Too Little was funny.

As for the new crew, I like Paul Rudd but please keep Rogen out.

hanso 5/20/2009 9:18:19 AM

Jason Segal needs to be cast in this. 

Has anyone seen anything from the game that's out in June?  All I've seen are some pictures, I need game info!

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