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Bad Kids Go To Hell

The Breakfast Club meets The Grudge. A construction crew discovers a primal supernatural force when they break ground for a new commemorative library for Crestview Academy, a prestigious Midwestern prep school and home to the spoiled offspring of the city's social elite. Three years later, six of Crestview's richest (and hottest) students are brought together for detention inside the library. Bored, the kids goad one another into a half-hearted seance, only the joke turns deadly when they rouse an angry spirit - and start to die one by one in horrible accidents! But are the murders the work of an evil phantom, or has one of these six conspired to bring them all together for detention in order to 'level' the social playing field and do away with the competition? A tale of dark humor, this is sure to be a page-turning experience you don't want to miss out on!

Genre: Comic Adaptation, Dark Comedy, Horror

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