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BABYLON 5 & DARK SKIES creators asked to save STAR TREK

By Patrick Sauriol     June 18, 2004
Source: Usenet, JMSNews

J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5) attends the premiere of Matrix Revolutions copyright Sue Schneider
© 2003 Sue Schneider
Perhaps the brass at Paramount are thinking that the best way to plot the future course of STAR TREK is to hire outside their universe's box.

In a recent post made to the BABYLON 5 Usenet group (and archived at JMSNews), series creator J. Michael Straczynski surprised his fans by revealing that he and DARK SKIES creator Bryce Zabel wrote a treatment earlier this year for a new STAR TREK television series. Straczynski felt that the new premise "would restore the series in a big way. I actually think it could be a hell of a show. Whether that ever goes anywhere with Paramount, who knows?"

Apart from this tantalizing admission from the writer/producer/showrunner, no further details about the premise of Straczynski and Zabel's TREK show were mentioned. It's the first indication that someone from outside of the current STAR TREK creative team of Rick Berman and Brannon Braga had been asked by Paramount to develop an idea for Gene Roddenberry's universe. Braga has mentioned that he is stepping back from the showrunning of ENTERPRISE's fourth season, and that he and Berman are working on a new sci-fi series that isn't STAR TREK. Could Paramount really be considering a changing of the guard for their long-running franchise?

For his part, Straczynski spoke positively over the introduction of ODYSSEY 5 creator Manny Coto into ENTERPRISE's production. Coto joined the series last year and wrote four episodes; for the forthcoming season, he will be stepping up his duties and showrunning the series. "Left to his own devices, I think he could be a big help over there without the other powers that be impeding the process," Straczynski said.

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