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In the Bag

Forget the candy, give us our toys instead

By Andrew Kardon     October 03, 2002

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Okay, so it's officially fall. That means colder weather, tons of leaves to rake and best of all... Halloween! Woo!

Now, giving out candy to little kids is a great tradition. Heck, it beats giving them pennies or... gasp... apples. But there's something even cooler to dole out into those plastic little pumpkins.

When I was a kid, I used to love getting something really crazy like baseball cards or comic books! Those were the houses I mentally mapped off in my mind and would never ever forget. How amazingly cool would it be, though, if parents actually gave out action figures instead?

Yeah, yeah, they're a bit expensive I know. But toy companies should come together during this awesome holiday and produce some inexpensive goodies. With all the mini figures flying around these days (Art Asylum's Mini-Mates, Playmates' Simpsons Blockos, Toynami's I-Men, etc.), they're the perfect size for a trick or treater. They could put out some special Halloween versions. Forget the accessories and the crazy packaging. Just give us a figure in a small plastic bag, and pack like a dozen or so of them in a bigger bag. Case closed.

Heck, parents could even use them a few months later as stocking stuffers! Is it gonna happen? Fat chance. But if it did, wouldn't that be the greatest treat of all?


Toy fans just got more game. Fans of Blizzard Entertainment's WARCRAFT, STARCRAFT and DIABLO can soon get their Nintendo-thumbed hands on action figures based on those games. Toycom will be putting out 7" to 12" action figures based on the popular characters and worlds of those three cool games. The line should kick off in 2003 with 7" action figures based on the action-packed WARCRAFT III.

Holy cheesy poofs. Those damn SOUTH PARK kids just won't go away! Mirage (the company formerly known as N2 Toys) will be putting a barrel-full of perfectly sculpted action figures based on Comedy Central's intelligent, highbrow drama SOUTH PARK. (Okay, so it's actually a super lowbrow, potty-mouth filled hysterical cartoon. But this way, maybe we'll sucker even more folks to come watch it.) At least three waves of figures are currently planned with Wave One (CARTMAN, KYLE, STAN and TWEEK) hitting in the first quarter of 2003.

Okay, retro is officially in now that Vital Toys is bringing us a ROCKY action figure. Based on the mega-hit 1976 movie starring Sylvester Stallone, this 12" action figure features the Rockster (he likes when I call him that) in his classic "Victory" pose with his arms raised high above his head. Look for it in specialty shops around December.

Art Asylum seems to be going at warp speed these days. After snagging the much-coveted STAR TREK license from Paramount, the toy company's put out a line of ENTERPRISE action figures, as well as NEMESIS figures tying into the 10th Star Trek feature film. Now the Asylum's revealed plans for its next trek, and it's sure to be a classic. Set for a fall 2003 release (yes, that's like a full year away), the tentative lineup of CLASSIC TREK figures would include GORN, KHAN, DR. MCCOY, CAPTAIN KIRK, and UHURA. Booya!


Put away


the shrubberies and head over to Sideshow Toy's web site for their latest exclusive offering sure to please MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL fans. Limited to just 1000 units, the KNIGHT WHO SAYS NI stands a whopping 18 inches tall. Scheduled to ship first quarter of 2003, the Knight features antlers, fake fur and a herring. Yes, a herring.


Have you


checked out MARVEL HEROCLIX yet? If not, go out and get them right now! This collectible miniatures game is only the coolest superhero game ever. Plus you can collect all sorts of neat miniature versions of your favorite heroes. Already checked it out? Cool. Then go grab the recently released DC HEROCLIX. Pretty much the same awesome deal, except you can get little versions of SWAMP THING, PLASTIC MAN and the FLASH.

What would


Halloween be without the Simpsons? March your dogs straight over to Toys R Us and feast your eyes on Playmates' SIMPSONS TREEHOUSE OF HORROR 3 set. This time around we get HUGO (Bart's evil twin), WITCH MARGE, a donut-headed HOMER and a Freddy Krueger-like WILLIE.

Go Figure is our monthly Toys and Action Figure column.

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